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How To Plan Your Long Weekends In 2023

How To Plan Your Long Weekends In 2023

By Sohini Chaudhary

07 Mar, 2023

Ohai Travellers, 

Ready to get into 2023 with a spirit of adventure?

It feels like we jumped straight from 2019 to 2023. Seems like time is flying by our very eyes, which makes it all the more important to grab hold of those pristine opportunities (or create them) and travel more this year. A long weekend is a period of time that includes a public holiday that falls on a Friday, Saturday, or Monday mostly. This allows you to have a three or four day weekend, which can be used for leisure, travel, or other activities. Many people look forward to long weekends throughout the year because they provide an opportunity to take a break from work and spend time with friends and family. Some popular activities that people enjoy during long weekends include going on vacations, visiting tourist attractions, and participating in outdoor recreational activities. Make your long weekends in 2023 adventurous and memorable with us.

long weekends in 2023

Planning a trip is hard work. You have to set the dates, convince your friends or parents, apply for leaves, and save up etc. etc. You have to hustle for the rest but planning the right dates is something we can definitely help with. There are about 15 long weekends in 2023 that have come as a blessing, right from the travel heavens. Check the full list below, peppered with some great travel recommendations and hacks. 

So what are you waiting for? Make 2023 your TRAVEL YEAR and let's #getupgo.


january 2023

13 Jan - Friday (Take a leave)

14 Jan - Saturday (Lohri)

15 Jan - Sunday (Pongal & Makar Sankranti)

26 Jan - Thursday (Republic Day) 

27 Jan - Friday (Take a leave)

28 Jan - Saturday 

29 Jan - Sunday 


  1. Skiing in snow-filled Narkanda 
  2. Early morning tea plantation hike in Munnar 
  3. Foggy cycling tour at Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur 

February & March

february, march 2023 plans

17 Feb - Friday (Take a leave)

18 Feb - Saturday (Mahashivratri)  

19 Feb - Sunday 

8 March - Wednesday (Holi)

9 March - Thursday (Take a leave)

10 March - Friday (Take a leave)

11 March - Saturday 

12 March - Sunday 


  1. Getaway with your partner to Coorg 
  2. Join the celebration at the Goa carn ival
  3. Go crazy at the Pushkar Holi festival

April & May

april & may 2023

30 March - Thursday (Ram Navami) 

31 March - Friday (Take a leave)

1 April - Saturday 

2 April - Sunday 

3 April - Monday (Take a leave)

4 April - Mahavir Jayanti 

7 April - Friday (Good Friday)

8 April - Saturday 

9 April - Sunday 

5 May - Friday (Buddha Purnima)

6 May - Saturday

7 May - Sunday 


  1. Explore the wilderness in Jim Corbett 
  2. Learn apple picking in Kufri 
  3. Cafe hop in magical Manali  

June & July

june & july 2023

29 June - Thursday (Bakri Eid)

30 June - Friday (Take a leave) 

1 July - Saturday

2 July - Sunday 


  1. Enjoy Lonavala’s rainy ambience
  2. Celebrate Yoga Day in Rishikesh 
  3. Soak in the heritage in Jodhpur  


august 2023

12 August - Saturday 

13 August - Sunday 

14 August - Monday

15 August - Tuesday (Independence Day)

16 August - Wednesday (Parsi New Year)

29 August - Tuesday (Onam)

30 August - Wednesday (Raksha Bandhan)

31 August - Thursday (Take a leave)

1 Sept - Friday (Take a leave)

2 Sept - Saturday 

3 Sept - Sunday 


  1. Discover the villages near Kasol 
  2. Chill near the lake in Udaipur 
  3. Find hidden trails in Ramgarh  


september 2023

7 Sept - Thursday (Janmashtami)

8 Sept - Friday (Take a leave)

9 Sept - Saturday

10 Sept - Sunday 

16 Sept - Saturday 

17 Sept - Sunday 

18 Sept - Monday (Take a leave)

19 Sept - Tuesday

29 Sept - Friday (Take a leave)

30 Sept - Saturday

1 Oct - Sunday

2 Oct - Monday (Gandhi Jayanti)


  1. Enjoy the season of paragliding in Bir 
  2. Meditate on the ridge in Kasar Devi 
  3. Trek up to the Kareri Lake  


october 2023

21 Oct - Saturday

22 Oct - Sunday 

23 Oct - Monday (Take a leave)

24 Oct - Tuesday (Dusshera)


  1. Take a quick trip to Agra 
  2. Study the Tibetan culture in Mcleodganj 
  3. Run in Ooty’s tea estates


november 2023

10 Nov - Friday (Take a leave)

11 Nov - Saturday 

12 Nov - Sunday (Diwali)

25 Nov - Saturday

26 Nov - Sunday

27 Nov - Monday (Guru Nanak Jayanti)


  1. Staycation in the offbeat Bandal, Tirthan Valley 
  2. Go peak-watching in Mukteshwar 
  3. Go shopping crazy in Mall Road, Mussoorie  


december 2023

23 Dec - Saturday 

24 Dec - Sunday 

25 Dec - Monday (Christmas)


  1. Have a snowball fight in Shimla 
  2. Drive amidst the lush forests in Coorg 
  3. Party all night in Delhi   

Long weekends are a great opportunity to relax, have fun, and explore new places. They allow you to take a break away from the monotony of your daily routines and indulge in activities that you enjoy. This year, make the most of your long weekends by taking the time to plan exciting adventures and make lasting memories. Whether you want to try hiking, visit a new city, or try a new activity, there are endless possibilities for fun and exploration. So go ahead and enjoy your long weekends in 2023 to the fullest – you deserve it!

Explore your favourite destinations this year and rest assured, and plan your long weekends in 2023 with your friendly neighbourhood backpacker hostel is here to host you in over 40+ locations. More coming this year!

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