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7 Reasons To Visit Shoja - A Lush Paradise In Seraj Valley

7 Reasons To Visit Shoja - A Lush Paradise In   Seraj Valley

By Ruchi Joshi

28 Mar, 2023

An offbeat location in Himachal Pradesh, there are many reasons to visit Shoja. It offers scintillating views and a serene vibe that contrasts with the chaotic city life we experience daily. A hidden hamlet in Seraj Valley, this hilly beauty has amazing trekking experiences lying in wait; like the famous Jalori Pass and the mystical Serolsar Lake. Along with that, it is also a haven for bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts. Due to its soft slopes, all around conifers, friendly locals and great weather, this beautiful location is undoubtedly a must-visit for backpackers. 


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Here Are 7 Solid Reasons To Visit Shoja

1. The Love Child Of Shimla And Kullu

shimla and kullu

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Shimla and Kullu are one of the most visited destinations in Himachal Pradesh. Equidistant from these popular destinations, Shoja is a small town that is an underrated gem waiting to be explored. While in Shoja, you can definitely visit the popular nearby destinations like (Shimla and Kullu of course) Jalori Pass, etc apart from all the beautiful locations that this destination has to offer. The natural unexplored charm undeniably makes it the best town if you are specifically looking for a quiet and leisurely visit or even a bit of adventure. This Himalayan hamlet will serve you with serenading vibes and a clear mind.

2. Unexplored Heights


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Regardless of its proximity to popular destinations in India, Shoja remains an offbeat location which is not much explored. Situated at a height of more than 3000 meters above sea level and surrounded by the Himalayan range, this little town has a breathtaking view in terms of both flora and fauna. All in all, as famously written poetry by Robert Frost, “...take the one (road) less travelled by, and that makes all the difference.”

3. Tread The Trek


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All the trekking and adventure enthusiasts assemble because this one is for you. The beautiful views of the Himalayas and a base camp for numerous popular treks are some of the reasons you must visit Shoja. Along with that, it is known as the ‘best-kept secret of Himachal Pradesh’. From the Raghupur Fort trek to the Jalori Pass trek, there is no shortage of places to be discovered.  Tie your shoe laces and get ready for mind-refreshing activities on these adventures. 

4. What The Fish!

river rafting in shoja

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Clean and crystal clear, the Tirthan River additionally boasts rich aquatic biodiversity as it passes through the Great Himalayan National Park which is also home to a large number of exotic wildlife. What's more? One can find rainbow and brown trout fish in abundance at Tirthan River. With this in mind, do bring your fishing rod and challenge your friends for a fun-filled fishing contest. Doesn’t matter if you are seasoned or amateur, fishing is an activity that should be tried at least once in your life. While at it, make sure you get yourself a fishing permit from the office of the HP department of fisheries. The fee for the permit is quite nominal and hassle-free.

 5. Gurgling Falls 


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Only a kilometre away from Shoja, Wat erfall Point is an offbeat and beautiful location that is worth visiting. While you take a walk into the silent woods, you will get to hear the gurgling of this majestic waterfall even before you actually come face to face with it. Moreover, the hike to the waterfall is not tedious and is surrounded by thick forest and rich plantations. It is like a walk in the fields of heaven up there.

6. Unfold History When You Visit Shoja


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Raghupur Fort is a historical monument located at an altitude of 3520 meters above sea level. Beautiful and fascinating, this fort was basically built by Mandi rulers to thwart any attempt of invasion from rival kingdoms. As a result, you have to trek to reach this fort. Most of the part of this trekking expedition is easy although for the last part you may have to put in a little extra efforts. Still, we promise it will be all worth it as the view from the fort is as magical as the fort itself.

7. Cradle In The Lap Of Nature


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Despite the advantages, don’t we all want to run away from the hustle and bustle of life and find peace amidst nature sometimes? Lately, if you have also been feeling the same then Shoja is the perfect place for you. Laden with abundant greenery and away from chaos, Shoja is an offbeat location like no other. Unquestionably, to rediscover yourself you must visit Shoja. Who knows maybe you will reconnect with yourself during your stay at this wild little hamlet.

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