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All you need to know about the Marwar Festival of Jodhpur

All you need to know about the Marwar Festival of Jodhpur

By Anushree Anantharaman

23 Aug, 2023

A land brimming with rich history, culture and tradition – Rajasthan is one of the most-loved travel destinations of people across the globe. One such gem of Rajasthan is Jodhpur.

This city, also known as Marwar, celebrates an array of festivals and historical and mythological events. But the most exciting festival in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, is the popular Marwar Festival, which happens in October annually. Marwar festival commemorates the gallant heroes of the history of Marwar through the folk music and traditional dance of the Marwar region. In this blog, we provide all the essential details to make your planning easier.

Know All About The Marwar Festival Of Jodhpur

When Is Marwar Festival Celebrated?  

Celebrated in the month of Ashwin (as per the Hindu calendar, which usually falls between September and October), the Marwar Festival is a two-day long festival. Due to the variations in the Hindu calendar, the festival dates keep fluctuating. This year, the festival commences on 27th October 2023. 

marwar festival in jodhpur

The puppeteers perform at the Jodhpur Marwar Festival (Picture Source- Getty Images) 

The aim of the Marwar festival is to celebrate the heroes and warriors of the land. The warriors who have laid down their lives in wars while protecting the honour of their homeland are immortalised in the songs and poems written in praise of their bravery. The dance performances depict scenes from the lives of the kings and warriors. Every year, this festival attracts tourists from different corners of India and the world.  

marwar festival in jodhpur

Immerse yourself in the Marwari culture (Picture Source - Getty Images)

Where is the Marwar festival celebrated?

Marwar festival celebrated in Mehrangarh fort, Jodhpur

Marwar festival that celebrates heroism of rajputs (Picture Source- Indian Holiday Pvt. Ltd.)

The Marwar Festival is held at famous venues like the Umaid Bhawan Palace and Mehrangarh Fort. These two venues transform into a vast stage where folk dances are performed.

Did you know? The Marwar Festival is not only celebrated in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, but is also celebrated with great enthusiasm at Mandore, located just 8 kilometres from the outskirts of Jodhpur. Mandore is a place of great historical significance and was traditionally the capital of Marwar. Mandore’s most important feature is the Hall of Heroes, where sixteen huge figures carved out of a single rock depicting famous Hindu and folk deities stand in bright colours and are very majestic.

How Is Marwar Festival Celebrated?

dance performance in Marwar festival, Jodhpur

Witness the gorgeous ladies performing the Ghoomar dance at the Jodhpur Marwar Festival (Picture Source- Pinterest)

Let's take a closer look at the captivating traditional dance forms that take centre stage during this event. The primary forms of dance popularly performed at the festival include Dandi Gair, the folk dance of the Bhil tribe of Rajasthan. The Kalbelias, the nomadic tribe some of whom are snake charmers by profession, exhibit dance performances dressed in all-black lehengas and cholis with traditional 'gotta patti' work on them.

Ghoomar, one of the most famous folk dances of Rajasthan, involves spinning in circles and is a treat to the eye. Adorned in beautiful 'ghagras' with a full flare, dolled up in colourful bangles that cover at least half their arms and other traditional jewellery, the ladies look gorgeous!

camel tattoo show in Marwar festival, Jodhpur

Camel tattoo artists showcase their skills at the Jodhpur Marwar Festival (Picture Source- Media India Group)

Apart from the dance and music, the festival is filled with fantastic competitions like–who is the fastest person on a horse carriage or can balance a pile of pots on their head. It could be one for you to take part in.

Other fun activities include a Camel Tattoo Show which is an exhibition of intricate tattoos that adorn the local camels and depict stories and symbols from the local folklore, horse riding, magic shows, puppet shows and horse polo. The winners are awarded grand prizes, too.

What To Do At Marwar Festival?

street food in Jodhpur

Savour delicious street food in Jodhpur (Picture Source- Indian Excursions Co)

During your stay, immerse yourself in the Marwari culture like never before. Gorge on Marwari delicacies–savoury snacks like dal kachori and Mirchi Vada tantalise taste buds, while mithai (sweets) such as Ghewar and Malpua add a sweet finale. These culinary treasures reflect Marwar's rich culinary heritage, leaving festival-goers craving for more.

Colourful artifacts in Jodhpur shops

Shop for artistic and beautiful souvenirs (Picture Source- Reddit)

Fill your bags with artistic and beautiful souvenirs. Need help deciding what to buy? Get your hands on bandhani tie-dye dupattas and turbans, traditional jewellery, Mojdis and stunning handicrafts and artefacts.

Colourful large turbans that are customary to men's attire in Rajasthan are an important cultural icon for the people of the state and an integral part of their rich history and livelihood, given the harsh climate. We highly recommend wearing a turban and adding a playful fake moustache if you're in the mood for a little extra fun!

How To Reach Jodhpur For Marwar Festival?

marwar festival in jodhpur

Picture - Getty Images

Travelling to Jodhpur, Rajasthan, is relatively easy as it is well-connected through air, railway and roads with all the major cities in India and internationally.

By air:

Jodhpur airport is situated about 5 km from the city centre. The Civil Airport Jodhpur has direct flights flying in from and out to New Delhi and Mumbai. The Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi is the nearest international airport from Jodhpur

By road:

The city of Jodhpur is well connected with the major domestic states by state and national highways. The state buses provide a decent service to the visitors. One can also opt for a deluxe bus or taxi to reach the destination.

By train:

Travelling by train is undoubtedly the cheapest and most affordable option for commuting till Jodhpur. Jodhpur airport is situated about 5 km from the city centre. Trains from Jodhpur run to Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata.

The Hosteller, Jodhpur

The Hosteller, Jodhpur

Once there, we recommend staying in a hostel to save up on accommodation/ It’s not only better for your pocket, but it also gives you the chance to splurge more on shopping!

With a mesmerising view of the Mehrangarh Fort, The Hosteller Jodhpur is worth visiting during your trip. Mainly to make new friends, exchange travel stories and take more than souvenirs home. How? Book yourself a dorm or a private room (whatever you prefer, we got you!) at The Hosteller Jodhpur. 

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