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20 Things to cross off your Jaipur bucket list

20 Things to cross off your Jaipur bucket list

By Akansha

23 Mar, 2023

Have you seen the 2007 movie called The Bucket List? If you have then you will know how fulfilling and extraordinary it feels to be striking things off of it. Travelling and bucket lists are obviously inherently connected. The most fun kind of bucket list is always the one that lists travel experiences! Because let’s face it – who would be excited about a bucket list full of chores anyway?


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And speaking about travel, the vibrant and richly historic city of Jaipur is one of the best places to have exciting experiences. Each corner of the city is filled with things to do. All you need to do is pack a backpack, grab a bottle of water and whistle at a nearby tuk-tuk! Once you are out the door, we can guarantee you won’t be coming back to your room without crossing at least half a dozen things off your Jaipur bucket list.

Here Are 20 Things To Do In Jaipur That You Can Cross Off Your Bucket List - 

1. Visit The Forts

Jaipur is the home to some of the most extraordinarily built palaces and havelis. The amalgam of old-world charm and the essence of the royal generations long lost make visiting forts in Jaipur a very historically exciting thing to do. Jantar Mantar and Amer Fort are also recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. There is also the majestic Jal Mahal, Hawa Mahal, Nahargarh fort and Jaigarh fort, each unique and special in their own way.


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2. Cycle At Nahargarh Fort 

For all you travellers who are bored of walking around huge forts – Nahargarh Fort offers cycling tours of the entire complex. Feel the fresh Jaipur breeze on your face as you course through giant archways, serene fort compounds and long pathways. You could also pay Aamir Khan homage and strike a pose in the Nahargarh fort stepwell, featured in the celebrated Bollywood movie Rang De Basanti.

3. Explore Chokhi Dhani

If you want to experience a glimpse of Jaipur in all its forms and colours then Chokhi Dhani is the place to be. It is one of the fun things to do in Jaipur. It gives visitors a peek into the cultural and rural background of Rajasthan and intertwines several different unique experiences into a single rustic location. There are acrobats and street performers doing stunts and musical pieces, souvenir shops selling traditional arts and crafts, many mini-game stalls and food counters of lassi, rabri, kulfi, chaat etc.


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4. Tour The Museums 

Museums are treasure troves of a city that can reveal a lot about its past. The City Palace museum is placed in Mubarak Mahal and holds a rich archive of silks, textiles, prints and jewellery worn by the royal figures residing in the palace. The Albert Hall Museum is another such gem which displays a variety of items ranging from metal works, sculptures, paintings, crystal ornaments, old coins, artefacts etc. The most exciting thing is still probably the Egyptian mummy on display, surely an interesting thing to do in Jaipur.

5. Go To Bhangarh Fort 

Built in the 17th century, the Bhangarh Fort is steeped in eerie mysteries and paranormal stories. Legend says that the village of Bhangarh was cursed by a crooked wizard and has been invaded by restless spirits ever since. Well, we cannot guarantee whether you will see ghosts or not but we can definitely say that watching the sunrise from the top of the royal Bhangarh palace is going to be something stupendously memorable.

bhangarh fort

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6. Visit Chand Baori  

Located an hour or so from Jaipur, this ancient stepwell is one of the most visually appealing structures around Jaipur. Built between 800 CE – 900 CE, it consists of over 3500 steps. This makes it one of the deepest and largest step wells in India and hence, one unmissable place to go to when in Jaipur.

7. Taste Camel Milk  

This is one of the most intriguing things to do in Jaipur. The Rajasthan Cooperative Dairy Federation has a very unique dairy initiative in the state. In all the Saras Milk Parlours, packaged camel milk is available on sale. Basically, known to cure disorders like cancer and diabetes; camel’s milk is extremely popular in the region. After all, when in Rome be a Roman.

camel milk

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8. Explore Pushkar Camel Fair

Located around 150 kilometres from the city of Jaipur, Pushkar is the one place that is totally worth a day's trip. It is home to several beautifully constructed temples, a stunning lake and multitudes of charming cafes serving lip-smacking food from a plethora of global tastes. And if you are in town during the early winter months – you certainly have to witness the Pushkar Camel fair. This fair is the biggest cattle fair in India and definitely deserves to be struck off every traveller’s list.

9. Experience Gliding

Adventures sports are surely a thrilling activity to do in Jaipur. This particular experience is a bit on the pocket-heavy side, but truly a one-of-a-kind affair. Gliding slowly over the majestic forts, quaint Rajasthani villages and rocky Aravalli ranges will definitely make for a vlog-worthy day. Lastly, maybe you could even catch a few locals looking up to you in the big blue!


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10. Jaipur Aaye Aur Patrika Gate Na Gaye? 

Probably the most splendidly colourful and creatively designed structure in Jaipur, the Patrika Gate is the 9th gateway of Pink city. In other words, one visit to this monument can ensure that your Instagram post needs are taken care of at least for a week or two. The mind-blowing pattern work and intricacy of this gate cannot be described in mere words – it is truly a visual-only experience!

11. Shop From The Factories

It is such a basic thing to stroll into any shop and buy a bunch of blue pottery. Why not do the offbeat thing and actually visit a few of the factories that painstakingly produce these goods? The nearby village of Sanganer in particular has quite a few such factories where you get a behind-the-scenes look at how the artefacts are actually given life by skilled craftsmen. Here's a small tidbit to excite you – believe it or not, blue pottery is made with stone quartz and NOT clay!


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12. Watch A Puppet Show

Jaipur is famous for its Kathputli naach (Puppet dance). Skilled puppeteers manoeuvre colourful handmade puppets of past kings, queens, princesses and animals. Moreover, through song and (puppet) dance, they tell stories of Jaipur’s rich and troubled past. These puppeteers can be found performing in many local restaurants and even on the streets of the bustling city.

13. Attend The Show At Amber Fort

Rajasthan Tourism Board hosts a spectacular son-et-lumière at the Amber Fort on most evenings. Firstly, the show consists of brilliant laser presentations that highlight the local legends, and folklore that celebrate the traditional musical maestros of the state. Timings for the show can be checked on the Rajasthan Tourism website.

14. Visit The Oldest Theatre  

Quite well known for its distinctive meringue-like shape and breathtaking interiors, the Rajmandir movie theatre is also the oldest movie theatre in Jaipur. Needless to say, watching one masala flick in this age-old but technologically updated structure is a bucket list must!

15. Taste The Local Cuisine

What is Jaipur without its cuisine? The pink city indeed offers its visitors an awe-inspiring array of savoury and sweet dishes. From world-famous street stalls to exquisite restaurants built inside actual steam engines – Jaipur can never disappoint in terms of delicacies. Some of the most unmissable treats are dal bati churma, laal maas, lassi, mirchi pakore, pyaaz parantha and the sweet ghevar.


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16. Visit An Elephant Farm

Located around 15km away from the main city of Jaipur, the Elefantastic elephant farm is a must-visit for all animal lovers. Futhermore, if you are sick and tired of elephants being used for rides at touristy places; then a visit to this elephant farm will surely raise your spirits. Founded with the motto of elephant and human interaction, the farm ensures that the animals are treated with the utmost respect and care.

17. Zipline Over The Landscapes

The zip-lining experience in the Neemrana fort is something a bit out of the box and a good choice for all you thrill junkies. Moreover, Flying Fox offers 5 different zip lines in the Neemrana fort which cover the total distance of a whopping 1250 meters of zip flight. What can be better than zipping across a 15th-century fort and absorbing the gorgeous views of the giant Aravallis?

18. Attend An Art Workshop

This is another offbeat and quite eccentric experience that the city of Jaipur has to offer. According to the locals, this art workshop is handled by a man named Vijendra Chippa, who is the 6th generation offspring of a family of expert textile dyers and printers. He takes groups of participants to the village of Bagru. He teaches participants all the basics of traditional Rajasthani Bagru block print - from choosing colours to measuring textiles to actually hand-blocking a piece of dyed fabric! You can learn a lot in a day!


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19. Visit The Galtaji Temple

A humungous temple complex built into an Aravalli mountain pass, the Galtaji temple is thronged by visitors from all over the globe. You would think it is because of the beautiful architecture and the divinity surrounding the entire temple. But in fact, it is the hordes of monkeys that attract most to this place. Hand on our hearts, the temple complex is filled with Rhesus Macaques monkeys of all shapes, sizes and genders.

20. Stay At A Hostel  

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Since the list of things to see, taste, experience and feel in Jaipur is quite extensive – it would do you well to venture into the world of hostels. Not only will it be easy on the pocket, but you will also get to meet travellers like you from around the world. The Hosteller Jaipur has a scintillating Morrocan-styled terrace cafe to take care of all your hunger pangs and comfortable dormitories (and private rooms) to ensure you and all your friends can sleep the night away after hectic days of travel.

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