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10 Reasons why Kasol is the perfect pre-winter getaway

10 Reasons why Kasol is the perfect pre-winter getaway

By Ruchi Joshi

26 Mar, 2023

"Tum pehle bhi itni khoobsurat thi ya waqt ne kiya koi haseen sitam?"

This is the mantra you’ll keep repeating after you visit Kasol during the pre-winter months. Quite offbeat till a decade or so ago, today Kasol has become a hub for backpackers and travellers from all over the world. Although it is a stunning location that is glorious all year round,  Kasol definitely puts on the charm pre-winter. Want to know why you should make it your next pre-winter getaway? Read on to find out. 


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Here Are 10 Reasons That Make Kasol The Best Pre-Winter Getaway -

1. Perfect Weather


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As the rain recedes and autumn arrives, nature doubles up in greenery and wonderful views. The best time to visit Kasol is a fter the monsoon and before winters , which is September - November. The average temperature during these months ranges from 20°C to 9°C. Not too warm or cold, Kasol becomes the perfect pre-winter getaway. Whether you are a backpacker, a couple planning a romantic getaway or a group of friends going on a fun vacation, Kasol will not disappoint you during the pre-winter season. Enjoy the best views without the worry of extreme weather conditions during this time.

2. Lace Up Your Shoes

trek in kasol

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Situated on the banks of river Parvati, Kasol serves as a base for some of the best treks in the region. One of them is the popular Kheerganga trek with beautiful waterfalls, a photogenic view of the valley and scintillating hot water springs. Since pre-winter weather is pleasant and comfortable, the trek becomes even more joyous. Another beginner-friendly trek is the Sar Pass trek. It offers you an exploration of nature, the nearby villages, epic and exhilarating views and so much more. For experienced and seasoned trekkers, the Pin Parvati Valley trek is the most thrilling experience with breathtaking scenic views. It is recommended to carry trekking shoes and all the necessary lomg trek equipment during this trek. Through all the peril and hardships, you will definitely be rewarded with a lot of adventure as you complete this epic trek.

3. Instagramable View

beautiful view in kasol

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Whether or not you opt for a trekking expedition, you will enjoy some of the most mesmerizing views in Kasol. As it is nestled between mountains and home to sparkling rivers, Kasol offers you the perfect Instagram aesthetic. Forest, streams, meadows and many other wonders of nature will make it difficult for you to not bring out your camera every few minutes. Be it just gazing at the clouds passing by or listening to the breeze whistling through the woods, a treat for your senses, Kasol is filled with little moments that will bring you peace. From the glorious sunsets to the colourful skies, enjoy views that you won’t find anywhere else. Though a great location throughout the year, the beauty of Kasol becomes a thousandfold enriched during the pre winter.

4. Foodilicious Surprise

food in kasol

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Every year Kasol attracts a huge number of Israeli tourists. Due to this, it is popularly known as the 'mini Israel of India' and rightly so! When in Kasol, you will get a chance to explore authentic Israeli food items right here in India. With a number of charming cafes owned by Israelis, gorge on the delicacies as they bring the original taste and flavour into this small village of India. These cafes will give you a warm welcome and offer delicious dishes like hummus, pita bread, chicken shipudim, shakshuka, lafa and many others. The cafe culture in Kasol is quite hip and flourishing. You can also dig into the famous Tibetan thukpa, momos, tudkiya bhath, dham etc. Let your taste buds have a party during your pre-winter Kasol getaway.

5. Some Time For Devotion

religious place in kasol

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Kasol is one of the hippie towns in India with tourists coming from across the world. A lesser-known fact about this enigmatic location is that it is also a hub for spirituality. Just a few kilometres away from Kasol is a small village called Manikaran. Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara is considered pious and auspicious and is a must-visit to experience peace and calm, helping you connect to your spiritual side. There is also a very famous Shiva temple that you can visit and seek blessings. Want to try out the age-old methods where the elements of nature were considered deities? Simply sit in nature and meditate to reconnect with yourself and closer to the holy spirit. An escape from the routine, Kasol provides the opportunity to introspect and rediscover yourself. After all, isn’t that what travel is all about?

6. Tent Tana Tent Tent Tent Tara

under stars in kasol

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Imagine falling asleep under the blanket of millions of stars and waking up to the gurgling river and sweet chirping of birds. All of this can come true when you camp near Kasol. Whether you're on a thrilling trekking expedition or just want to take a deep long breath in the wild, you can experience one of the most memorable adventures when you go camping during your pre-winter getaway. With verdant forests surrounding you, strong winds around you and the endless sky above you - be a part of nature and shed away all the luxuries. Give minimalistic living a chance to surprise you. When it gets a bit chilly, sit by the bonfire and jam to your favourite songs with fellow travellers. The stories that are shared will often change your perspective about a lot of things.

7. Time For A Detour  

surroundings in kasol

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From Tosh to Malana to Chalal to Pulga, Kasol is surrounded by quaint little hamlets within a distance of just a few kilometres. You can travel to these villages and explore their diverse landscapes. Stunning views, rich flora and fauna and warm locals make them truly a slice of heaven on earth. You will be amazed by how serene and untouched by urban cacophony these places are. The sounds that you rarely hear in cities will greet you on a daily basis here. Each of these villages has its own special qualities and you will end up falling in love with the simple living that you'll experience. Living in nature will surely show its many benefits as you will feel the stress leave, giving you a chance to welcome the positive vibes that are found in abundance here.

8. Trance Pe Dance

enjoyment in kasol

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Have you ever partied around a bonfire as the gurgling sound of the stream serves as the perfect background music? Known for its hip party culture, Kasol offers a chill vibe to all party lovers. Bring out your fun side as you spend time dancing, singing or simply interacting with other fellow gatherers. If you are looking to rediscover yourself, there is no place like Kasol - an ideal pre-winter getaway. The whole carnival-like atmosphere during season time is welcoming and the crazy party games will win you over in no time. Similarly, Kasol is also known for the many cultural festivals that introduce you to the rich history of the location. From flea markets to jamming sessions, enjoy a laid-back escape as you let go of all inhibitions and give yourself a chance to explore new perspectives.

9. Take A Dip

spiritiuality in kasol

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This Amsterdam of India is quite famous for its hot water springs. During winters the mountains around are clad in white and the landscape is covered in snow but these springs are bubbling with hot water throughout the year. The one in Manikaran has high content of elements with healing properties. It is believed that it helps cure skin ailments, arthritis and muscular pain. There is also a legend that Shivji and Parvatiji used to reside here due to which the land is considered pious. If you are looking to refresh and rejuvenate during your pre-winter getaway, what's better than a natural hot water spa, right?

10. Stop For Shoppers

shopping in kasol

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What's a trip without some shopping, right? Here's how you can make the most of your shopping spree during your pre-winter getaway to Kasol. The handicrafts and traditional handmade items are to die for. You can also get colourful Himachali caps from the many flea markets in Kasol. They are warm and beautiful to wear, making them the ideal pre-winter purchase. Are you a fan of dream catchers? Aesthetic and cute, these are an amazing addition to your home decor. You can get dream catchers of every size, shape, colour and design here. Since Kasol experiences extreme temperatures in winter, the woollen clothes and blankets are quite warm and at great affordable prices. Get ready for the cold with these top-quality yet budget-friendly items from Kasol during your pre-winter getaway.

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