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Travel Desk

From what/where to eat to climbing the Everest summit; this travel desk has a plethora of information and advices for all kinds of backpackers.

Panoramic view

DDistant yet seemingly huge snow capped mountains stretching out endlessly into a chain of mountains dressed up with coniferous trees. P.S The grass is greener.

Tents for rent

For those of you with a spark on your adventurer sides, enjoy the night inside our cosy tents in the backyard.

Sound ambience

Listen to the blackbird singing in the break of dawn, sound of the leaves blowing in the wind and the flow of the Parvati river, as you sip your coffee on our balcony.



The Parvati Valley gets its first backpacker’s hostel! So let’s get high, higher, literally; located on an elevated piece of land in Old Kasol, we are just 200 metres away from the main market. Follow the signboards and arrive at this lovely little cottage adorned with glamorous lights, installations and artworks inspired by the spiritual aspects of life and nature. As you walk around the hostel, get ready to be struck by the stark beauty of earth around you; mountain ranges with trees fading in subtle shades of green, the slow and progressive arrival of puffy clouds ending up above a magnificent range of snow capped rocks. Chilling on the hammocks would be our favourite way to watch all these beauties unfold.

Besides comfortable beds and clean bathrooms, there are 4 open porches to sit back and hang loose, a cafe; “Hippy Trail”, whenever you get the ‘munchies’ and a backpacker tailored travel desk. For those of you with a spark on your adventurer sides, enjoy the night inside our cosy tents in the backyard, and for them musicians, feel free to drop in and jam. Oh, and we don’t have WiFi; talk to other humans around you.

Be a traveller. Not a tourist. Stay at The Hosteller.



Experience Kasol

The magery of Kasol for a traveller is full


Kasol is the home to 17+ million

A traveller's take

Kasol has been instrumental in

A traveller's take

Delhi has been instrumental in


  • Towels on Rent
  • Common Area with Board/Card Games
  • Library
  • Themed Room
  • Hot Shower
  • Travel Desk
  • Tents
  • Bonfire



Only Cash (INR) is accepted at the hostel reception. However, there’s a provision to book online through our website


Smoking is strictly prohibited in the rooms. However, you can smoke in the porches or in common areas.


We recommend putting down the music after 11 PM.

Check-in / check-out time

Check-in — 1 P.M.

Check-out —11 A.M.


The Hosteller, Kasol

  • 9831857606, 9810187717
  • booking@thehosteller.com



By bus


Once the bus drops you at the main market, look for Moon Dance Cafe/Art Cafe along the same road. Signboards will lead the way from there.


By car


Look out for Moon Dance Cafe/Art Cafe just before Kasol Main bridge road. Once you’ve parked your vehicle, follow the signboards to the hostel.


The Hosteller, Kasol

  • 9831857606, 9810187717
  • booking@thehosteller.com

The Hosteller, Kasol

  • 9831857606, 9810187717
  • booking@thehosteller.com

The Hosteller, Kasol

  • 9831857606, 9810187717
  • booking@thehosteller.com

Travel Tips:

Feel the spiritual vibes in Manikaran:

After a 4 km hike/ride from Kasol, arrive at this hamlet tucked between imposing hills and a fierce Beas. Feel the wind on your face as you cross the bridge and walk into the narrow little streets of the market, altogether giving one a homely sense of feeling. The Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara is known for its hot-spring with its medicinal properties where devouts take a dip to ‘wash away their sins’ and the Langar cooks its rice.

Relax by the riverside :

Slow down a little more, take a break and just listen to the gushing sound of the Parvati river as the harsh flow makes its way through the rocks. Read a book, take a sip or just observe!

Trek to Chala:

Tosh and Malana : If you thought Kasol was away from civilization, wait until you get to these smaller villages. Chalal is a short walk from Kasol but Tosh and Malana are longer ones. Every turn on these walks opens up a new spectacle with coniferous trees, mountains and cliffs.


A Hippie’s Guide to the Parvati Valley

Set on the banks of the Parvati River and amidst picturesque mountains and the Parvati valley, Kasol is the backpackers’ paradise. Come to the valley, chill, relax by the river, eat in Israeli cafes


Sometimes you want to just get away from the city life and lose yourself in a trance. Walk with no destination in mind and chance upon a hidden village. Sit in surroundings so beautiful that you lose yourself and end up watching the sun rise and set from the same spot. Drink from fresh water streams and party with the people from some untouched


Here are some of the must do things while visiting Kasol and villages around 


Set on the banks of the Parvati River



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