Guide to 4 MUST DO Winter Treks in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand, literally known as “The Land of Gods”, has always been a less pampered child of Mother India as compared to its elder brother, Himachal Pradesh. Yet, the Himalayas, here are as inviting & magnificent as they could be. Divided into 13 districts, Uttarakhand offers a lot of offbeat trekking routes, especially for winter treks. Garhwal and Kumaon Himalayas, home to at least 20 trekking routes (easy, moderate & extreme), invites people from all over the globe for an enthralling as well as de-stressful journeys, where one might find the lost passion or a route to explore for the next time. We prepared a list of the best winter treks one can undertake. 

So, refer to this all-in-one blog for trekking to the hidden regions in Uttarakhand & remember, in the end,

“You don’t go on a war or a trek, unprepared or under planned”


(Serpent’s Peak)

Nag Tibba, a perfect destination for the weekend trek from Delhi, is a 10/10 rated trek for solo travelers or a group of friends looking for a light adventure. Camp at the foothills of Nag Tibba peak at night under a million stars. So, just load your backpack & start trekking.

Winter Treks 1

Secret Fact: There are three ways to do this trek, find all the routes while you are there. Click here for the best route.


(Curzon Trail)

Kuari Pass, famously known as the doorway to higher Himalayas, is located in Chamoli district in the Garhwal Himalayan range. One can witness the mountainous landscapes and relate to people’s appearance to the ever hardened hilly terrain. For a mountain lover & an adventurer, Kuari Pass falls right into a must winter treks to-do list offering magnificent 270-degree views.  

Winter Treks 2

Secret Fact: There are at least 7 peaks that you can look at, identify as many as you can & show off. :P.


(Power packed 3)

Chopta-Tungnath-Chandrashila, trekkable throughout the year located in Garhwal, is one of the most picturesque treks in all of Uttarakhand. All you photographers out there, the  trek has a frozen lake, the highest Shiva temple in all of the Himalayas, beautiful campsites, and the Himalayan peak, waiting to just get clicked. Are you up for this power-packed adventurous trek? This is one of the most thrilling winter treks you can experience. 

Winter Treks 3

Secret Fact: Pump your heart with a river rafting exercise on the Alaknanda river. Ready for some thrilling action? Click here.


(High altitude meadows)

Dayara Bugyals, known popularly as “nature’s own gardens”, has been developed into a 28 KM long ski slope. Ever wondered, where to ski in India? It is one of the largest & well-known meadows, in summer, and changes into the most beautiful ski slope in the winters. So, all you ski lovers, put on your ski boots and get your snowboards out on a wild (wild) adventure.

Winter Trek 4

Secret Fact: Dayara Bugyal is the most beautiful meadows in India. Don’t believe us, come and have a look yourself.

If you are looking forward to an adventurous, unique and thrilling experience you can surely take one of these treks. They have been subject to interesting stories, out of which one can just be yours!

The Hosteller offers some really exciting weekend trek packages from Delhi & Rishikesh to all these places, depending on the difficulty level & terrain under a tight budget. All you got to do is remember us or call on +91 9810187717.

What all can you do at The Hosteller Rishikesh

If you are looking for cool hostels in Rishikesh, you must come and have a look at The Hosteller. In case you have been to the Hosteller in New Delhi and Kasol, you must have seen what all we have to offer you. The Hosteller is no ordinary hostel. Various hostels in Rishikesh give you just a bed but do not care about your plans at all, your experiences and the fun you are supposed to have. And now that we have arrived at Rishikesh, one of the most sought for places in Asia, we give you everything that you had in mind while writing your itinerary for Rishikesh. Here they are:


Cafe hostels in Rishikesh

We all know that The Hogger Café in Delhi is famous for its rooftop and its amazing food. But it is not in Delhi only. The Hogger Café in Rishikesh offers you a view like nowhere else. Here, you can either play live music or just enjoy the river-view.

Do Hostels in Rishikesh have a Swimming Pool ?

swimming pool hostels in Rishikesh

The Hosteller at Rishikesh gives you a swimming pool to make it your perfect summer pick when it comes to budget stays. So as you reach Rishikesh after your tiresome travel through Indian roads, you have somewhere to plunge into.

Do Hostels in Rishikesh have a regular yoga session?

Yoga hostels in Rishikesh

The Hosteller Rishikesh does have that one thing that you are looking for. Yoga. And that is true. If you are in Rishikesh, you have to do yoga. For that, The Hosteller is always ready for various yoga events and programmes lined up for you so that you do not have to go somewhere and sign up for that. It is right there, at where you stay.


community hostels in Rishikesh

If you are a backpacker, your retreat is a community where you can share your experiences and feel like a storyteller. The Hosteller Rishikesh gives you bonfires and community gatherings where you get your chance to share your happiness.

TREKS & ADVENTURES are there to plan your journey better!

Treks hostels in Rishikesh

Did you really think we left that out? The Hosteller is equipped with treks and adventures to make your Rishikesh trip more adventurous than merely memorable. Among that is our Chopta Chandrashila Trek where you get a 360-degree view of the Himalayan range. Click here to book already.

So, The Hosteller at Rishikesh has everything that you are looking for, and you are a click away from probably the best trip to Rishikesh that you can possibly imagine. Just book your stay right away by clicking here.

How are hostels impacting the Indian travel scenario?

The diversity of India is distinguished and great. From the Himalayas to the deserts of Rajasthan. From the beauty of Kerala to the essence of Varanasi. India has something for everyone. But can a backpacker be satisfied by just hotels in India?

In recent years things have changed. With the growth of the online travel industry, people can now access to a lot more information at their fingertips. The research process has become a larger, richer part of holiday planning. At the same time, travel industry providers have grown exponentially in India. This is just the inception of hostels. It is a challenging situation for various hotels in India. The rivalry has just begun. Hotels in India have been part of the travel culture since long. In some places, the only form of accommodation are these hotels in India.

A Rooftop Cafe?

The interesting micro trend, ‘introduction to hostels’, changed the travel industry in many ways. So, visitors now have more options than ever which also means that India has to work harder to keep up with demands, which will only increase.

Hostels were never really a part of the Indian tourism story.

Yes, there have always been low budget options for backpackers. But setting up of hostels all over and across the country is a recent affair. Ventures like these are offering a cheap, basic hostel experience, making life a lot easier for every traveler. Also, there are hostels which not only provides a traveler with basic facilities but also offers a family, a community and a space. A rooftop cafe to reflect on the journeys one might have made or might start. Yes, you find them in Delhi, Rishikesh, and Kasol in India. Click here to book your bed.

The Bigger Picture

The existence of these hostels here in India is contributing to the bigger picture. It’s more than an option of cheap accommodation. It’s more of a lifestyle choice: it is helping the economy, affordable, and making India more accessible through various interesting walks and in-destination experiences and thus more people can travel to our country!

Travellers these days aren’t satisfied with just going to one place, clicking a few pictures, and sampling the local cuisine anymore. They want a more wholesome experience. Which includes exploring places that others haven’t been to. Which includes people from various walks of life in a place where every culture meets. People of all age are traveling but with lesser options. Hostels are providing them with a cooler option where they are doing more. More than just sitting in their rooms and watching TV. Here, they can relax and interact with people from all around the world. They can experience the surroundings in a different manner. Click to know where in India you get such an atmosphere.

Hostels are a boost to the local economy. For a successful hostel venture, the local businesses have to benefit too. When the businesses use and produce locally they support the local business of and around that place.

The idea of ‘travel’ and ‘travelling’ has evolved significantly over the past few years. Travel is seen as a mode of self-realization, exploration and experiencing different forms of lifestyles. Leisure travel is not a product of luxury but rather considered a necessity to consolidate one’s energy.

Why a Backpacker Must Visit Delhi

It is not because of the incredible city that Delhi is that a backpacker should visit Delhi, but what else it has to offer. Quite simply, Delhi is the stop for every international traveller who come to explore India. Here are some reasons why a backpacker should come to Delhi and not have second thoughts about where first in India should one stop at.



Yes, it is a huge city and a busy city with mind-blowing history and culture. Delhi has a history which only a handful of cities in the world can be proud of. Spread across Delhi are numerous monuments and old lanes which take you back in time. The best way to know about this is to go on walks like those of Old Delhi and Mehrauli which would give you a comprehensive experience about what life looked like in Delhi and how it has evolved to what it is today. We at the Hosteller also have curated various city walks to help a traveler experience more than he usually can.



Delhi is a food giant not just in North India, but the whole of India. There is no city like Delhi which offers so much food. Look anywhere. Can you find a place where you can say “Damn, I cant find food anywhere here.” No. Delhi doesn’t allow you to say that. From delicious chole bhatures to paranthas to kebabs, Delhi leads like no other. If you ever go on a crazy food walk and you are the foodie you are proud of, you’d find the purest reason to come back to this city over and over again. Or maybe enjoy at the Hogger’s Cafe, which is our standardized cafe all across our properties. 



Delhi is the most important city in Northern India. Over time, with the emergence of Delhi as a land of opportunities, its cosmopolitan face started witnessing more and more glamour. So standard of life went from good to better and so improved entertainment and night life. A pub crawl across Delhi would make you forget time probably keep you hungover for the whole next day. So why not try?



Delhi is one of the first cities in India to adopt the hostel culture, coming out of traditional Dharamshala culture that still prevails since ancient India. Hostels like The Hosteller were the firsts to help travellers’ lives get easy in this city. And it worked like never before. The numbers of travellers increased and so increased quality of hospitality with the best rooftop café to chill on and theme-based dormitories to make travellers’ stay more interesting.



Delhi is the door to the Himalayas, be it through railways or buses. You just cannot avoid Delhi. You do know about Kasol, don’t you? A 12-hour bus journey from Delhi would take you directly there. Here’s exactly where you must check in to have the best ever experience in Kasol. Or if you are thinking of an adventurous as well as spiritual journey, choose nowhere other than Rishikesh and surprisingly, the best budget backpacker’s hostel is there in Rishikesh, making it all the more happening for everyone who checks into Rishikesh. Try it out.



You pack your stuff and tighten your rucksack straps in Delhi. You get equipped in the markets of Delhi and then hit the road for adventure. The best treks being Nag Tibba, Triund, Kheerganga and Parvati Valley, your mind involuntarily starts preparing from Delhi itself.



Delhi is the home of every big personalities in any industry. So when it comes to stopping by somewhere to listen to some travel tales to get motivated to hit the road, Delhi offers you ample travel talks and meets where you can just check in and listen to stories of great travellers, photographers, adventurers and storytellers, sipping your tea on a cold winter evening. Check what is coming up here.

To conclude, I do not think a backpacker should have a reason to hate Delhi. A backpacker does not seek places, but seeks journeys, cultures and experiences. Delhi gives you everything. And like every place, it has its cons. But what differentiates a traveller from a tourist is that the traveller keeps the cons away and embraces what a destination has to offer. As far as Delhi is concerned, what it has to offer is uncountable.

The Rise of Street Art in Delhi

Culture is an unstoppable tide and when it has something to do with involving the common mass and youth, it flows into every possible corner of human existence. What makes street art such an important facet of contemporary culture? In a world where dreams are lesser, routines defining lives and depression drawing its lethal perimeter around brighter minds, the most that street art does is bring people together and create something together.

Delhi is a city of diverse culture. Being one of the most cosmopolitan cities in South Asia, Delhi brings together people from all over the world, whether it comes to living and working or entering the door to the maddening beauty of India. It all started as an underground graffiti movement a few years ago unless the idea buoyant to public exposure. Such democratization of this art has reached various corners of this city and that is exactly why you must not miss any while you’re in Delhi.


Lodhi Colony is the place wherefrom it all originated. You name “street art” in Delhi and Lodhi Colony might just be the first place you hear about. Lodhi Colony, undoubtedly, has some of the most hypnotizing and spellbinding street-artworks in the world, all credits to the ST+ART India Foundation for making this place this happening and influential.


Shankar Market gives you a different feel altogether. Located in the busy market in the outer circle of Connaught Place, just as you enter this market and look up to the walls the market buildings, the artworks portray “the colors of India.” These artworks do not follow a particular theme but tell a viewer a lot about daily life in this country and its traditions.


Khirki Village can never be ignored when you’re looking for a mixture of historical architecture and street art in Delhi. A visit to this place will take you through a part of the history of this city and also the spectacular ideas of national and international street artists, all materialized beautifully on walls.


This is a beautiful product of the minds of the people of the Delhi Street Art and volunteers from citizens’ group of New Delhi Rising in collaboration with school students. The Moolchand flyover was designed with the aim of introducing community culture. Following their footprints, street art spread across a lot of random walls in Delhi.

If you’ve come to India for a culture trip and have stopped at Delhi to travel further into India, let these places and this city be the Stage 1 to your mesmerization.

Delhi Ranks #1 on the Tourism-Friendly Cities List


Despite the smog circling over Delhi, the World Travel and Tourism Council India Initiative (WTTCII) listed Delhi as the most tourism-friendly city in India. A recent survey done by WTTCII and Hotelivate, placed Delhi on the first rank in the list of tourism-friendly cities in India. And yes, it was a bit unexpected.


Obviously, Goa is one of the chilliest and coolest spot as an interesting vacation opportunity. The top 10 lists also feature names of cities such as Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, West Bengal, Kerala, Punjab, and Andhra Pradesh. But Delhi’s inclusion in this list does come out as a shocker with positive vibes for the travel industries established here. Delhi is the hub to various hostels, as of now there are more than 31 hostels in delhi.
The cities were essentially judged on the basis of their public transport connectivity where a lot of northern states failed to make an impact.


This survey was based on the following points:
• Expenditure on tourism
• Tourist arrivals
• Per capita gross state domestic product
• The presence of branded hotel rooms
• The effectiveness of marketing campaigns
• The extent of urbanization
• Ease of doing business


Delhi topped in 5 of these.

Delhi, as a destination has a lot of scope for improvement. The overall character of the city often brings the world back to it again and again. It is quite a challenge to discover Delhi by each of its corner. But its still easier to try and cover all of them using the public transport. Leave aside the recent smog, its a great destination according to the numbers. This survey indicates a future growth in the tourism sector that covers Delhi. As of now there are more than 30 hostels in Delhi. This survey comes out as a good news for each one of us.


Well, we cant do much.

Hostels around the world have come up with organic farms , dependency on solar roofs, etc. Apart from that hostels also have an opportunity to curate trips that promote community travel thus bringing people together and limiting the use of multiple vehicles. These are some Eutopian ideas that have been implemented in some countries and might be possible now that our city has been ranked #1.
Ultimately, its our duty to care about the city we present to the world as ours. Yes, this is a sense of achievement for us all but there’s still a lot to do.

10 Cafes in Delhi that are the perfect spot to chill and relax

Delhi has a diverse culture and this diversity does not stop at these innovative and experimentation cafes. Along with authentic cuisines, customers are also looking for quirky and innovative ambiances that gives them a special experience by chilling at the best cafes in Delhi.

1. Cafe Dori (Chattarpur)

Cafes in Delhi

This newly opened cafe is an experiential space. The aesthetics and design of this place is perfect and aims at enriching the experience of the customer. Sip on the amazing coffee and binge on treats that are curated. Eat, shop, relax, all in one space and bring your pets along because it’s absolutely pet friendly.

2. Soda Bottle Opener Wala (Khan Market)

It has quirky, fun and contemporary Irani Style archetype. The menu is full of Parsi specialties with a hint of Bombay street food. The ambiance is sure to take you back in the 90’s Parsi culture, leaving you with an authentic experience of cafes in Delhi. 

3. The Hogger Cafe (Saket)

Sit back and relax at The Hosteller’s very own, The Hogger cafe! Start a conversation or just read a book as you go through the artistic interiors of this place. Quirky wall art, lights and the perfect sitting arrangement will keep bringing you back to this place. The food is locally inspired, served with love and indulgence.The Hogger, a well-designed traveller’s cafe, has an extensive world menu suited for locals & foreign travellers alike serving as a hot-spot for meeting people from all over the globe. If you are looking for cafes in Delhi,  then you are at the right hostel. 

Join the Friday night terrace parties and bid summers a good bye. Mixed with slam poetry sessions, live music, stand ups & a lot of fun store, join them!

4. Boheme Cafes in Delhi

Cafes in Delhi

The dim lights and soothing ambiance will make you relaxed after a tiring day. Boheme radiates freshness with it’s relaxing interiors. Overall, Boheme does a great job at giving you a complete Mediterranean experience.

5. Rustom’s Cafe & Bakery (Malviya Nagar)

Cafes in Delhi

Rustam’s Café & Bakery, serves amazing baked goods rich in true Parsi legacy. The warm and homely ambiance recreates the authentic Parsi home environment. Also, it’s highly preferred by customers with a sweet tooth!

6. Social (Haus Khas Village)

Cafes in Delhi

With great views of the Hauz Khas monument and lake, this all-day cafe and bar feels like it’s been designed for quiet thoughts and reflection. The decor, however, is far from what you have been seeing, furniture is 100% recycled or up cycled and juxtaposed with grungy industrial elements. The bare walls are unfinished and naked bulbs dangle from the ceiling. The food is delicious and served with a perfect fusion.

7. The Rose (Haus Khas Village)

Cafes in Delhi

This joint also doubles as a hotel and an art gallery, so your aesthetics get served as much as your food! Ponder over your next big thought as you feast with good music.

8. Unplugged Courtyard (Connaught Place)

Cafes in Delhi

The first of its kind in Delhi, the Unplugged Courtyard flaunts a beautiful courtyard with a tree. The open courtyard often hosts live performances. The Mexican Countryside theme does the work of ensuring a vintage experience. This place has an indoor seating as well. This is one of the best! 

9. Imly (Rajendra Place)

Cafes in Delhi

Just when you thought food trucks are the big thing, you come across this. “A Parked train with street food served.”
This vegan and vegetarian restaurant puts a big smile on every street food lover’s face. This is one of the best cafes in Delhi.

10. Smaash Cafe (Gurgaon)

Cafes in Delhi

What happens when entertainment meets food? The Smaash Cafe is a family complex with a bowling alley and multiple sport options such as Air Hockey, F1 race, cricket and multiple dining choices. The cafe provides a virtual gaming experience too! The ambiance of this place will definitely energise you in different ways.

6 Things That Make Rishikesh a town worth your time!

Travelling to Rishikesh is always a delight and if you’re travelling there for the first time, your experience is more likely to be astounding.


1. Rishikesh as a town

Rishikesh, a small town in India’s northern state Uttarakhand is a scenic beauty and has great historical and spiritual significance. Situated in the foothills of Himalaya in the Garhwal region, it’s the gateway to the upper Garhwal region and the starting point for the Char Dham pilgrimage (Gangotri, Yamunotri, Badrinath and Kedarnath).


2. Rishikesh as a Cultural Centre

Rishikesh is one of the Hindu pilgrimage town in India and is regarded as one of the holiest places in the Hindu Culture. This holy city is vegetarian by law, consumption and sale of meat and alcohol is not legal here, cows are revered and protected, chances are that one might accompany you while you make your way through the famous “Lakshman Jhoola”. Rishikesh is also famous as the Yoga Capital of the World.

I mean there’s even a train running between Haridwar (gateway to Rishikesh) and Delhi called the Yoga Express, yes, it exists!

Rishikesh is the land of all things mystical, the holy river Ganga, the Sadhus, the Yoga! Every little thing that happens here adds up to the whole environment to of this place. Rishikesh however, is a small town but what it has to offer you might just transform the way you look at things.


3. The Mystical River Ganga

Flowing down through the Himalayas, the Ganga river here is a very different sight compared to further South. It’s clear, blue and beautiful, clean enough to swim and even bathe in. White water rafting is one of the most popular activities in Rishikesh, and can be done without disturbing your budget, it definitely shouldn’t be missed.


4. The Yoga Capital

The yoga capital of India certainly lives up to its name, while you walk through the streets, you’ll see all sorts of posters, advertisements and hoardings for classes. If you’re yoga lover or just want to give it a try, you could easily book yourself classes and attend as many classes as your heart desires, the benefits of yoga don’t need to spelled out, do they?


5. Environment in Rishikesh

The air is clear at all times and the sky reflects over the river, making everything around you picture perfect. Indulging yourself in the simple act of drinking tea whilst you sit on the river banks and watch the sun go down will surely help you unwind in the most positive ways! Sunsets in Rishikesh are unforgettable. Perhaps Rishikesh’s best kept secret are gorgeous secluded beaches, on the banks of Ganga, Alone or together, prepare yourself for an adventure as you explore more parts of the town!


6. Humans of Rishikesh

While you live in Rishikesh, You’ll meet all sorts of interesting people just walking around you, from crystal healers to therapists, and even the regular locals you’ll meet will intrigue you, there’s a whole different vibe about them.

This whole town is a contrast to the life we are all leading in different parts of the world, the place is so calm, yet so indulging. It’s almost like the town understands what you want or what you are looking for, no matter who you are or where you come from and even if you’re not spiritual in the slightest, you’ll still feel the enchantment of the place.

7 Calming yet Thrilling Activities in Rishikesh

Be it a family trip or a trip with friends, the city entertains everyone irrespective of their age with variant range of activities in Rishikesh. Situated in the foothills of Himalaya in the Garhwal region, it’s the gateway to the upper Garhwal region, from where the Holy Ganga River comes gushing down. The consumption of non vegetarian commodities and alcohol is banned in this town, since it’s a Holy place and has great historical and spiritual significance, Rishikesh is the perfect place for one to unwind and slow down, here’s how you can do it too!

Adventure Activities in Rishikesh

Adventure (activities in rishikesh)


Although the act of rafting doesn’t really involve slowing down but once you do it, you might slow down and have a change of perception on and about a lot of things!

Rafting is an adventure sport full of fun and throttle, often done on whitewater or different degrees of rough water, and  it opens up a new and challenging environment for participants leaving them thrilled with all sorts of experiences. However, risks and the need for teamwork is often a part of the experience. It is one of the most enthralling activities in Rishikesh. Running almost 26 km long stretch, these programs provide easy-going rafting. You can also  upgrade the program depending on your skills, all you need is a group of atlas four people to raft and if you’re short of people, talk to the organizers and have them team you up with some other people!

Rafting (activities in rishikesh)


Rishikesh is one of the best camping sites in India, taking shelter in the open air, a tent, or just a simple primitive structure constructed in the most basic ways will help you unwind and take a break from your routine, watching the sky above you and appreciating the simple things will help you reflect on your own thoughts and actions. however, don’t forget, while you’re camping, you are in a direct conversation with nature, try not to pollute environment around you by doing anything which isn’t the part of the system there. To sit beneath the star in silence can be picked as part of the comfortable activities in Rishikesh.

Camping (activities in rishikesh)

Watching the wildlife

The state of Uttarakhand has stunning flora and fauna, visit the Raja ji National park which is situated on the left bank of the River Ganga, not far from Rishikesh. Raja ji National Park is one of the finest national parks of the Himalayan foothill. The Indo Gangetic plains starts from here & the majestic Ganges flows through the National Park for a distance of 24km. What better way to slow down? Observe and unwind in the laps of nature, open yourself up to life that you will be witnessing around you, after all humans aren’t the only living organisms!


Spiritual Activities in Rishikesh

Spirituality (activities in rishikesh)


Rishikesh is also known as the ‘yoga capital’ of the world, while you roam around the town, you will see hoardings and advertisements for classes, if you’re a yoga lover, then indulge yourself by taking as many classes as you want at any of the ashrams around and if you’re not a yoga lover, then sit back and appreciate the beauty of it, observing the process from a distance might change the way you look at yoga!

yoga (activities in rishikesh)

Spiritual Healing

It truly is a place like no other, with adventure sports, and various activities in Rishikesh as you make your way through the town you will meet all sorts of interesting people, Rishikesh attracts so many different people from around the world, even a simple yet meaningful conversation you have with a traveler who doesn’t speak your language might open up a whole new dimension in your mind, it doesn’t matter who you or where are you from, even if you’re not spiritual at the slightest, what the town holds for you might has different ways of reaching you. Stop, observe, talk and repeat.

Eat all you want

Slow down by indulging yourself in slow eating! Forget how you had to finish your meal in fifteen minutes, don’t rush, sit in one of the cafes on the edge of the river drinking fresh juice and eating bowls of fresh fruits have a healthy meal only to indulge in the street food of India. Go for a walk, find those hidden restaurants and take all the time in the world to enjoy what you’re eating. This is amongst Some of the most fulfilling activities in rishikesh.

food rishikesh


No matter what direction you turn to, you will always have picture perfect view in front of you, set aside an hour or two. Indulge yourself in reading that book you’ve been postponing to read, write what you feel or just sit back and reflect on your actions, try introspection and retrospection as ways of unwinding your mind.

12 packing hacks that will help you travel smoothly: Save space, save time

Have you been caught by the travel bug, yet? Or, your work is always keeping you busy? Finding time is no easy task, however, do people utilise it well once they actually find the time?

This generation is all about venturing out, exploring, discovering and seeking things beyond the mundanity of our everyday lives. They are always looking to feed the wanderlust, whether it’s by rushing along city lights, climbing mountains or just laying by the great blue seas.

If you are anything like me, packing for a trip drives me completely crazy. I don’t know what to take and what to leave behind, and even when I do I end up missing out on something or the other. Does that sound like you, too? Worry not, after a lot of pack hacks, I have put together some tips on “How to Pack like a Basic”: try these simple “jugaads” for your next trip and tell us if they worked or not:


How to Pack like a Basic –

  • Make a list – we cannot emphasise this enough. Well begun is half done, after all. Skyscanner makes even this easy for us – they have put together a basic list of all things essential for your next journey.
  • Save space – roll or cube your clothes instead of folding them up separately. You will end up saving a tonne of space (more space to keep all the things you splurge on during your vacation). This method will even save your clothes from being wrinkled.
  • Do not pack your entire wardrobe – As tempted as you may be, you do not need to pack everything. Use your discretion here, but know that even ten pieces of clothing can make for a good fourteen outfits if properly planned (two weeks of clothing).
  • It’s all about the little things – Another great way to save precious space is to roll up your socks and put them inside one another, and then put those inside the shoes you’re going to pack.
  • Use Ziplock for tubes and other things that might leak (or tangled – you can also use this tip for things like phone chargers and headphones), not only will they prevent your things from getting messy, but it’s also a great way to organise things.
  • Invest in a Kindle (or some other eBook reader) – cannot travel without your own personal library with you the entire time? We understand the feels completely. There’s nothing better than curling up with a good book sometimes. But books do take up a lot – a lot of space. Invest in a Kindle or an eBook reader and you’ll get the best of both worlds. It’s totally worth it.
  • Keep your things safe – Travelling can be risky, depending on the kind of adventure you’re looking to embark upon. Be as inconspicuous as you can, keep your valuables in subtle and hidden spaces. Also, don’t forget to keep a stash of emergency cash in some place only you know.
  • Choose your travel bag wisely – if you’re going on a trek or other kinds of heavy-activity vacation, it does not make sense to be dragging huge pieces of luggage around. Keep it simple, use a sturdy backpack. Even if your vacation plans are more relaxed, it makes sense to go with lightweight suitcases. Lightweight design is key.
  • Be creative with your bags – spruce up your bags with stickers, ribbons or other things that scream ‘you’. This looks super cool and helps you identify your bags easily – you’ll save time and reduce the risk of losing your stuff.
  • Hand luggage – We tend to stuff everything into our hand baggage, but let’s be honest, there’s almost never a situation when we’ll need half the things we stuff in there. Keep your hand luggage to the bare essentials – the things you will need only during your travel time.
  • Good things come in small packages – Carrying your heavy cosmetics, shampoos and other toiletries can be so cumbersome. Use (and reuse) smaller sized tubes, bottles, packaging for these things. Doing this will also make you think about how much or how little you actually need and helps you to not overpack.
  • Carry converters/adaptors – Depending on where you’re travelling, you might require different kinds of plugs to support your electricity needs. Invest in a global travel adaptor so that you’re sorted wherever you go!


So, what are you waiting for? Use these tips and plan your next venture out with The Hosteller. The whole world awaits you.

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