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6 Water sports to try at Naukuchiatal Lake

6 Water sports to try at Naukuchiatal Lake

By Ruchi Joshi

26 Mar, 2023

Straight from the mystics of mythology comes the alluring and beautiful lake in Naukuchiatal, which translates to 'lake of nine corners'. It is an offbeat travel destination in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. According to Hindu mythology, Brahma created this huge lake (now known as Naukuchiatal Lake) after a deep and vigorous penance. It is believed that if someone is able to view all the nine corners of the lake at once with their feet on earth, they will reach the state of nirvana and dissolve into smoke at once. We don't know how true it is but wouldn't it be just the best to actually view all the nine corners of the Naukuchiatal Lake at once? For that reason enough you must take a visit to Naukuchiatal. It is just a few kilometres away from the famous hill station Nainital.

Naukuchiatal Lake

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Let us tell you some interesting facts about the lake before we head off and reveal all the amazing things you can do at this beautiful location. Naukuchiatal Lake is con sidered to be one of the deepest and the largest lakes in and around Nainital with a length of 983 metres, a breadth of 693 metres and a depth of about 40.3 metres. It is surrounded by the ever-resilient and majestic Himalayan ranges. Adorned with an abundance of natural beauty, this lake boasts of holding everyone's interest with a bunch of exciting and thrilling activities. Do you want to know which one?

Here Are 6 Fun Activities You Can Try At Naukuchiatal Lake - 

1. Paragliding

paragliding in Naukuchiatal Lake

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By the azure blue waters of the Naukuchiatal Lake and the lush green mountains, you can experience the thrill of paragliding. "100-200 zyada le le par paragliding karva de" is definitely going to be your dialogue when you see others flying amidst the sheer beauty of the place. You must grab the chance and indulge in this experience.

2. Boating

boating in Naukuchiatal Lake

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It's a lake, come on, who wouldn't want to sit on a boat and take a ride exploring different views and landscapes around? Boating is for sure one of the best activities at Naukuchiatal Lake. It is quite popular among tourists here. Just a few bucks would be enough for this amazing experience.

3. Walking

walking in Naukuchiatal Lake\

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As you know that Naukuchiatal Lake has nine corners, it is bound to be a huge lake but what's better than taking a walk on the periphery of the lake at the time of sunset with a loved one alongside? You might not be able to cover the whole lake on foot but you must definitely give it a try. It is a peaceful experience plus it'll help you reach your 10k steps for the day.

4. Cycling

cycling at Naukuchiatal Lake

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Just as walks along the lakeside are calming and relaxing, so would be a cycle ride exploring the backdrop of the lake. A fun and exciting activity if you'd like to try something offbeat. At least with cycles, the whole lake would get easier to cover.

5. Kayaking

kayaking in Naukuchiatal Lake

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Kayaking at Naukuchiatal Lake is garnering the attention of travellers from all across the globe in recent times. You can rent a kayak at the lake for a few hundred bucks and set on an expedition to explore it by yourself. It is definitely a fun experience of a lifetime that you must not miss.

6. Trekking

trekking in Naukuchiatal Lake

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As we told you that Naukuchiatal Lake is surrounded by the Himalayan mountain ranges, you can set out on a trekking adventure and get a bit of an aerial view of the lake. The trek would be full of lush greenery and you might also spot some beautiful wildlife. It is so worth it.

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