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8 Offbeat experiences in Saligao, North Goa

8 Offbeat experiences in Saligao, North Goa

By Kaushal Sabnis

06 Jun, 2024

North Goa is famously known as the thrilling and adventurous hub for young backpackers! Pulsating parties, beach hopping, thrilling water sports and cute cafes everywhere, the things to do in Goa are truly never ending.

Kya hua? Dil kuch aur Chahta Hai? For all you laid-back lovers, who want to ditch the crowds, and explore unique places in Goa, you should definitely add this North Goa place to your offbeat goa itinerary!

We are teleporting you straight to Saligao, is a scenic town that seamlessly blends Portuguese charm with vibrant local culture. Its narrow lanes are lined with colorful houses boasting the history and stories of the early settlers of Goa. Lined with coconut palms, paddy fields, and quaint houses, the Saligao will carry you away from the hustle and bustle.

Here’s a list of 8 offbeat experiences in Saligao for you to escape the crowds, soak up the laid-back vibe and let the magic of North Goa's hidden gem steal your heart.

1. Arbor beer garden

Nestled in its heart, Arbor Beer Garden is Goa’s first handcrafted beer garden, perfect to unwind and chillax with a cold one. Arbor’s delicious locally brewed craft beers bring out the flavour of tropical fruits. Their menu also reflects Goa’s rich coffee culture with a mix of coffee infused drinks and lagers. Be it shining nights with colourful fairy lights & live music performances or a lazy afternoon under the shade of palm trees, Arbor is a hidden gem perfect for socialising.

Relaxation and brews at Arbor Beer Garden, Saligao (Source: Whats Up Goa)

Relaxation and brews at Arbor Beer Garden (Credits: What's Up Goa)

2. Tibetan market shopping

Looking for some dope souvenirs? Head to the Tibetan Market for a shopping spree like no other. Situated along the Baga– Calangute road, these shops of Tibetan entrepreneurs might look like temporary and new but have been in business for the past five decades. The market's roots trace back to the Tibetan refugee community that settled in North Goa, bringing with them their cultural heritage and artisanal skills. A special blend of items from different parts of the country from the Buddhist prayer flags and japmalas, funky jewelry to trippy tapestries, you'll find it all here. Plus, bargaining is the name of the game, so channel your inner negotiator and snag a deal. 

3. Mae De Deus church

Dripping with history and charm, Mae De Deus Church in Saligao is a straight-up architectural marvel. Built in the 19th century by the Portuguese, the church is a rare specimen of Neo-Gothic architecture in Goa. Characterised by its intricate detailing & design; the church is a North Goa place that has withstood the test of time. For all you history enthusiasts and spiritual seekers, the Saligao Church is a must-visit destination for its cultural significance.

Iconic beauty: Mae De Deus Church, Saligao, North Goa. (Source: Alamy)

Iconic beauty: Mae De Deus Church, Saligao, North Goa. (Credits: Alamy Stock Images)

4. The Museum of Goa

If history and culture interest you then you should definitely visit The Museum of Goa. Founded by renowned artist Subodh Kerkar, this unique museum is dedicated to showcasing the diversity and creativity of Goan artists with its immersive exhibits and interactive displays. At the Museum of Goa, you can immerse yourself in a dynamic lecture series called MOG Sundays, where prominent artists share their insights and experiences. Alongside, don't miss the chance to explore their exhibition on the History of Goa.

5. Salim Ali Bird sanctuary

Get your binoculars ready and keep your eyes peeled for some winged wonders. Hardly a half an hour drive from Saligao, this sanctuary is a birdwatcher's paradise, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Named after the legendary ornithologist Salim Ali, this sanctuary is a haven for migratory birds and native species alike. For wallet-friendly prices, you can sight majestic birds like the White Collared Kingfisher, Oriental Darter, WoodPeckers, Eagles and Drongos.

 Migratory birds at Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, a haven for birdwatchers in Goa.(Source: Travelogy India)

Migratory birds at Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, a haven for birdwatchers in Goa. (Credits: Goa.app)

6. Houses of Goa museum

Take a trip back in time, and get schooled on Goan architecture and heritage. The brainchild of architect Gerard da Cunha, the museum celebrates the unique blend of Portuguese and Goan architectural styles that define Goa's urban landscape. These exhibitions showcase a range of architectural styles from ancient indigenous dwellings, colonial-era mansions, rustic Goan village huts and Indo-Portuguese houses with their colourful combinations. The Museum also offers workshops for hands-on experience and photography, painting and sculpture exhibits. 

7. Torda lake

Want to enjoy beautiful sunsets minus the buzz? Head to Torda Lake for some chill vibes and scenic views. Whether you're into kayaking or simply relaxing by the lakeside, this unexplored spot has got you covered. Legend has it that Torda Lake is home to a mythical creature known as the "Torda Turtle," said to bring good luck to those who spot it.

Serene waters of Torda Lake, a hidden oasis in Saligao. (Source: Top-rated online)

Serene waters of Torda Lake, a hidden oasis in Saligao. (Credits: Top-Rated.online)

8. Saligao’s Urban Art Gallery

Take a stroll through the streets of Saligao and feast your eyes on some badass murals. The mural art initiative in Saligao began by the efforts of Solomon Souza, the grandson of renowned Artist F.N. Souza, hailing from Saligao. Solomon returned to Goa to paint the streets of Saligao with the ‘Icons of Goa’ picturing Goa's unsung heroes and celebrities from sports, art, music, activism and many other fields. The murals have been influential to beautify the village and promote local artists, blossoming into a vibrant showcase of Goan life and culture. With these artsy and vibrant backdrops all around the streets you surely can’t forget selfies for the ‘Gram!

So, there you have it—Saligao's best-kept secrets revealed. From scenic streets to cultural gems, Saligao is the place to be at on your next trip to Goa. To explore this lovely town, BAM Goa, Saligao, with it’s top-notch hospitality and premium amenities is your place to stay. Why? Because BAM is India’s first smart hotel, perfect to enjoy high-end luxury and comfort. So, grab your crew, hit the road, and get ready to experience Saligao, one local treasure at a time!


BAM GOA SALIGAO (Credits: The Hosteller)

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