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5 Reasons to workation in the lush towns of Uttarakhand

5 Reasons to workation in the lush towns of Uttarakhand

By Akansha

27 Mar, 2023

The clear blue sky, the snowy peaks that glitter in golden light as the sun shines upon them and the cool shades of green that soothe the soul. The perfect backdrop for those romance movies that will give you butterflies, right? Now picture yourself breathing in the fresh air, letting the breeze tangle your hair, walking barefoot through a meadow and spending your days exploring the unexplored. All while attending team meetings and completing targets. Sounds just like a movie plot? Well, it's time to be the director of your own life! Make your dream come true with a workation in Uttarakhand.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why Uttarakhand Is A Great Choice For Your Workation -

1. Spiritual Retreat


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The state of Uttarakhand is known as the 'Land of Gods' and surely enough, it is blessed with holy rivers and hosts many pilgrimage sites that transcend beyond the ordinary. Experiences that soothe your soul and an enchanting vibe that engulfs you, visiting this magical state will change your perspective about life itself. If you are someone who is caught in the clutches of the clock, this is the perfect place to break free from the routine and try a new schedule where nature governs the time and not a machine that dictates you.

2. Land Of God's Gifts


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A paradise for travellers, the state of Uttarakhand boasts of a tempting platter when it comes to diversity in its must-visit locations. From rivers and waterfalls to offbeat locations with the panoramic view of the mountains, you'll find every dreamy destination here. Adorned with a plethora of flora and fauna, the beauty of Uttarakhand is magnified as rare species and migratory birds visit the lush green valleys every year.

3. Explore The Backpacker’s Paradise


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The love for travel has its own set of challenges. Right from safety issues to budget constraints, planning a trip can turn into a nightmare. But basic research will introduce you to a whole new world where all your travel dreams can come true. A place that has something for everyone, Uttarakhand is a treasure full of surprises. An adventurous expedition or a relaxing vacation, whatever the goal, you'll always have an opportunity to turn it into reality.

4. A Cultural Hub


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If you're searching for a peaceful and tranquil getaway, head over to Uttarakhand, where you'll get the best possible options. There are innumerable unexplored places and many are easily accessible too. Near the popular town of Almora hides the offbeat Kasar Devi which was once a hippie hub. Ancient temples, quiet monasteries or worshipping nature's wonders, the place invites you to be a part of a larger cultural gathering that challenges your perspectives and inspires you to expand your horizons.

5. Home Away From Home


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The movies, though fictional, are often based on some factual evidence. Many Indian ones feature the simplistic living of Uttarakhand and how fulfilling it is. You can witness it only when you're a part of the community that believes in sharing and welcoming strangers from all over the world into their homes with happy smiles. The warm hospitality of the locals will give you a coziness similar to that of your favourite fluffy blanket. Be it tasting the local cuisine or finding a hidden spot, the people of Uttarakhand are always ready to help with their heart's open. Who wouldn't want to join such a close-knit group, right?

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