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Every hostel we opened in 2023: A photo tour

Every hostel we opened in 2023: A photo tour

By Riddhi Chaudhuri

29 Dec, 2023

In 2023, we opened doors to 17 brand-new hostels, from the lush green vegetation of Wayanad's tropical forests and Jodhpur's royal blue streets to the fragrant snow-capped peaks of Manali and Bangalore's busy, bustling pub districts. India was peppered with beautiful, bright, lively backpacker hostels you all loved. And if you weren't able to keep up with the Kardashians, we mean the hostels, here is a specially curated photo blog for you. 

1. The Hosteller Kasol Parvati Valley

We started the year by introducing our third hostel in Kasol, Himachal Pradesh, known as 'Mini Israel of India'. Kasol has been one of our popular hostels since we launched our first hostel in 2015. Our hostel in Kasol was also awarded as the best riverside hostel and the growing demand prompted us to expand this property even further. Surrounded by towering pine trees and the gentle burble of the Parvati River, The Hosteller Kasol Parvati Valley welcomed its travelers with open arms in 2023.  

The Hosteller Kasol Parvati Valley Cafe

The cafe at the hostel is another great spot in the hostel to soak up the winter sun and order some of our delicious baked goods.

2. The Hosteller Mcleodganj Mall Road

We then ventured into the Himalayan haven, where the serene vibes blend seamlessly with the Tibetan influences. Our second hostel in Mcleodganj is nestled on the bustling streets of Mall Road. The Hosteller Mcleodganj Mall Road is a perfect basecamp for backpackers looking to explore the vibrant Tibetan culture amidst the breathtaking views of the Himalayas. 

The Hosteller Mcleodganj Mall Road

Day or evening, travellers can catch jaw dropping views of the snow capped Dhauladhar mountains from the terrace cafe 

3. The Hosteller Jeolikote

Off the beaten path in Uttarakhand, Jeolikote is a charming town situated in the Kumaoni Himalayas. "Nestled amidst the town of Nainital, Jeolikote is also a fruit lover's paradise where some juicy treasures are waiting to be explored." The Hosteller Jeolikote offers a peaceful retreat with its untouched wilderness and is perched amidst the rolling hills of lower Uttarakhand and enjoys misty weather throughout the year.  

The Hosteller Jeolikote Common Room

Colourful murals, comfortable seetees and cozy sofas make the common room one of the best hangout spots in the hostel

4. The Hosteller Rishikesh Upper Tapovan

Accommodating the growing demand for our beloved Rishikesh retreat, we expanded our presence in the' yoga capital' with our third and grand Hostel in Rishikesh Upper Tapovan. The Hosteller Rishikesh Upper Tapovan serves as a sanctuary for backpackers seeking spiritual rejuvenation amidst the serene views of the Ganges.

The Hosteller Rishikesh Upper Tapovan Common Area

The common area at the hostel is always a lively place, complete with comfortable seating and some cool quirky tiling 

5. The Hosteller Bhandardara

With swathes of open space to roam, a lakeside camping experience, sensational views, a multi-purpose court, a theater, a cycling track, and much more, we started off April with the launch of our picturesque hostel in Bhandardara. The Hosteller Bhandardara became one of the popular destinations for backpackers wanting to experience the Firefly festival in Maharashtra. With its grand opening, it hosted hundreds of campers during the year. 

The Hosteller Bhandardara Deluxe Rooms

Our eco-friendly green cottages are covered in artificial grass for a natural feel and to keep the rooms cool.

6. The Hosteller Mussoorie Mall Road

In the same month, we also expanded our existing hostel in Mussoorie. Situated just besides the Mall Road, this new wing added to The Hosteller Mussoorie Mall Road offers breathtaking views and enough comfort and amenities for backpackers. This hostel lets you experience the cozy vibe at a warm fireplace with fellow backpackers.  

The Hosteller Mussoorie Mall Road

Balconies in The Hosteller Mussoorie Mall Road offer great views of the dawning sun for those late winter evenings 

7. The Hosteller Goa Arpora

This new hostel in Goa, Arpora, was our biggest hostel to date. Here, we launched our first villa-style rooms, which were a big hit this year. Our poolside bar at The Hosteller Goa Arpora was the cherry on the cake .  

The Hosteller Goa Arpora

Located amidst lush vegetation in North Goa, The Hosteller Arpora is a retreat filled with rest, relaxation and rejuvenation

8. The Hosteller Goa Candolim

We launched our new hostel in Candolim, unveiling another retreat in Goa for our beachside lovers. Offering the unparalleled charm of Candolim's pristine coastline, The Hosteller Candolim lets you embrace the beauty of Goa's swaying palm trees and the gentle lapping of sea waves. 

The Hosteller Goa Candolim Pool

Located amidst lush vegetation in North Goa, The Hosteller Arpora is a retreat filled with rest, relaxation and rejuvenation 

9. The Hosteller Bangalore Koramangala

Moving south, we entered Bangalore with our first hostel in the bustling district of Koramangala. Located right amidst the most popular bars and eateries, The Hosteller Koramangala saw fantastic occupancy right from the day of launch. This city hostel is perfect for all the long-stayers who love working until 2 a.m.

The Hosteller Koramangala Workspace

The ground floor common area is always abuzz with people working, planning their travels or people gazing through the glass windows

10. The Hosteller Bangalore Brigade Road

Capturing the city's pulsating energy and vibrant culture, we launched another new hostel in one of Bangalore's vibrating locations. The Hosteller Bangalore Brigade Road has a grand terrace area with a projector, a mini stage, and several exciting seating arrangements, perfect for backpackers trying to soak up the bustling city's comfort.

The Hosteller Bangalore Brigade Road Terrace

Our terrace area is perfect to enjoy the Banglore breeze with your fellow backpackers and watch a late night comedy show 

11. The Hosteller Heritage Palace Jodhpur

The Hosteller Heritage Palace Jodhpur is special as it was the first palac e hostel. This hostel takes you back to the architect of a 100-year-old Rajasthani palace and intrigues you with the rich history of Jodhpur.

The Hosteller Heritage Palace Jodhpur Facade

Red standstone binds our first ever palace hostel with green lawns on both sides and the Kaylana Lake behind it

12. The Hosteller Opera House Udaipur

Offering a regal experience like no other, we launched our brand new hostel in the grand Royal Opera House in Udaipur. Indicative of its elegance, The Hosteller Opera House Udaipur still has the look and feel of an Opera House with its high ceilings, mezzanine area, and beautiful lounge areas. Immerse yourself in the cultural heritage with our unparalleled hospitality. 

The Hosteller Opera House Udaipur Common Area

The Hosteller Opera House Udaipur features a huge common area/lounge space that can accommodate all your party and birthday needs

13. The Hosteller Gokarna

We launched our new hostel in September to bring you the serene beaches of Gokarna. The Hosteller Gokarna is minutes away from one of the best beaches here. Immerse yourself in the crystal waters and pristine sands.

The Hosteller Gokarna Aerial

Stone's throw from Kudle Beach, The Hosteller Gokarna is settled amidst the deep blue sea and lush paddy fields

14. The Hosteller Gurugram

A love letter to all our frequent travelers who repeatedly told us that Delhi wasn't just enough. The Hosteller Gurugram is innovative, city-centric and located next to all the popular cafes, malls and entertainment areas in the city, offering the travelers an urban retreat yet in the serene interiors.

The Hosteller Gurugram Cafe

The hostel is furnished with a tailored-to-needs cafe where you can order from a wide range of à la carte dishes or enjoy the never ending benefits of a buffet. 

15. The Hosteller Chakrata

Every backpacker dreams of a sprawling hostel amidst the fairytale landscapes of snow-covered mountains. The Hosteller Chakrata perfectly embodies this dream, offering a serene retreat to our fellow backpackers. With peaceful surroundings and cozy accommodations, this hostel is a perfect place for backpackers seeking solace. 

The Hosteller Chakrata Aerial Night

A multi-storey dreamlike hostel in the middle of Garhwal's verdant green hills, Chakrata is a huge one of a kind hostel

16. The Hosteller Wayanad

Expanding our Kerala footprint, we introduced our third hostel in Kerala. The Hosteller Wayanad is a perfect tropical paradise 5 kilometers from the renowned Pookode Lake. With stunning views of Chembra Peak, this hostel is nothing less than a jungle retreat.  

The Hosteller Wayanad Walkway

Beautiful and calming bamboo walkways dot the hostel, perfect for evening and morning walks

17. The Hosteller Manali, Old Manali

We ended the year in Manali, which is one of the popular destinations of backpackers. Manali will always be the heartthrob destination for every backpacker. Bang on the Manali Mall road we opened our new hostel here and The Hosteller Manali Mall Road is already buzzing with a vibrant atmosphere.  

The Hosteller Old Manali Common Room

The workspace cum common area inside the hostel is flush with natural light and serves up some impeccable local treats

With that, the 2023 season comes to an end. As the year ends, we promise you that we'll come up with yet another extensive line-up of hostels in 2024, making your experience even bigger, better, and more unforgettable than ever before.

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