The diversity of India is distinguished and great. From the Himalayas to the deserts of Rajasthan to the beauty of Kerala and the essence of Varanasi. India has something for everyone.

But in recent years things have changed. With the growth of the online travel industry, people can now access to a lot more information at their fingertips and the research process has become a larger, richer part of holiday planning. At the same time, travel industry providers have grown exponentially in India.

One of the most interesting micro trends, ‘introduction to hostels’, changed the travel industry in many ways. So visitors now have more options than ever which also means that India has to work harder to keep up with demands, which will only increase.

Hostels were never really a part of the Indian tourism story.

Yes, there have always been low budget options for backpackers, but setting up of hostels all over and across the country is a recent affair. Ventures like these are offering a cheap, basic hostel experience, making life a lot easier for every traveler. Also, there are hostels which not only provides a traveler with basic facilities but also offers a family, a community and a space (like a rooftop café with live music. Click here to check out this café.) to reflect on the journeys one might have made or might start. Yes, you find them in Delhi, Rishikesh, and Kasol in India. Click here to book your bed.

The existence of these hostels here in India is contributing to the bigger picture. It’s more than an option of cheap accommodation. It’s more of a lifestyle choice: it is helping the economy, affordable, and making India more accessible through various interesting walks and in-destination experiences and thus more people can travel to our country!

Travellers these days aren’t satisfied with just going to one place, clicking a few pictures, and sampling the local cuisine anymore. They want a more wholesome experience, which includes exploring places that others haven’t been to and interacting people from various walks of life in a place where every culture meets. People of all age are traveling and hostels are providing them with a cooler option where they are doing more than just sitting in their rooms and watching TV. Here, they can relax and interact with people from all around the world and experience the surroundings in a different manner. Click to know where in India you get such an atmosphere.

Hostels are a boost to the local economy. For a successful hostel venture, the local businesses have to benefit too. When the businesses use and produce locally they are supporting the local business of and around that place.

The idea of ‘travel’ and ‘travelling’ has evolved significantly over the past few years. Travel is seen as a mode of self-realization, exploration and experiencing different forms of lifestyles. Leisure travel is not a product of luxury but rather considered a necessity to consolidate one’s energy.


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