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Khajjiar in winter: A snowy wonderland awaits

Khajjiar in winter: A snowy wonderland awaits

By Aquib Nawab

06 Jun, 2024

Located at the heart of Himachal Pradesh, Khajjiar is often addressed as the "Mini Switzerland of India." A visit to this hill station is always on the cards, even though it is a year-round destination.

But during the winter, it becomes an enchanting place, with everything transforming under a white blanket of snow. Khajjiar is a place of natural beauty, adventure, and serenity.

If your ideal winter vacation includes discovering breathtaking natural scenery, having exciting adventures, and finding peacefulness. Then Khajjiar should be your next travel destination.

Explore the surreal beauty of Khajjiar in snow

Khajjiar looks surreal during the winter. The temperature starts falling up to zero degrees and the air blows with a chilling breeze when the place greets snowfall! The stunning wilderness, with its vast meadows, forests, and rolling hills, is contrasted by the purest white snow conceivable. This beautiful landscape is centred on the serene Khajjiar Lake amidst the snow-covered peaks.

Deodar trees at Khajjiar are one of the best highlights that can be seen in the winter. On average, these imposing evergreens, lately capped with snow, verge on to pulsate with the snowy information.

Roam through the woods slowly, being sure to crunch the snow beneath your bootlegs and hear the soft wind against the trees.

Snow sports and adventure activities

Those looking for some adventure, Khajjiar offers some winter sports and fun! If we talk about the favourite adventure sports offer, skiing has to be at the top of the list, and the mild-to-moderate slopes of Khajjiar are ideal for beginners and intermediate skiers.

Whether you are skiing, carving off-piste, or simply enjoying a ride on the lift, it is all a euphoric feeling.

If you do not want to ski by sleds or snow tubing, all of them are suitable for all ages and a fun way to enjoy the snow with no special skills or gear required. Get a sledge or a tube, some snow-covered ground, and a slope, and let gravity do the work for you as you giggle your way down to the bottom.

Skiing in the snow capped hills of Khajjiar (Credit: Canva)

Exploring the local culture

Khajjiar is famous not just for its natural beauty; it also has a rich cultural heritage. There are many ancient temples in the town, and each has a unique history and design.

The most significant among them is the Khajji Nag Temple, an exclusive temple for one of the serpent gods. As per the legend, when the Pandavas were being chased during their 13th year of exile, they threw some sticks on the same site.

During the winter, the temple is an enchanting site with a snow-literal roof and edging icicles hanging from the roof.

The serpent god is regarded as one who can offer protection and grant the wishes of his followers, and visitors to the temple who come to offer their prayers and ask for his intervention.

Mesmerizing winter wonderland of Khajjiar (Credit: Canva)

The Hosteller: Your Khajjiar home base

A perfect place to relax after a day spent discovering the winter paradise that is Khajjiar is none other than the Hosteller Khajjiar. Our property is a comfortable and cozy hostel that makes you feel at home with free wifi, free breakfast, AC, a hot shower, and the best location in Himachal Pradesh!

Set by the woods, The Hosteller Khajjiar lies adjacent to your winter adda. Enjoy the evening bonfire, where you can share stories with other travellers as you bask in the glow of the flickering braziers. If you want to play an indoor game of carrom or just laze by the fireplace with a book, head to the indoor games room.

The hostel has free parking, power backup, and regular housekeeping to ensure that all your needs are met properly and you get back everything that you were promised! You can eat at the on-site cafe for brunch, lunch, and dinner food that will keep you on your toes.

The Hosteller Khajjiar located at a stunning location

Captivating view of The Hosteller Khajjiar. (Credit: The Hosteller, Khajjiar)

Freezing memories

Ensure that you carry your camera to save the memories that you will treasure forever as you explore this winter wonderland in Khajjiar.

If you are fond of photography, then one of the most sought-after spots is the "mini Switzerland" Khajjiar, where a lush green piece of land has been covered with deodar trees standing round and tall. During the winter, this place turns into a snowy wonderland, with trees hanging low from the snow on their branches and the ground covered all in white.

Make sure to also visit Khajjiar Lake. This lake freezes in the month of winter. It feels surreal looking at frozen lakes and seeing the white mountains reflect on their surface. Walking Along the Lake, With a Landscape View of the Serene Beauty and Tranquility of That Moment Captured in CCTV.

Planning your winter getaway

If you are going to Khajjiar for a winter holiday, you must pack for the cold. It is best to pack warm clothes, such as sweaters, jackets, gloves, and hats, so you stay warm while out in the open. This is also a good time to pack sure-footed snow boots to keep you vertical on icy paths.

Regarding the accommodations, it is important to book in advance, even during the high winter season.

The Hosteller Khajjiar is conveniently located for those travellers who wish to experience the beauty of Khajjiar on a budget. Boasting amenities such as its in-house cafe, this place makes a good home-base option for your winters spent in Khajjiar.

The Hosteller Unbox cafe with a stunning view (Credit: The Hosteller, Khajjiar)

How to get to The Hosteller Khajjiar

Located in the heart of Khajjiar, The Hosteller is conveniently accessible from major transit hubs.

From Delhi: Take an overnight bus or train to Pathankot. Buses take around 8-9 hours and trains take anywhere from 8-12 hours.

From Pathankot: Hire a taxi which takes 3-4 hours to reach Khajjiar depending on road conditions.

From Jammu: Hire a taxi directly to Khajjiar which takes approximately 5-6 hours in good weather. Shared taxis can help reduce costs.

Precautions while travelling to Khajjiar

The precautions to take when traveling in rough whether includes:

  • Travel during the day when possible for maximum visibility and safety.
  • Check road conditions and weather advisories before traveling. Landslides are common during heavy rain or snow.
  • Carry chains, shovels, warm clothing, food, water, batteries, flashlight, and other emergency supplies.
  • Tell someone your route and expected time of arrival.
  • Avoid driving during severe storms or low visibility. Wait it out if needed.
  • Drive slowly, keep distance from other vehicles, and don't overtake.
  • If stuck, stay in the vehicle and call for help. Do not leave the vehicle during snowstorms.

Cozy corners at The Hosteller Khajjiar (Credit: The Hosteller, Khajjiar)


The winter season turns Khajjiar into a magical destination of natural beauty, adventure, and cultural heritage. From the snow-clad landscapes and frozen lakes to the ancient temples and warm hospitality, this hill station is a breath of fresh air.

When planning your winter escape, stay at The Hosteller Khajjiar and soak in all the winter vibes this season in a warm and cozy hostel!

Whether skiing on the slopes, getting acquainted, or simply enjoying the peace and quiet of the winter landscape, Khajjiar promises to create memories that will stay with you for a very long time.

So to get a gift hamper, just go and pack your bags, take your camera, and book yourself to Khajjiar now. We have the pleasure of presenting you with the winter wonderland, which is so appealing with its beautiful presence. Khajjiar, the mini-Switzerland of India, holds true to the popular saying that winter is not a season; it is a celebration.

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