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5 Facts about Kareri you might not know

5 Facts about Kareri you might not know

By Sohini Chaudhary

16 Mar, 2023

Kareri, an astonishing place which is situated in the Himalayas at an altitude of approx. 2900 meters from sea level. A beautiful unexplored peaceful destination truly for mountain lovers. Kareri receives really less crowd fall compared to other locations in Himachal. Therefore, if you are planning a quiet weekend getaway, Kareri is the place for you and here are some facts about Kareri that you might not know.

Here Are 5 Lesser - Known Facts About Kareri And The Trek Around It:

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1. A Trek To Remember

Kareri lake trek is more stunning than you can imagine in spite of its proximity to the town that has been seeing traffic jams in the summer! A moderately difficult trek, it goes through Kareri village and traverses through the pine forest. The forest gets denser for a while and you might even be able to spot a Blue Magpie or more. The village has a Forest Rest House and a few houses that sell basic amenities.

2. Sunrise And Sunsets To Die For

The lovely sunrises showcase a gorgeous spectrum of sunlight that illuminates the landscape and mountain peaks with luxurious shades of orange, red and golden. You can watch the Kareri Lake shimmer at its glorious best during the night, which is the heavenly treat of this trek. Moonlight casts its silver shine on the mountains against the backdrop of a star-lit sky, how fantastic mother nature is! The various campsites will give you a thousand views to gaze on.


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3. A Church In The Middle Of The Wilderness

St. John’s church in Kareri is a complete treat for the eyes. The neo-gothic architecture and rich European flavour of this church stand out against the backdrop of the beautiful green woodlands and gloomy atmosphere. John the Baptist was honoured by the church that was constructed in 1852. One of the interesting facts about Kareri is that this building's windows and slabs were made of Belgian stained glass. Since this church has a highly distinctive design, you cannot miss it.

4. A Peaceful Day By The Waterfall

If you are visiting during the summer, taking a dip at the Bhagsu waterfall is a great idea. This location, which is close to the village of Bhagsunag, provides the peace and quiet you've been searching for. The Bhagsunag temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is the centre of worshipers' attention, is the location's main draw. The proximity of the waterfall and temple to one another provides the ideal amount of spiritual energy and tranquillity.


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5. A haven For Trek Lovers

Most people recognise Kareri Lake as one of the most breathtaking trekking locations in the Dhauladhar mountains. It also serves as the starting point for treks deep into the Dhauladhar and towards Chamba and Bharmour via the 4,250-meter-high Minkiani Pass and 3,710-meter-high Baleni Pass. A favourite among eccentric travellers, the location that is restorative and peaceful, has a green, small lake as its basis, and is surrounded by wildness.

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