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All about Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2023

All about Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2023

By Sohini Chaudhary

07 Mar, 2023

Rajasthan, the kingdom of kings and queens, is renowned for its vivid festivals and rich culture. The Maru Mahotsav commonly referred to as the Jaisalmer Desert Festival, is one of Rajasthan's most well-known celebrations. On the sparkling sands of the Thar Desert at the Sam Sand Dunes, 42 kilometres from Jaisalmer, a three-day extravaganza known as the Jaisalmer Winter Festival is held once a year in the winter.

jaisalmer desert festival

Sand art at Jaisalmer Desert Festival (Picture : The India)

Three days in February are typically dedicated to Rajasthan's annual desert festival, which features a range of traditional Rajasthani cultural performances, contests, and activities. Examples of these occasions include camel racing, turban-tying competitions, puppet performances, fire dances, and puppet shows. The Jaisalmer Mela also features a traditional market where shoppers can purchase handicrafts, clothing, and accessories. The native folk music and dances highlight Rajasthan's rich culture and are the main draw.

Why Is This Festival Celebrated?

jaisalmer desert festival

Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2023

The history and legend of the Jaisalmer desert festival are not widely known. According to the scripture, Lord Krishna, the head of the Yadav community, informed Arjuna, one of the Pandavas, that a Yadav would establish his empire on Trikuta Hill. The prophecy stated by Lord Krishna was achieved in the year 1196 when Rawal Jaiswal, a member of the Yadav family, founded his empire in Jaisalmer. The entire kingdom organized festivities as word spread of the fulfilment of the prophecy. Eventually, the populace learned of this. The events quickly turned into a festival that is now held annually. Additionally, the government began promoting the festival as a world-class occasion that would lure tourists to Jaisalmer.

Significance Of This Festival

An expressive approach to enjoying or appreciating Rajasthan's illustrious visual legacy is to attend the Jaisalmer Desert Festival. The festival's attendees have the opportunity to celebrate with their loved ones at the proper times. At the Jaisalmer Desert Festival, all visitors experience Rajasthan's cultural roots in a variety of ways, from regional cuisine to other celebratory activities.

jaisalmer festival

Traditional Art Performances at JDF (Picture : Jaisalmer Desert Festival.org)

Speaking about the importance of the Jaisalmer Desert Festival, its major goal is to present viewers from across the world with the creative side of regal Rajasthan in the best possible way. The Thar Desert's centre is where it all happens—spraying its colours, dancing with the locals, and whirring its heels. Tourists worldwide and local travellers alike experience Rajasthan's rich hues all over the world and local travellers alike experience Rajasthan's rich hues up close and personal in Jaisalmer's folk fusion. 

Highlights of The Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2023

The Desert Festival in Jaisalmer, 2023, has a lot of exciting things in store. Officials from the city and the district collector of Jaisalmer talked about creative ways to advertise the festival. According to reports from the authorities, the main attraction of the 2023 Desert Festival in Jaisalmer would be the presence of various Bollywood singers. The invitation for the air warrior drills has also been given to a senior official of the Indian Air Force.

Visitors participate in the cultural extravaganza as the Jaisalmer Desert Festival 2023 will be the stage for numerous authentic Rajasthani events, such as a camel polo game, a moustache competition, a Ghoomar dance, etc. There will also be a sizable festival complete with camel and Jeep safaris.

jaisalmer desert festival

Ghoomar Dance at the Jaisalmer Desert Festival (Picture : travel and Leisure India)

How To Reach The Festival

By Air: Jodhpur Airport, located around 300 kilometres from Jaisalmer, is the closest airport.

By Train: Jaisalmer has its own railway station and is well-connected to Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, and other significant Indian towns.

By Road: Jaisalmer has good access to the main towns of Rajasthan, including Udaipur, Jodhpur, and Jaipur.

jaisalmer desert festiva;

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