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Must try food in Gokarna and where to find them

Must try food in Gokarna and where to find them

By Suchira Ray

17 Sep, 2023

So you’re saying you have been to Gokarna, and all you had was the fancy continental cuisine or English breakfast? Are you also among those who imagine Gokarna as the pristine beachfront of a supremely aristocratic cafe serving creamy pasta with buns in the fanciest bone china? Well, you’re missing something significant, my friend! This beach town is more than its foreign vibe; the Gokarna food scene is full of local delicacies with vibrant looks and flavors. Come with us and take a deep dive into Gokarna’s gastronomic adventure!

Delicious seafood noodle in Gokarna

Enjoy delicious food with a view! (Picture Source- @theindianfoodblogger)

A feast of Konkani & South Indian Flavor

Patrode, a vegetarian dish in Gokarna, Karnataka

Relish this vegetarian delicacy (Picture Source- Smitha Kalluraya)

Well, it’s no surprise that seafood dominates the Gokarna food option because of its location. We’ll come to that part later. But did you know this place also serves fantastic vegetarian and Vegan Konkani foods? 

Patrode is a vegetarian or vegan dish made from fried or steamed Colocasia leaves stuffed with rice flour, tamarind, spices, and jaggery paste. Start your morning with this flavorful delicacy, along with butter or desi ghee. Another local delicacy, Todadevu, is prepared from Konana Katte Cane juice and almost resembles a Dosa. This is served with warm milk or desi ghee.

If you’re a traditional South Indian food lover, Gokarna got your back too. Try Pai Hotel’s fluffy idlis and crispy vadas served with chutneys and piping hot sambar. Don't forget to accompany your breakfast with a steaming cup of filter coffee, the perfect caffeine fix to kickstart your day. For a South-Indian lunch, you can try the Amrutanna Prasad Bhojan. It’s part of the Mahabaleshwar Swami temple in Gokarna and serves unlimited Rasam-rice-papad and curd rice till noon.

Don’t Let Your Sweet Tooth Go to Waste

Karadantu, a dessert in Gokarna

Satisfy your sweet tooth's cravings! (Picture Source- @kalyanisweetss)

Nurture your sweet tooth with Gokarna’s vast sweet dishes. Gokarna street food is full of deserts from Jalebi to Kheer, Shira to Gulab Jamun. Try kombucha, the fermented tea along with the fried banana buns from the seaside stalls. Gokarna also offers a unique dessert called Karadantu, a delectable treat made with roasted dry fruits, jaggery, and edible gum. This delicacy is found at the local sweet shops near the main market. Each bite of Karadantu is a burst of flavors, combining the richness of nuts and jaggery. Blueberry Bakery and Bangalore Bakery are two famous bakeries. Try lip-smacking pastries and other baked goods from them.

Viva La Street Food!

Spicy Mirchi Bhajjis near Mahabaleshwara Temple, Gokarna

Indulge in spicy mirchi bhajjis (Picture Source- Masalawali)

As you explore the bustling streets of Gokarna, you will come across many street food stalls offering different flavors. Kudle Beach is especially full of beach shacks and local vendors on carts and cycles serving delicious street foods. From freshly cut juicy pineapple to spicy bhel puri and pani puri, matka kulfi to coconut water, you’ll have too many options to explore!  

Try the popular Mirchi Bhaji, a spicy and deep-fried snack made with green chilies stuffed with a gracious amount of potato filling. These fiery delights are perfect for spice enthusiasts and can be found at street food corners near Mahabaleshwara Temple. Pair them with a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade to balance the heat.

Seafood is incredible, but don't eat too much, or you'll walk like a crab!

Seafood in Gokarna, Karnataka

Savor finger-licking prawns (Picture Source- HelloTravel)

And believe me; it could be a scenario when it’s finally time to gorge on Gokarna’s vicious sea foods. From clam curry to prawn masala, squid sukkah to white fish, or simple Konkani Fish curry, the variety of seafood will fill your stomach and heart. IB Road’s Open House Fish Land is there to justify its name. After all, if you don't believe the name, you can always just drop a line and see for yourself! You must try their fish or prawn thali, Surmayi fry, and Masala Tawa Crab. Dolphin Bay Cafe at Om Beach is a pocket-friendly option for finger-licking rawa fried Calamari and prawns served with fries and Salads. Take a heavenly bite into the super crispy fishy delicacies with a sip of chilled beer.

Another famous Gokarna food is White Fish - a white curry made from fishes like tilapia, cod, bass, grouper, snapper, haddock, and catfish. Seafood fried rice with chili fish is another luscious combo to experience the foodgasm in Gokarna . Also, try Squid Sukka, a spicy yet mildly sweet recipe made with coconut and cut pieces of squid. Taste a piece of heaven with a spoonful of squid sukkah with hot steamed rice!

Creamy paste alongside wood-fired bread at Chez Christopher in Gokarna

Relish creamy paste alongside wood-fired bread (Picture Source- @chezchristophegokarna)

Gokarna's food scene is a treasure trove, from delicious seafood thalis to fiery street snacks and heavenly desserts. Not to mention that continental food culture is a big part of the town. Head to Chez Christopher Gokarna to enjoy creamy paste with wood-fired bread in a relaxed ambiance. It is especially famous for French delicacies. The Little Paradise Inn at Kudle Beach also serves a proper English breakfast with a peaceful beach view. So, what are you thinking?! Pack your bags and embark on a food voyage through the vibrant streets of Gokarna. Bon appétit!

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