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Ramgarh, Uttarakhand - All You Need To Know

Ramgarh, Uttarakhand - All You Need To Know

By Ruchi Joshi

15 Mar, 2023

Do you feel like leaving everything and running away to the mountains? Here’s the perfect location to escape to. Also known as the fruit bowl of India, Ramgarh is located in Kumaon region of Uttarakhand at an approximate height of 1,789 meters above sea level. It is nestled in the evergreen terrains and dense forestry with the backdrop of majestic Himalayan range. Doesn’t it sound like the heaven you keep dreaming about?

Let Us Plan Your Odyssey To And Around Ramgarh In Uttarakhand With All The Necessary Information Right Here And Handy.


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How To Reach: 

By Air:  

The nearest airport is Pantnagar Airport. It is located at a distance of approximately 80 kms. Once you get down at the airport you can opt for either taxi or bus to take you to Ramgarh. It should take you approximately 2.5 to 3 hours from the airport to Ramgarh.

By Train: 

Kathgodam Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Ramgarh. It is located at a distance of approximately 45 kms. You can easily avail a cab or local bus to take you to your destination. It should take you approximately 1.5 to 2 hours from the station to reach Ramgarh.

By Bus: 

Well connected through the public bus network, you can get a bus to Ramgarh from all the major cities of Kumaon and northern towns. You will not have a problem finding a bus.

By Road:

The route to Ramgarh depends on the location you are travelling from. If you are travelling from Delhi, you have to take NH24 to Rampur and then switch over to NH87 to reach Kathgodam. Make sure you take the state road to Ramgarh, via Bhimtal and Bhowali.

Places To Visit:

places to visit

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Mahadevi Verma Museum

The residence of eminent Hindi poetess Mahadevi Verma (1907-1987) located in Ramgarh has been developed as a museum – cum – library to commemorate her life and works. It is a quaint cottage surrounded by beautiful nature. With the aesthetic of bygone days, manoeuvring through the pages of art by Mahadevi Verma and other established Indian poets is an experience in itself. The peaceful and calming vibes are a plus point.

Tagore Top

Did you know that part of the Nobel Prize for Literature-winning collection of poems 'Gitanjali' was penned right here in Ramgarh? Well, it is true. With just a 5 km trek you can reach the house of Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore where he resided in the early 1900s. The view from Tagore Top is as mesmerizing as ‘Gitanjali’ and so we urge you to visit it even though his cottage stands in ruins at present.

Fruit Orchards

Do not miss out on a visit to the fruit orchards of the ‘Fruit Bowl of Kumaon’. Grab the opportunity to learn and see some exotic fruits grown here. The experience in itself is quite enriching and tranquillizing as you take a walk between the produce. Even get the chance to take a bite and relish nature in all its glory.

Things To Do:

things to do

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Ramgarh offers you some interesting trails as you take the road less travelled and explore the place in a real sense. Refreshing as it is to tie your laces and explore the unexplored, make sure you maintain the sanctity of the place and do not litter this beautiful heaven.

Nature Walks

It is simply irresistible to wander off in the quiet and yet melodious forests of Ramgarh. You can practice yoga and meditation, find much-needed peace, and calm your thoughts and heartbeats as you give yourself up to the greenery and nature.

Bird Watching

Pangot (approximately 45 km from Ramgarh) is known to have around 2000 types of species of birds including some rare migratory birds. You can expect to see Woodpeckers, Mynahs, Pipits, Red and Wilderness Fowls, Indian Peafowl, Blue Whistling Thrushes, etc. It is definitely heaven for anyone who has an innate interest in birds and zoology.

Seasonal Weather:

seasonal weather

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In the months of March to June, Ramgarh experiences temperatures ranging from 15° C - 30° C. It is comparatively cooler than the rest of India. You can feel the cool breeze even in the summer.


July to September are the monsoon months and you will find the temperature anything between 12° C - 25° C. The region receives medium rainfall leaving the greenery even more flourishing and the atmosphere a lot more pleasant.


In the months from October to February, you can experience temperatures ranging from 10° C - 0° C. It is quite an extreme weather condition but hey, what are all those warm clothes for?

Best Time To Visit:

If you are tired from the extreme heat and want to feel some cool breeze then Ramgarh is the perfect location to cool off in summer. For budget travellers and the ones whose excitement knows no bounds when they see the rich and flourishing wildlife then monsoon is probably the best time for you. For the ultimate trip in seclusion and in your own company, you should take the chance in winter.

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