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Cultural experiences for couples in Rajasthan

Cultural experiences for couples in Rajasthan

By Aquib Nawab

10 Jun, 2024

When you dream about Rajasthan, images of grand Mehrangarh and Amer forts, the vibrant towns like Jaipur and Jodhpur and the mouth-watering smells of tasty curries probably come to your mind.

However, it’s not just for incredible landscapes and architectural masterpieces; there is more to Rajasthan than meets the eye.

For couples who want to immerse themselves into India’s fascinating culture and ancient customs, Rajasthan can be called nothing else but a jewel in the crown.

From the mesmerising desserts of Thar to the blue city of Jodhpur this incredible state offers a carefully selected range of genuine experiences which will enable you both to discover much about local life. From getting involved in vibrant festivals like Gangaur to mastering ancestral arts and crafts together with your spouse, you will be building bridges with culture plus long term memories.

Would you like to go through a captivating journey of Rajasthani rituals and innovative traditions? Let us get to it!

1. Taste the region’s flavours and local culinary traditions

Food loving couples can sign up for interactive cooking classes. Cities like Udaipur or Jaisalmer, have books written on practical training by local chefs on how to cook Laal Maas, Daal Baati Churma, Pyaaz Kachori among other Rajasthani dishes using locally grown fresh ingredients. Chop and taste with traditional homemade recipes while you prepare it!

2. Shop at local markets to awaken your senses

Rajasthan’s local markets such as Johari Bazaar in Jaipur are vibrant, noisy and have strong smells that give couples a quintessential cultural experience.

Hold your beloved’s hand as you walk through the narrow streets full of intoxicating mixtures of spices, bright bandhej textiles shining silver jewellery and heaps of produce overflowing from temporary stalls. Chat and bargain with locals before taking part in lively scenes.

Credits: Canva

3. Savour a ceremonial high tea

In Rajasthan, tea is more than just a drink; it is a cultural experience. Learn to make your own masala chai in one of these royal havelis (Samode Haveli) where brewing this traditional beverage has been practised for over centuries.

While drinking your soothing hot tea little by little, you will be entertained by live performances with elegant classical Rajasthani music and traditional Ghoomar folk dances. It’s like having food for thought through the five senses.

Credits: The Hosteller, Jaipur

4. Experience the enchanting creative arts

Rich artistic traditions including music, dance, puppetry, block printing etc. have kept alive the magnificent heritage of Rajasthan. You can explore them together as a couple.

A. Be at Kalbeliya folk performance

Under the velvet night sky of Thar desert immerse yourself into enchanting traditional folk dance and music performed by Kalbeliya tribe.

Their energetic performances, characterised by colourful costumes and hypnotic spinning movements captivate you and lead you to another world. These rhythmic tunes coupled with clinking foot rings will put both of you under a hypnotic spell.

Credits: The Hosteller

B. Master the skill of leatherwork

Global recognition is given to the intricate embroidered leather and footwear that are made in towns like Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. Experience it yourself by attending a leather workshop where an aged Rajput sewing approach passed down through generations from a seasoned craftsman will be taught to you.

Work side by side on creating a complex handmade souvenir having beautiful designs, which would later become your special piece filled with memories of Rajasthan traditions when it is taken back home.

5. Witness the glorious heritage

One cannot completely tour Rajasthan’s culture without plunging deep into its symbolic historical landmarks, vibrant festivals and unique rural life as partners in crime.

A. Gaze at magnificent forts and palaces

Worldwide, Rajasthan is famous for its large forts, luxuriously ornamented palaces, beautiful havelis and stepwells.

People who visit Mehrangarh Fort and Amer Fort cannot help but marvel at the huge stone walls around them; City Palace has the luxurious inside rooms decorated with gems; Umaid Bhawan Palace comprises spaces painted with colours of gemstones; Patwon ki haveli exhibits intricately carved pillars and arches while Chand Baori stepwell is one of the most interesting things.

The excellent craftsmanship of this area along with history would not be missed.

Credits: The Hosteller

B. Enjoy festive occasions

You should plan a trip to Rajasthan during one of the many festive seasons or community celebrations in order to be fully involved in their culture.

Attend popular events including Pushkar Camel Fair and Gangaur Festival held in Jaipur where you can meet masses of people dressed colourfully; observe bright decorations; taste some mouth-watering festival cuisine both sweet and savoury; see live folk dances together.

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C. Experience village royalty

So much more do you want from a true cultural Rajasthan lifestyle experience?

Visit heritage castles e.g. Devi Garh or Mihir Garh, traditional havelis or village camps where locals still preserve their hyper-local customs. Wake up to peaceful rural sounds, contribute to communal chores such as milking cows or tying mughal turbans and get served home-made meals on silver platters just like real kings! The Hosteller’s heritage property in Jaipur is an excellent choice if truly experiencing Rajasthani royalty is what you are looking for.

Passed through generations with customs, cuisine, festivals and crafts makes Rajasthan a perfect destination for couples looking forward to cultural tours together. Dancing Ghoomar folk dance on colourful floors across the state is one of those things any couple can do.

Or perhaps shopping at buzzing local markets in Udaipur and Jaipur; mastering traditional art forms such as leatherwork; and admiring majestic remnants from Rajputana grandeur- all these will provide endless vivid memories.

Credits: The Hosteller

Tips for couples exploring Rajasthan

If you want to add the kind of clothes worn by locals to your visiting destinations like heritage sites, make sure you carry traditional Indian wear such as lehengas, kurtas and sarees.

It is one of those times when you should not feel shy and instead take part in local festive celebrations like Gangaur where there will be singing and dancing!

  • Respect cultural norms including covering up in forts/palaces; shoes off before entering the heritage sites.
  • Learn a couple of basic hindi phrases to enable you to communicate better with the residents.
  • Carry light bags and expect plenty of sunbathing and crowded walks at places such as Mehrangarh Fort.
  • All that matters is having an open mind; stay curious: rewards are going to rain on you!

Rajasthan provides plenty of activities for couples travelling together, having its fascinating kaleidoscope of grand edifices, tasty food, loud festivals, and dynamic craftsmanship. This is the time to connect and discover more about each other while visiting this magical state.

Don’t forget to try The Hosteller’s heritage stay for a real “In-land” experience. So go ahead and make reservations right away!

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