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10 Things to do in Mussoorie

10 Things to do in Mussoorie

By Prachi Pansare

08 Mar, 2023

“Tu pehla pehla pyaar hai… mera”

This song from Kabir Singh was shot in Mussoorie and once you visit it, you are going to feel that love for the "Queen of the Hills". Bask in the glory of nature, satiate your soul in the serenity and find yourself being actively chased by the thrill and adventures. Yes, Mussoorie has ALL of this to offer. And even more.

Intrigued about what exactly is in store for you? Let us guide you about the 10 most amazing things to do in Mussoorie on your next trip here. We'll make sure you don't miss out on the important stuff.

KEMPTY WATERFALLS - Most Popular Spot In Mussorie

kempty waterfalls in mussorie

The gushing Kempty Waterfalls

Most popular tourist destination of Mussoorie is the Kempty Falls and rightly so. Located at around 15 kms from the town, Kempty Falls is a beautiful cascading waterfall surrounded by nature. The pleasant flow of the stream falls from the height of 40 ft, under which you can enjoy a fun and relaxing shower or swim in the pool created by the waterfall. The clear and pristine water makes you feel like you're walking into heaven. Regarded as the best picnic spot of Mussoorie, Kempty Falls and its surrounding area was developed by a British officer in the mid 1800s for hosting tea parties and picnics. It retains its charm till date and remains favorite amongst locals and tourists alike. You can visit it in the daytime between 8 am to 5 pm.

FOOD TOURS - Taste All The Treats

Little Llama Cafe on Mall Road

Little Llama Cafe on Mall Road (photo: Google)

One of the best parts about traveling is tasting and experiencing the local food and cuisine. It not only appeals to the foodie in us but also tells a lot about the local culture. When in Mussoorie you must explore authentic cuisine of Uttarakhand as well as the street food scene there. Mountains and momos go hand in hand so you will get plenty of delicious options in momos at Mussoorie. For the local touch try Aaloo ke Gutke, Phaanu, Chainsoo, Bhang Ki Chutney, Kafuli, Garhwal ka Fannah, etc. Some café recommendations that you can check out on your trip are Little Llama Café, Kalsang Friends Corner, Casa Mia Bakery, Char Dukan at Lal Tibba, Chick Chocolate and Nostradamus Writers Bar.


Dense tree cover at Benog Wildlife Sanctuary

Dense tree cover at Benog Wildlife Sanctuary

Open for visit between 7 am to 5 pm, Benog Wildlife Sanctuary is a must for anyone who wants to observe nature and its gems closely. It is a part of the famous Rajaji National Park, housing wild animals like Jaguar, Panther, Elephant, Tiger, Antelope, Stag, Himalayan Goat, Himalayan Bear, etc. The passionate bird watchers can get a glimpse of several indigenous and exotic birds at the Sanctuary like Red-Billed Blue Magpie, Mountain Quails, Red-Breasted Partridge, Brahminy Kite and White Capped Water Redstart. The widespread greenery in terms of trees and medicinal plants is soul soothing and endearing to watch through the safari ride in the wilderness of Benog Wildlife Sanctuary. You can further explore nature by foot at Jabarkhet Wildlife Reserve.

MINE OF DEATH - Most Haunted Place In Mussorie

Abandoned Lambi Dehar Mines

Abandoned Lambi Dehar Mines (photo source: Another Global Eater)

Many of us are attracted to the enigma of life after death and paranormal activities. According to the experiences of several travellers and locals it is safe to say that Mussoorie has more than enough haunted places for you to visit to quench your curiosity. One of the most popular amongst them all is the ‘Mine of Death’ - Lambi Dehar Mines. Now standing as an abandoned and isolated place, Lambi Dehar Mines are allegedly said to be haunted by the spirits of 50,000 workers who lost their lives at the mine due to lack of proper safety gears. Their cries can be heard in the wee hours of night and locals living nearby advise not to visit the places after sun down. Among other such haunted places are Mullingar Mansion, Savoy Hotel, Sister’s Bazaar and Pari Tibba.

ADVENTURE PARK - Thrill Seekers Assemble

Ziplining adventures at the Adventure Park

Ziplining adventures at the Adventure Park (photo: Mussoorie Tourism)

The young blood in us burns for activities that make our hearts beat fast and induce us with adrenaline. You can give in to this urge at Mussoorie Adventure Park. Surrounded by the beautiful mountains and valley full of lush greenery you can take up the thrill of Sky Bridge, Valley Crossing, Zip Line, Skywalk, Zip Swing, Commando Bridge, Rock Climbing, Rappelling, etc. At the height of 600 ft you can experience the highest zip line in India. The strong wind blowing past you at that height is unimaginably titillating and scary at the same time. Want to try something crazy with your bestie? Take a trip to Mussoorie and visit Mussoorie Adventure Park.

SPIRITUAL SIDE - Explore The Places Of Worship

Shedup Choepelling Monastery

Shedup Choepelling Monastery (photo: Holidify)

One of the ways people connect with spirituality is through the medium of their belief in God. The places of worship have a strong positive aura that helps one find peace and calm. You experience the same at Shedup Choepelling Temple, Mussoorie Christ Church, Jwala Devi Temple, Bhadraj Temple, Kellogg Memorial Church, Surkanda Devi Temple, etc. All of these places have a historical touch to it. The architecture and design is also one of the aspects that will leave you fascinated with them. The surrounding and nature help you find the peace within while connecting you with a higher calling. Isn't travelling all about finding yourself?

WINTERLINE - A View Like No Other

Amazing view of the winterline from Mall Road

Amazing view of the winterline from Mall Road

Mussoorie is one of the few places in the world where you can witness 'Winterline'. Wondering what is that? It is a natural phenomenon, which occurs between mid October to mid January, where after the sunset you can see the sky in the colors of red and orange above a gray and mauve coloured strip. This partition or the false horizon is called Winterline. Apart from this exceptional phenomenon you can experience the beauty of the wide and clear sky by taking yourself to Lal Tibba (which means Red Hill). There you will find yourself encapsulated by the spellbinding sunset and sunrise. Located at the height of 8,000 meters above the sea level, Lal Tibba has a number of shops and restaurants for you to explore.

TREKKING TRAILS - To Take Your Breath Away

Snowy routes on the Nag Tibba Trek

Snowy routes on the Nag Tibba Trek

When travelling to a hilly region, how can we not indulge in some trekking and hiking, right? Well, Mussoorie definitely won't disappoint you on this. Through the thick forest and rocky terrain you can trek to Nag Tibba. This trek is one of the most exhilarating and you can try it even with your friends and family. Want to see clouds like you have never before? Head to the Cloud's End which offers a heavenly view. You can reach it by a bit of hiking and hill climbing. Some other places you must explore on foot are Bhatta Falls, Jharipani Falls, Happy Valley, Gun Hill, Mossy Falls and Camel's Back Road.

LAKE BOATING - For A Relaxing Day Out

Captivating view of the Mussoorie Lake

Captivating view of the Mussoorie Lake (photo source: Flickr)

It's totally up to you if you would like to take a boat ride but we are sure you will definitely want to visit Mussoorie Lake. Developed by the local authority, Mussoorie Lake is an ideal place for a picnic as it is surrounded by the hills and greenery. You can even visit Lake Mist, which is quite near to Kempty Falls, for a nice and fun hangout by nature. It is an absolute delight as you relax in the serenity and music of nature. 

MUSSORIE MALL ROAD - Souvenirs For All 

Mall Road is the best place for souvenirs

Mall Road is the best place for souvenirs

Remember the location in 'pehla pehla pyaar' song from Kabir Singh? That's Mall Road of Mussoorie. Huddled together are numerous shops, restaurants and cafes, Mall Road is the main market place of Mussoorie. You can take a walk to get the feel of the town and indulge in some shopping for you and your family and family back home. You can get your hands especially on wooden jewelry boxes, Garhwal clothing, Handicrafts and Tibetan wall hangings. You can further head to Gandhi Chowk, Kulri Bazaar, Library Bazaar, Tibetan Market, Sister's Bazaar, etc.

The Hosteller Mussorie, Mall Road

The Hosteller Mussoorie Mall Road

The Hosteller Mussoorie Mall Road

With a Pinterest aesthetic library at our hostel The Hosteller Mussoorie, Mall Road you can give in to the true feel of M ussoorie and the world of famous writer Ruskin Bond. You can choose from a wide range of books to give you company. Our hostel on Mall road is located at the central area of the town and accessible to all the popular tourist destinations. With 4 comfortable dorms and 4 spacious private rooms, you can expect a homely stay with us. The game room is the perfect spot for making some friends or hanging out or taking out your laptop for some urgent work.

The Hosteller Mussorie By The Streamside

Private room balcony at The Hosteller Mussoorie By The Streamside

Private room balcony at The Hosteller Mussoorie By The Streamside

Our newest hostel The Hosteller Mussoorie By The Streamside is located nearby Kempty Falls with a be a utiful streamside right beside. Chilling by the stream is extra fun and the best part about this hostel of ours. You can choose from our mixed dorms and female only dorms. There is always an option for private rooms which have the most amazing view of the mountains. Our in-house cafe at the hostel will take care of all your food and coffee needs while you easily enjoy your workation with our high speed free WiFi to accompany. 

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