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Indulging in the Aroma - Kasol's Best Coffee Shops and Tea Rooms

Indulging in the Aroma - Kasol's Best Coffee Shops and Tea Rooms

By Akansha

07 Mar, 2023

Hippie atmosphere, trance music, a carefree attitude, and a population only interested in the "good life." In fact, Kasol is heaven for everyone, especially foodies. Because the coffee shops in Kasol offer a scintillating hippy experience that is unique to India, they also serve amazing coffee and tea. The best cafes in this hippie haven of Himachal, which is crowded with foreign tourists, must be visited. So, if you're looking for some fantastic coffee or tea, here are our top 10 recommendations for you to check out.

cafes in kasol

Scenic beauty of Kasol

1. Buddha Place

Follow the Buddha when you are in Kasol, and you won't be let down! One of the nicest venues for people who want to enjoy a hot drink or some food with a view is this one - a charming cafe near the Parvati River in Kasol. Although there is a relatively small menu, you come here for the atmosphere and café food. Try their banana Nutella crepe with a cup of their famous coffee. Absolutely worth the time and view!

Cost for two: INR 600

Buddha cafe in Kasol

Buddha Palace (Picture Source - Trip Advisor)

2. Moon Dance Cafe 

The best cafe in Kasol is arguably Moon Dance Cafe. It features lovely, artsy decor, top-notch service, and delicious food. Although this one is a little more expensive, the experience is definitely worth it. The trance-like atmosphere here nicely complements its hazy vibe. a great spot to sample different teas and pastries!

Cost for two: INR 650

moon dance cafe in kasol

Moon Dance Cafe (Picture Source - Trip Advisor)

3. Jim Morrison Cafe 

Jim Morrison Cafe, one of the top cafes in Kasol, has a variety of amenities, including a beautiful view, great music, delicious food, and board games. A short hike is needed to get to the cafe, but once you taste the coffee, it is all worthwhile. The menu's must-try items are the cold coffee, waffles, and finger foods.

Cost for two: INR 800

jim morisson cafe in kasol

Jim Morrison Cafe (Picture Source - Connecting Traveller)

4. Evergreen Cafe

One of the oldest and most well-known places to go for great meals or even an evening cup of coffee or tea in Kasol is the Evergreen Cafe. One of the nicest cafes in Kasol, it boasts a surreal atmosphere, amazing trance music, and alternatives for indoor and outdoor dining. Their spaghetti, cappuccino, and elaichi chai are all must-tries.

Cost for two: INR 700

evergreen cafe in kasol.

Evergreen Cafe (Picture Source - Connecting Traveller)

5. Freedom Cafeteria 

One of the few cafes in Kasol that continues to operate after everyone else has gone to bed is Freedom Cafe. You must have breakfast since it is famous for its masala chai and coffee. This cafe has a reputation for providing a top-notch dining experience, featuring a blend of serene and hallucinogenic music.

Cost for two: INR 600

freedom cafe in kasol

Freedom Cafeteria (Picture Source - Travel Triangle)

6. Caffe’9 

Kasol is a good place to talk to yourself, and Caffe'9 in Chalal is the finest place to do it. You arrive at a posh little cafe that screams comfort after hiking and travelling through some rough roads. Enjoy the tranquil ambience of this cafe while sitting by the fireplace and reflecting on your life. Try their infusion or honey lemon tea sometime!

Cost for two: INR 600

caffee 9 kasol

Caffe 9 (Picture Source - Travel Triangle)

7. Mari Vanna

Try Mari Vanna sitting in Katagal if you're seeking a unique place to satisfy your hunger in Kasol. This cafe is sure to send one on a culinary roller coaster with its world-class menu that satisfies your needs for all the "desi food." An experience that you won't soon forget is provided by the wooden furnishings, jungle views, ground seating, and the sizzling hot paranthas with a cup of chai. The calming music that is playing here is the icing on the cake, too!

Cost for two: INR 900

mari vanna cafe

Mari Vanna (Picture Source - Crazy Masala Food)

8. Riverview Cafe

Just picture yourself enjoying a dinner when a powerful river is gushing clean water against the rocks. This perspective is specifically provided by Riverview Cafe, which also raises the bar for the typical culinary scene. This café in Kasol offers a menu with delectable short nibbles in addition to wonderful rich feasts, so it can satisfy every taste or desire. In a relatively short time, this cafe has managed to become well-known for all the right reasons. Come to this café for a hot americano or to enjoy their delectable cold coffee and great continental breakfast.

Cost for two: INR 1000

riverview cafe in kasol

Riverview Cafe (Picture Source - Just Dial)

9. The Art Cafe 

Kasol is a colourful and energetic place because of the bohemian spirits that permeate every crevice. These feelings and the term are justified by The Art Cafe. For all of the artists out there, this cafe is literally paradise on earth. The experience of eating in this restaurant is simply wonderful because of the vibrant graffiti art, the lovely coloured lights, and the cozy ambiance. This cafe, which draws younger customers, is thrilling in and of itself. You may definitely try the unique flavour of "Pahadon ki Maggie" here.

Cost for two: INR 700

art cafe kasol

Art Cafe (Picture Source - Tripills)

10. Pink Floyd Cafe 

The Pink Floyd Cafe should definitely be visited by foodies who don't mind exerting a little effort and excitement to enjoy some of the tastiest meals they have ever tasted. After making a short ascent up the hill, you may reach this cafe in Tosh. The cafe boasts large glass windows, oak panelled doors, and some of the most bizarre vistas anyone has ever seen. The menu's abundance of vegetarian options is this restaurant's biggest feature.

Cost for two: INR 500

pink floyd cafe

Pink Floyd Cafe (Picture Source - Trip Advisor)

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