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Fan of the paranormal? Read about the most haunted places in India

Fan of the paranormal? Read about the most haunted places in India

By Ruchi Joshi

16 Mar, 2023

Have you ever felt an odd feeling that someone is watching you, even in the confines of your own bedroom? We don't know if that has anything to do with paranormal stuff but since the season of spookiness is just around the corner, we want to share some interesting stories of hauntings at our favourite travel destinations and the top haunted places in India. Maybe on your next visit, you can go and check for yourself if they are just stories or….. a presence is actually…


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Check Out These Top 6 Haunted Places In India

1. Tunnel No. 33 - Kalka - Shimla Train Route


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Named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kalka - Shimla Railway line has over 880 bridges, 919 turns and 102 tunnels. Among them, Barog Tunnel, considered to be the longest straight tunnel in the railways, is infamous for paranormal sightings. In the year 1898, British railway engineer Colonel Barog was tasked to build this tunnel. Under a strict deadline, Colonel Barog deployed his workers to dig and carve out the mountain on two opposite sides and meet at the centre but it did not work out. Although, due to some miscalculation, Colonel Barog was unable to complete his task and was fined for it. Unable to take the humiliation and failure, Colonel Barog shot himself to end his life. It is believed that his spirit still walks through the tunnel and greets everyone. Locals claim that his presence is not menacing but a warm and friendly one.

2. Dukhani House - Shimla


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Another haunted spot in Shimla is the lavish Dukhani house occupied by British officers back in the day. A British officer, Sir John Smith, stayed at this mansion on one of his visits to Shimla. After enjoying the company of his friend and host, he was ready to go to bed and call it a night. In the middle of the night, he saw a silhouette of someone by the window. To his shock, it was not his friend but an old man wearing a gown wandering in his room. Upon enquiring with the locals he came to know that an old man owned the Dukhani house and shot himself in the same room Mr. Smith was staying in. Additionally, locals claim to have heard weird and disturbing sounds coming from this colonial-era bungalow.

3. Bhangarh Fort - Jaipur


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One of the most popular haunted places in India is the Bhangarh Fort located at a distance of approximately 90 km from Jaipur. According to the legend, a wizard fell in love with the beautiful princess Ratnavati. He tried to trick her into consuming the love potion but instead, she threw it on a nearby rock. The huge rock rolled towards the wizard, causing his death but before dying he cursed the town with destruction. Soon the princess and all other inhabitants were killed and doom landed on the fort. The Archeological Survey of India has put up a signboard that prohibits anyone from entering the fort after sunset and before sunrise. It is said that no one has returned alive after spending a night in the fort.

4. Three Kings Church - Goa


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Who knew our party capital - Goa has its own share of hauntings? Located in South Goa, Three Kings Church is surrounded by natural beauty but locals warn you to not stay there after sunset. As the story goes there were three power-hungry kings who wanted to rule. One day King Holger Alvunger invited the other two kings for a dinner to discuss the issue. After having the poison-mixed meal, the two kings died. The villagers got angry about the foul play. To escape the wrath of the public, the king swallowed poison himself and also met his fate. Later the bodies of all three kings were buried in the church premises. Since then it is called Three Kings Church and locals claim to have heard strange noises coming from the church after sunset. Incidently, it is believed that the unearthly form of the kings still exists at the place.

5. Kuldhara Village - Jaisalmer


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Kuldhara village, located at a distance of approximately 17 km from Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, is popularly known as a ghost village. A minister named Salim Singh of the kingdom fell in love with the daughter of the village head. He threatened the villagers that if they do not get her married to him, all of them will have to pay for the dire consequences. He was considered to be a cruel powerful figure so instead of marrying their daughter to him, the whole village was abandoned by all the villagers in a matter of one night. Before leaving they cursed the land so that no one else could inhabit the village. Neither the whereabouts of the villagers were found nor was the village ever occupied by any other residents. Moreover, locals from the nearby towns warn about the regular paranormal entities and occurrences at Kuldhara.

6. Ramoji Film City - Hyderabad


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One of the biggest film cities in India, Ramoji Film City is built upon a piece of land that was once a battlefield. The Nizams of Hyderabad had participated in many wars and no war ever ended without bloodshed on both sides. It is claimed that the spirits of the soldiers who died on the battlefield, upon which Ramoji Film City is built, are often spotted wandering. The crew members have experienced paranormal activities like someone pushing them when no one is around, lights going off or equipment breaking down. Unexplainable accidents with the crew, etc are regular happenings here. Even some of the top film stars have experienced an invisible presence on the sets and in green rooms. Strange voices and whispers are claimed to be common and regular instances.

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