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How to pack for solo female travellers

How to pack for solo female travellers

By Akansha

28 Mar, 2023

Travelling alone is not easy and being a solo female traveller is in no way an easy task. We always face a multitude of problems that male travellers or group travellers do not. While solo travel has become much safer and more convenient in the last decade or so – it still is not the easiest thing to achieve. And while travelling alone, knowing what to pack and what not to is vital. A scantily packed bag can cause problems but an over-packed bag is terrible too.

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Here Is A Comprehensive List Of Ur Top Essential Items That Solo Female Travellers

1. Small Packs, Big Solutions

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Tired of your shampoo spilling inside your travel bag? Carrying full-sized toiletries on solo travel is a very common mistake. Even though, it feels like we might run out of body lotion; carrying big bottles of cosmetics is absolutely unnecessary. The best thing to do is to carry small-sized components in a separate pouch or small zip-locked bag.

2. Sole To Solo 

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A smart-looking pair of waterproof sneakers or running shoes are your best buddies for solo travel and will really take you a long way. Not only will they save you from the burden of carrying different forms of footwear, but they will also be your best friend during hikes and treks. Their water resistance feature will allow you to walk comfortably and stably during long hikes and camping. You can also wear them at the theatre or a restaurant since they look quite stylish too!

3. Be 'Pocket' Friendly

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A lot of travellers complain about things falling out of their jacket pockets while in a hurry. And for someone who is travelling alone in crowded areas, this is just a problem you cannot afford to have. So it is wise to invest in a good hooded jacket that has multiple pockets with zippers on them. Better yet, save up for one that is waterproof, breathable and wind resistant.

4. Vouch For Pouch


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A dry pouch is quite necessary for solo travel, especially for solo female travellers interested in hikes and camping. A lot of us carry multiple items that can really be affected badly by sun or rain damage. Diverse climates and weather patterns up in the mountains are quite tricky to predict. This is why a dry pouch comes in very handy. These dry pouches can be easily stuffed into rucksacks and offer protection to all your items even if the bag gets soaked.

5. Pro For Products

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Although it is possible to stock up on these products in any country, it is useful to carry the products you know work for you. Not every kind of product is suited for every woman. This is why it is well advised that you carry your own feminine hygiene products with you. For example – if you are somebody who specifically uses a Diva Cup, then it is highly recommended that you carry yours and a few extra along with you. This is because there are still a lot of countries where such products are not very popular, so finding one in the market may be a huge hassle.

6. But First, First Aid

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A basic first aid kit stocked with the essential items is a must-have for any solo travel trip. If you are a woman who takes trips to remote areas, where a lot of climbing or traversing through rough terrain is necessary – then this is something you cannot afford to not carry with you. Bandages of several sizes, tape, multivitamins, contact lens solution, cough syrup, antiseptic lotion, antibacterial or antifungal powder with medicine for cold, indigestion, fever, and menstrual cramps are must-haves in the kit.

7. Lights Out, Torch In

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Imagine being in a remote village and the electricity fizzling out! Now that you’re travelling alone, this is exactly the situation you may need a durable torch for. You definitely cannot leave without this if you are planning on exploring caves and going for jungle walks at night. One cannot always rely on electricity when overseas so it is always recommended that you carry a torch with you, especially for solo female travellers.

8. Stay Power-Full

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You do not want to be in a situation where you are gliding on a boat in the middle of an ocean of blue waters and your phone/camera runs out of charge. How are you ever going to make that day’s daily vlogs or snap some super cute pictures in that ruffle two-pieces, especially when you’re travelling alone? That is why it is critical to carry a power bank with you at all times. That way, even if your phone dies out on you at the last minute – you can always have a backup.

Now that we have that huge list out of the way, you are a certified expert on how to pack light, and efficient and are ready to become a part of solo female travellers' clan. Don’t let these packing skills go to waste! 

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