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5 monsoon treks in Ooty you must explore

5 monsoon treks in Ooty you must explore

By Aquib Nawab

01 Jul, 2024

Ooty also known as Nilgiri Hills is a treat for sore eyes in the monsoon season. The rains, from June to September double up the charm of this beautiful town. Misty valleys, rain-drenched hills, gushing waterfalls, and vibrant green countryside– What's not to love?

Trekking in this season becomes more exciting. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced mountaineer, with appropriate safety precautions in place, you can embark on various treks suitable for varying levels of fitness during this season

Here are our recommended 5 monsoon treks in Ooty that you must explore:

1. Elk falls, Kotagiri

Elk falls is a monsoon waterfall, and its flow depends on the season. It is located 13 minutes (3.9 km) away from The Hosteller Ooty. During peak rainy season, it's an amazing single-drop cascade of about 150 feet high. The trek offers stunning natural beauty, therefore, you will have a good time while trekking. Just a stone throw away from the Elk Falls lies the Catherine Falls, another stunning pitstop before you head back to the hostel.

Furthermore, Elk Falls is encircled by green tea gardens and thick forests that make the walk even more beautiful. Bird watchers will have great pleasure in seeing different kinds of birds on this trail. Additionally, the nearby village of Kookal offers a glimpse into local life and culture, with opportunities to visit tea factories and taste freshly brewed Nilgiri tea.


Elk Falls, Ooty | Credits: nrs.objectstore

2. Doddabetta peak

Doddabetta peak, which stands at an altitude of 2,637 metres (8,650 feet), is the highest point in the Nilgiri Hills that can be reached by road. It is one of the must visit spots It is located just 27 minutes (8.5 km) away from The Hosteller Ooty. On a clear day, Telescope House, a watchtower at the Doddabetta peak provides a gorgeous view of Ooty and beyond, surrounded by Nilgili ranges. This is one of the most popular tourist spot in Ooty.

The Doddabetta peak is blanketed with dense sholas (evergreen forests) and characterized by diverse plant and animal life, which makes it an ideal place for trekking enthusiasts as well as nature lovers. Furthermore, Doddabetta areas have a number of unique bird species and butterflies; hence the area is ecologically important. The calm atmosphere combined with the picturesque scene attracts picnickers who want to get away from crowded cities


Doddabetta Peak, Ooty | Credits: travel-assets

3. Mukurthi peak

The Mukurthi peak trek is a challenging yet rewarding adventure ideal for experienced hikers. This peak rises to an altitude of 2,554 metres (8,379 feet), making it the fourth highest peak in the Nilgiris located within Mukurthi National Park.

It’s an approximately 11.8 kilometre trail that takes about 4–5 hours one way, including breathtaking vistas along its length. The starting point is located 1 hour, 29 minutes away from The Hosteller Ooty. Mukurthi Trek terrain starts in the grasslands and ends among shola forests, where rhododendron groves are found here and there.

Inhale a refreshing aroma from the soil combined with the sweet fragrance of flowers as you go through undulating landforms. Watch out for endangered species like Nilgiri Tahr, which are mountain goats living only in these regions.

At times, climbing may become difficult due to the steepness, while misty drizzles make it more challenging at higher altitudes. Nevertheless, witnessing cloud-kissed valleys and the surrounding Nilgiri Hills is quite breath-taking and will keep you motivated. The high-altitude craggy summit offers panoramic views wherever will looks, so reaching the highest point can be one of the most rewarding experience for a traveller. Mukurthi


Peak, Ooty | Credits: Xafari

4. Parsons Valley trek

Parsons Valley trek, near Ooty, is a scenic and fairly easy alternative that makes it suitable for families and first-time trekkers. The trail ranges from 6-8 kilometres, depending on the chosen path. While the shorter loop offers a more laid-back experience, the longer trail leads up to Parson’s Dam. The starting point of this trek is located 36 minutes (16.2 km) away from The Hosteller Ooty. The trek takes you through beautiful countryside around the Emerald Village in Ooty.

A refreshing ambience is created by lush greenery, misty hills, and gurgling streams. Start your journey beside Emerald Dam at the bus stop near Parsons Stream. As you walk along, enjoy the views of rolling pastures and quaint village cottages. Remember to keep away from wild berries, as they may be unsafe for consumption.

Depending on which way you go, there could be a checkpoint where your permit will be checked. Enquire about the necessary permits in advance. Parsons Valley dam, with its serene blue-green reservoir surrounded by verdant forests, gives an attractive picture, especially when mist covers it. Pause for a while before turning back and enjoy it's natural beauty.


Parsons Valley Trek, Ooty | Credits: team-bhp

5. Sengottaraayar Malai, Coonoor

The Sengottaraayar Malai near Ooty stands at approximately 1800 metres above sea level and offers picturesque views. The starting point is located 55 minutes (28.6 km) away from The Hosteller Ooty. The trek takes about 3–4 hours from the base point, the village of Sivanmalai, located in the Tiruppur district of Tamil Nadu.

Look out for streams gurgling and cascading waterfalls on the slope. Tea estates on either side are a treat to sore eyes. Envision foggy, emerald green-carpet landscapes that will mesmerise you! From the topmost points on craggy boulders, watch the clouds dance and move around from one mountain ridge to another.

From the peak, you can enjoy a bird's eye view of Coonoor, a beautiful town in Tamil Nadu. If you are planning a trip to Ooty, we highly recommend making a pit stop at Coonoor. This trek is suitable for beginners and travellers of all ages.

Sengottaraayar Malai, Ooty | Credits: Canva

Safety tips for monsoon treks in Ooty

  • Check the weather forecasts well before starting your monsoon trek in Ooty. Avoid going during heavy rainfall with the potential for landslides or flooding.
  • Get yourself a proper trekking gear with trekking shoes that have a nice grip bottom, a rain poncho, an umbrella, a first aid box, and headlamps, as well as some extra sets of dry clothes.
  • Start early and aim to finish treks within daylight hours since descending on wet slopes could prove dangerous after dusk.
  • Do not go alone on hard trails but rather seek local help by hiring experienced guides; exchange emergency contact numbers if accompanying others during such excursions.
  • Avoid moving along high ridges or close to steep slopes while it is raining so as not to get stuck due to the mud being slippery.
  • Maintain high glucose levels by carrying energy snacks during the demanding monsoon treks, and make sure to drink enough water.

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Mesmerising monsoon skies over Ooty's vista | Credits: Canva

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