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Which Town is it Gonna Be?

We are coming up next, in a town famous for multiple things! Each photograph is a hint about #TheHostellerNext!
One Lucky winner will win 3 nights of free stay at our hostel. All you have to is guess the name of the town!


The Town is specifically famous for this adventure sport

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Waterway Rafting is an experience you must take if you visit this town. #TheHostellerNext

The Town is famous for this Festival which marks the Tibetan New Year

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Lossar Festival , marked with colourful masked dances and other folk performances is celebrated around the last week of February. #TheHostellerNext

The Town is famous for this Street Food which is considered the country cousin of kachoris.

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Babru is a famous dish made by stuffing and kneading together soaked black gram paste. #TheHostellerNext

The Town was featured in this Blockbuster Indian Film

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'Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani' is an Indian Film that briefly features this town in its runtime. #TheHostellerNext



Got the answer, already?

Here’s how you can win a 3 Night Free Stay at #TheHostellerNext

  1. Comment your answer in the comments section, below.
  2. Mention the name of the town you guessed with #TheHostellerNext in the comments.
  3. One lucky winner will get free 3 Night Stay at our Next Hostel for Free!

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