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9 reasons why Khajjiar should be your next hill station getaway

9 reasons why Khajjiar should be your next hill station getaway

By Aquib Nawab

09 Jun, 2024

Khajjiar is a tiny little town in Chamba district, Himachal Pradesh, perched on the lap of the Himalayas. This town presents breathtaking views of emerald meadows encircled by towering snow-clad peaks. If peace is the prime thing you seek after the city's chaos and restlessness, then yes, you heard it right. Khajjiar is the place for you. With that said, here are 10 convincing reasons to visit this charming hill town:

1. Breathtaking natural beauty

Dense deodar forests shelter this rolling alpine meadow fringed by the cedars. Its landscape resembles that of a meticulously sculpted golf course, with light mist swirling on the hills. If you're a trekker and you love hiking, you certainly can't get enough of the trails that go into the woods.

Have a walk around the meadow—an easy 6-kilometer stroll around the perimeter of the meadow. Take numerous halts on the way to get a nice panorama of the mountains. Don't miss the tiny Golden Devi Temple in the middle of the meadow.

2. Adventure activities galore

Khajjiar is not only about beauty but also a haven for adventure lovers. Let your nerves be tested for height, glide like an eagle, and be in the vast valley. This is also one of the most famous adventure activities: ziplining.

If you are an adrenaline junkie, then high-line zip lining will get your heart rate going. But if you want to keep your feet squarely on the ground, you can try zorbing instead. Ride the slopes in a giant transparent ball for a fun and exhilarating experience.

Credits: Canva

3. Rejuvenating strolls

Enjoy serene walks on the lush green meadows of Khajjiar with a spectacular view of the Dhauladhar mountains. This cool mountain air will breathe new life into you. Bring a picnic and take in the views along the way.

The leisurely strolls will delight you as you can also run along the open meadows. Do not forget to bring a camera to record these beautiful moments.

Scene of lush green meadows with booming flowers (Credits: Canva)

4. Old-World charm

Wander around the pretty villages that surround Khajjiar, where you can see the traditional Himachali homes and temples. Khajji Nag (the golden-domed) temple, sitting comfortably amongst cedar trees, gives its aura a very rural vibe.

Visit the local deity at the Mrikula Devi temple. Do not forget to visit the Khajjiar Sanctuary, which comprises the rare Kalij pheasant, barking deer, goral, and serow. The vintage aesthetics evoke memories that remind you of a simpler time in the past when life moved at a more leisurely speed.

Scenic roads winding towards Khajjiar (Credits: Canva)

5. Delicious local cuisine

Give your taste buds a break and experiment with Himachali dishes: siddu (steamed bread), patande (spinach-potato pancakes), babru (gravy with an Indian white bean, kulath), and chha gosht (lamb curry).

Sample the fresh trout reared in the streams and lakes of Khajjiar. It is to be accompanied by an herbal tea with aromas of cinnamon and cardamom. Traditional foods prepared with fresh village ingredients will titillate your taste buds.

Pathande (spinach potato Credits: Facebook, Being Himachali

6. Ideal for nature lovers

This beautiful place, with its lush green meadows, dense forests, and pristine lakes, is a dream come true for all nature lovers. Take peaceful walks in the lap of nature; local flowers blooming in the forest make for a colorful and enchanting sight in the hills; or even species of exotic birds you will be privileged to spot for your bird-watching experience, or simply choose to live with them in your company.

Remember to take a pair of binoculars so that you can see the Kalij pheasant strutting around in the meadows. In spring, you can also see lakeside slopes filled with pretty wildflowers like lilies, rhododendrons, and forget-me-nots.

The place is surrounded by unpolluted and untouched natural beauty, and you will fall in love with it from your heart for Khajjiar.

A serene image of Khaji Nage Temple (Credits: Canva)

7. Picture-perfect landscapes

Khajjiar, with its postcard landscapes, is a delight for a photographer. You can rise early and take some spectacular sunrise shots as the sun climbs and casts pearls of light on the top of snow-clad peaks and the surface of the cold lake.

The morning light glows into the scenery, giving it a surreal touch. Green meadows up close and the silhouette of mountains in the distance make perfect frames for some panoramic shots.

Take close-ups of wildflowers with dew hanging from the petals. Khajjiar is a photographer's paradise that will make your ears ring with excitement.

8. Starting point for treks

Khajjiar is preferred not only for its own scenic trails but also as a base for several popular treks. Khajjiar Lake is at 9500 feet and requires a moderately tough 3-hour trek to cover one way. Those with moderate trekking experience can choose the Chopta Meadows trek and the Kareri Lake trek, with a duration of 5 days each. Proper hiking shoes, some snacks, water, and the best first-aid kit you can muster.

Of course, sunscreen, sunglasses, and some layers are necessary for mountain weather. This place has beautiful alpine views to offer on the well-marked trails.

Hiking amidst the scenic beauty of Khajjiar (Credits: Canva)

9. No malls, only mountains!

Fed up with the holidays where you keep hopping from one mall to another, then Khajjiar is the place for you. Get lost in the tranquil beauty of the valleys, the trees, and the waters. Go on long, quiet walks away from the hustle and bustle. Letting your stress be washed over by nature’s rhythms You could just choose to relax and explore the sights by yourself without a sight-seeing agenda.

A picturesque road meandering alongside a tranquil stream in Khajjiar (Credits: Canva)

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