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15 Monsoon travel tips you didn’t know you needed

15 Monsoon travel tips you didn’t know you needed

By Avilasha Borthakur

20 Jun, 2023

Soft grey skies painted with clouds, lush greenery everywhere, the earthy smell of the land and showers of discounts everywhere you head. Monsoons are a traveller’s best friend and a vacation during the rainy season in India is an experience like none other. While most people are under the impression that travelling in the rain is inconvenient, it’s quite the opposite. Transportation and stays are cheaper, destinations are usually a lot more peaceful, the weather is pleasant which allows you to explore more, and you become privy to some beautiful sights. But that’s not to say you won’t face some tiny troubles.

To make sure that your travels during the monsoon are safe, here are our 15 top monsoon travel tips that will serve you well. Read on as we walk you through the do’s, don'ts and a bunch of best practices that will make you super ready for your monsoon backpacking sessions!

Monsoon Safety Tips While Travelling

1. A Waterproof Backpack for a fail-proof trip!

A backpack is a traveller’s best friend, and making sure that it’s protected should always be a top priority. Get a waterproof cover (easily available online, for any and all sizes) for your bag, or buy a waterproof backpack altogether. Keeping your backpack safe means keeping all your belongings away from danger too, so don’t forget!

A waterproof backpack

A traveller on a hike with a water-proof backpack cover

2. Get Waterproof Footwear

On that note, waterproof footwear is another safety tip for the monsoon that we have to mention. Wet feet not only mean an uncomfortable journey, but it can also increase your chances of getting sick. Invest in a nice pair of waterproof shoes, preferably sneakers, that are comfortable to walk in and are skid-free.

3. Travel Bugs are the Only Ones You Need.

The rains attract not only travellers but creepy crawlies too. Make sure you’re stocked up on insect repellents, bug spray, and common over-the-counter medicines like Sofinox, Calamine Lotion, and Hydroheal, for quick solutions to bites and rashes.

4. Weather Check All Your Outings!

While the monsoons are no doubt pleasant, their unpredictability can be a bummer if you’re not cautious. Before you map out your day, make sure that you check out the weather forecast so that it doesn’t rain all over your plans. (Literally!)

Weather Check

Traveller checking the weather forecast before planning the day

5. R is for - Raincoat!

We’ve spoken about waterproof carry-ons and footwear, but a raincoat is just as crucial. While it may be tempting to get wet in the rain for your movie moment, you can fall sick very fast. So make sure you have your raincoat and outerwear on you at all times.

Always carry your raincoat in monsoon

Person enjoying the misty & rainy weather with a bright yellow raincoat

6. Have Power Banks Handy

When travelling during the monsoons, make sure that your devices are always juiced up. This is a monsoon travel tip that is often glossed over, but crucial if you’re going to be going camping and trekking in places where you wouldn’t have regular access to electricity.

7. Protect Your Devices From The Pour!

While a waterproof backpack can save most of your stuff, electronic devices always need that extra bit of protection. A conked-out cell phone, or a ruined camera, can end up being a major bummer, or even a nightmare if you’re a content creator, a photographer, or on a workation. Ensure that you pack extra protection for all your devices.

Set your Camera

Capturing a cloudy sky with a rain cover on the device

8. Get A Pair of Gumboots.

Trekking, hiking and even sightseeing is all the more exciting during the rains, but when you do, make sure you have a pair of high quality, anti-skid gumboots (you can always get a pair that matches your outfits). Not only will they keep your feet safe from dirty water and slippery paths, they also make for a great statement piece for your outfits!

9. Try To Do Your Travelling During The Day.

When talking about safety tips for monsoon, another important one to remember is to preferably travel during the day. While nothing can beat the sights when it’s raining, travelling at night in the rain can be risky. Make sure to have an eye on weather reports, and travel with your safety gear at all times.

Scenic monsoon weather

A scenic view of a cloudy skyscape

10. Avoid Rush Hours

While public transport can be a lifesaver in the rains, avoiding them during rush hours is in your best interest. Not only is it more crowded than usual, it can also derail your plans if you have a reservation!

11. Pack Up With Quick Drying Fabrics.

Amidst the drizzles and downpours, keeping yourself dry is the key to enjoying your time while you travel. Invest in high quality polyester outerwear, and light cotton innerwear to keep you dry in the humid settings. A quick drying towel is also a must have in your bag!

12. Never Leave Without A First Aid Kit

Essential services might take a while to reach you during the monsoon, so stay armed with a comprehensive first aid kit - equipped with bandages, common over-the-counter medications for colds and allergies, antiseptic lotion, rehydration salts, light packaged snacks, bottled water and a flashlight.

First Aid Kit

All the must-haves for your first aid kit

13. Stay Weary Of Water

Monsoon can mean a tumultuous time for most fast-flowing bodies of water, and that means it’s best to ward away from them. Keep away from gushing local rivers and streams, and areas prone to flash floods, especially when trekking and hiking.

14. Indulge In Local Delicacies

Rains are best accompanied with some hot and delicious food, from sweet-spiced chai to piping hot pakoras. So while you explore, sip on hot teas, fresh soups and other monsoon-special delicacies which will not only keep you warm and hydrated, but will give you a chance to experience local flavours.

Delicious monsoon food

A plate full of irresistible onion pakora with a side of tangy chutney

15. Savour The Sights

And perhaps the most important tip here is to savour the sights. Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses - or in this case, the fresh smell of rain-soaked soil. Take plenty of pictures - of the scenery, yourself and your travel buddies, participate in local festivities and live in the moment!

Scenic monsoon views

An explorer savouring a breathtaking sight after a rainy morning

And with these monsoon travel tips in hand, set your sights on your next trip! The rains are not only great for a vacation, but also the best time to take a workation. So find a hostel near you, pack up on the essentials and get to exploring under the rain!

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