Things every woman should carry when TRAVELLING ALONE

Travelling alone is not easy and being a solo female traveller is in no way an easy task. We always face a multitude of problems that male travellers or group travellers do not. While solo travel has become much safer and convenient in the last decade or so – it still is not the easiest thing to achieve. And while travelling alone, knowing what to pack and what not to is vital. A scantily packed bag can cause problems but an over-packed bag is terrible too. Here is a comprehensive list of our top essential items that need to be with you when you are travelling alone.

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6 things about Jaipur that make it the best weekend getaway from Delhi

Ever had one of those days where you are sitting in a group of friends with a cuppa joe in hand, trying to decide a weekend getaway from Delhi? What starts off as a discussion becomes a full-fledged war when every single person has a different location in mind leading to utter confusion and no decision. Names get thrown around like grenades and everyone dodges the important question and the answer is far fetched. Mussoorie, Lansdowne, Shimla, Jim Corbett - everyone has a different name to put into the bag and hence, not a single conclusion can be reached leading to the plan getting cancelled. What a shame!

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4 things that would make you visit MANALI IN OCTOBER

The winter season is fast approaching and before the extreme cold sets in, now is the best time to take a vacation. If you are into serene woods, splendid natural views, yummy food and adventure – then Manali is the place for you. Known as Jawaharlal Nehru’s favourite vacation spot, Manali is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. It not only sees a huge influx of local tourists but also travellers from across the globe. However, a frequent question in their minds is – what is the best time to visit Manali? Take it from an expert travel experience provider – its October. Read below to find out why to visit Manali this October.
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These Travellers Cycled All The Way From Germany to India

Meet Olga and Michel

Lovers do a lot of things together. When you are in a relationship with someone, you tend to want to do all sorts of activities together. Couples take vacations, cook together, go shopping together and sometimes even work at the same place. But for Michel and Olga, the story is very different. Their commitment towards each other and their passion for travel is unrivaled. This is the story of two enthusiastic and radical travelers who decided to change the way they wanted to see the world – and have one of the most brilliant journeys that we have ever come across. Read more “These Travellers Cycled All The Way From Germany to India”

5 Treks that you MUST go for on a Long Weekend

Are you tired of the sluggish summer? The drone of the air conditioner boring you?

The monotony of your everyday routine dragging you down?Looking at your lonely rucksack making you nostalgic for past group trips? Your favorite travel bloggers Instagram posts making you green with envy? Have a camping or trekking vacation planned for a long time but failing to see it through? Saving up thousands for that perfect trip?

If any of the above points check out for you –THEN YOU ARE THE PERFECT CANDIDATE TO BE READING THIS BLOG!

The Hosteller is the solution to all your problems. A fast expanding chain of backpacker hostels; we are offering you the best highland trips for the easiest budgets. Not only are our trips personally and authentically curated for the maximum thrill, they are also made in such a way that they are super light on the pocket. So whether you are a struggling student, a job applicant looking for a break, a group of friends searching for the perfect getaway or a travel blogger wanting to experience the most – we have you covered. Keep reading to find out the best 5 places to be planning a trek to in the upcoming months.

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5 Places To Travel To That Are Reminiscent Of Our Freedom Struggle

Today is the 72nd year of Independence for our country. Throughout the entire journey of attaining this independence, there are many places and monuments that the freedom struggle has touched. Places that will forever have a place in history because of their significance in relation to our freedom struggle. Here is a list of 5 such places that you can travel to while reminiscing about the path to the attainment of our Independence Day:
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These Women Travellers are inspiring India to travel more

Solo trips have this inexplicable feeling of sheer thrill mixed with fear that makes them interesting. While travelling in groups has its benefits, like you can lean on someone for help. Solo trips become special more so because the experiences always teach one to lean in. Isn’t finding oneself in midst of the worldly chaos beautiful? You can’t take our word for it, can you? Then read on about these amazing and adventurous women travellers who are treading their paths across cities and countries together.

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4 MUST HAVE Apps To Travel Smartly in India

Summers have set in full swing in most part of the country and winter isn’t coming for long. Well, what can be better than planning your travel at this time of the year? Travel, one of the best thing to learn about practicality in the lap of nature, refreshes the soul and mind alike. Right from being decisive (at the time of planning where to travel) to being brave & smart while travelling, it is ignored by many for a while too long. Apart from this, travel refreshes the mundane life (at least for a while) and gives you enough selfies to show off for at least the next 3 months. However, to travel more efficiently, serious travellers make use of technology while saving on cost and time. Hence, to make everyone travel smartly, we have compiled a list of travel apps that are MUST HAVE on your phone – Read more “4 MUST HAVE Apps To Travel Smartly in India”

Visit this place to escape the summer heat

Summer has arrived and it could consume you if you don’t ACT now.  Yeah, literally! Before it really sets in and dries the blood running in you, plan to escape from it. Remember those cold winter nights when one used to feel like Manali or Shimla, right here in Delhi. Let’s rewind life a little bit and feel like it’s winter again. And, how? Plan a weekend to the hills and what better place to visit than the ever-bustling Parvati valley. Read more “Visit this place to escape the summer heat”