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The perfect 3 day Mcleodganj itinerary for a quick trip

The perfect 3 day Mcleodganj itinerary for a quick trip

By Akansha

26 Mar, 2023

McleodGanj is one of the most popular getaway destinations for mountain lovers. Known as 'Little Lhasa', it is located in the Kangra district and boasts of a lively Tibetan culture. Dotted with nature's wonders right from gushing waterfalls to calm monasteries, McleodGanj is a paradise for backpackers. If you're looking for a place to enjoy a relaxing stay, McleodGanj for you. Here is a McleodGanj itinerary to help you plan your trip better.

Read This 3-Day Itinerary To Enjoy Mcleodganj To The Fullest - 


How To Reach McleodGanj 

By Air: 

Kangra Airport is located in Gaggal, about 12 km from Dharamshala. This airport is however regional and serves only certain flights and timings. So if you want to fly in, do some research about the flights that land here and maybe you can find one to your suiting. 

By Train: 

Pathankot Station is about 90 km from Mcleodganj and is the closest one to it. From the station, you can find buses and cabs to take you to Mcleodganj easily. This route is very common and you will find plenty of trains to reach Pathankot from any major train station around the country. 

By Bus: 

This is the easiest and most common way to reach Mcleodganj. There are  Government-owned as well as private buses that ply from Delhi, Chandigarh etc. You can get off at the Mcleodganj bus stand and move onward in a cab. 

By Car: 

If you have a car to rent or your own private vehicle, then there is no problem. Simply take the NH1 via Delhi and you will be in Mcleodganj in about 10-12 hours. 


waterfall in mcleodganj

Picture - Unsplash 

St. John’s Church 

Start your day as you head over to St. John’s church in the wilderness. The road leading up to the church is quiet and full of lush green trees. Spend some time in the wilderness and head back over to the main market. Going to and coming back from the church will be a really long walk, so you can opt for local taxis or autos. Autos are cheaper obviously, both autos and taxis have fixed rates.

Bhagsu Falls 

Once you are back in the main market, head towards Bhagsu falls and take in the beauty of the Bhagsu village. It is vast and goes on way beyond what the eyes can see. While in Bhagsu, you can choose to have lunch in any of the cafés lining the streets, or also on the way to the falls. The Bhagsu Falls is a gorgeous waterfall that cascades into a rocky pool. It is a beautiful sight to behold.

Shiva Café 

Shiva Café is one of the most popular cafes around here, however, it is quite a way up from Bhagsu falls. The view from this café is to die for though! It is a good option to spend your time at. When you head back down, check out the boho shops selling trinkets and clothes and pick some up for the return journey. One of the things that you definitely must try is the Bhagsu cake at German Bakery! Dhompatsang is a shop you must visit, you will find OG Tibetan incenses, essential oils, and other authentic Tibetan knick knacks at very reasonable prices.

Dalai Lama’s Temple 

Once you’re done with the Bhagsu village, explore the main market area of Mcleodganj and of course visit the Dalai Lama’s temple! There is unusual calm and peace inside this temple, and you would not want to leave. Here, you’ll find people practising yoga, chanting, and meditating. End your day with a meal at Café Illiterati. It is a beautiful café with a kickass view and equally good food. Also, say hello to their in-house dogs.

DAY 2  

trek in mcleodganj

Picture - Unsplash 

Triund Trek 

Wake up early, fill up on breakfast and gear up for the Triund trek! There are two options you can take - either take a ride to the Himalayan tea shop which is the starting point of Dharamkot village or take a taxi up to Gallu Devi temple. We would suggest the former because the trail from Dharamkot village to Gallu Devi temple is simply beautiful! Take the longer route used by taxis to trek up, as it scores 100 on the “views to die for” scale. In case you want to skip all the planning, join our specially-curated Triund Trek and say yes to new adventures.

It will take you anywhere between 3-5 hours to reach the Triund top depending on your speed. The trek path is lined with rhododendron trees, and you will often catch goats grazing around. The last 1-2 km of the trek are the most challenging as the gradient becomes steep. But once you reach the top, you’ll be at a loss for words (not because you’re panting and out of breath).

Camp At Triund

The Dhauladhars are up close, the air is clean, the view is mesmerising, and there you are, a tiny little human just trying to take it all in. Breathtaking and majestic. Camp out the night here, because nights on the Triund top are a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Your McleodGanj itinerary is incomplete without this location.

Don’t forget to carry your water, at least 2 bottles, which you can refill at Gallu. You can buy water at the cafés on the Triund trail as well, but make sure your litter remains in your bag and is emptied only in a dustbin. Waste Warriors, an NGO, cleans up the trail on a weekly basis. You will even catch some of their posters and installation art in and around McleodGanj.


sceneryin waterfall in mcleodganj

Picture - Unsplash

Naddi Village 

If you chose not to spend the night at Triund then you can have a late start today by 11 am and opt to go to Naddi village which is known for its wonderful views! If you did spend the night at Triund and have the energy to move around, you can opt for this exciting day-out plan. However, if you want this day to be chill, spend your day and lunch at our cafe in The Hosteller.  


Say goodbye to Mcleodganj by 2-3 pm and head over to Dharamshala to witness the most beautiful cricket stadium you’ll ever see in your entire life! The HPCA Stadium in Dharamshala is a field of green backdropped by the snow-capped Himalayan mountains - definitely a sight that should not be missed! This is a great place to take photos so click away so don't miss out on it while preparing your McleodGanj itinerary.

You can also choose to explore the Dharamshala tea gardens, famous for the Kangri Tea. You can get local tea brews to carry back home for your family and friends. Catch your Dharamshala-Delhi bus and bid the beautiful Dhauladhars one final goodbye, until next time.

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