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15 Things To Do In Ooty

15 Things To Do In Ooty

By Sohini Chaudhary

07 Mar, 2023

Ooty is a popular hill station for visitors from all over the country. Ooty is equally adored by romantic couples, groups of friends, and families due to its pristine environment, gorgeous setting, and plethora of things to do. Nature wandering and revelling in the beauty of the amazing hill station undoubtedly tops the list of things to do in Ooty. However, in addition to the typical tourist attractions found in most hill stations, there are some unique things to do in Ooty, such as visiting the Tea Factory or the Bee & Honey Museum. It also provides various camping, trekking, and hiking opportunities.

Check Out These 15 Things To Do In Ooty!

Ooty is encircled by an abundance of nature

Ooty is encircled by an abundance of nature 

Take A Boat Ride At The Ooty Lake

Ooty Lak e is located in the district Nilgiris, approximately 2 kilometres from Ooty city. The lovely lake covers an area of 65 acres, and its foundation was laid down in 1824 by John Sullivan, the collector of Coimbatore. The lake is surrounded by Eucalyptus trees and lush greenery. There are also numerous streams that emerge from the hills. This is an excellent location for people genuinely interested in photography, and it is unquestionably one of the best things to do in Ooty. With the exotic Nilgiri mountain ranges in the background, the lake is teeming with beautiful water birds. You can rent a paddle boat here to go around this serene lake. Prices approximately start at INR 180. Ooty Lake is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Spend your evening unwinding as you boat in the Ooty lake

Spend your evening unwinding as you boat in the Ooty lake

Ride The Nilgiri Mountain Toy Train

The Nilgiri Mountain Toy Train, also known as Ooty Toy Train, invites people to witness the sheer beauty of the Nilgiris in its own way by providing a pleasant view of the lush green hills, picturesque valleys, forested landscapes, and verdant meadows from the window seat. The Ooty Toy Train travels 46 kilometres in 5 hours, passing through 16 tunnels, 208 steep curves, and 250 beautiful bridges. This century-old UNESCO World Heritage Site, built by the British in 1908, takes you through the best of nature, with glimpses of lovely mountain ranges and picture-worthy sites. The approx ticket prices are as follows: INR 205 per person for first class, INR 30 for second class, and INR 15 for the unreserved category.

Embark on an exciting journey on the toy train in Ooty

Embark on an exciting journey on the toy train in Ooty (Picture Source: TripSavvy)

Take In The Cascading Waterfalls At Dolphin’s Nose

Witness the beautiful green tea estates and the breathtaking view of the mountains from Dolphin's Nose's hilltop location. The Dolphin's Nose, nestled among the rolling hills, provides a picture-perfect setting for a much-needed getaway and provides a breathtaking view of Catherine Falls. The blue mountain ranges and the beautiful scenery are hard to miss here, and the fresh breeze blowing through your hair allows you to relax soulfully, far from the chaos of everyday life. Unlike other tourist attractions in Ooty, this famous attraction is less crowded and blessed with excellent weather, allowing you to spend a fun-filled day out with your family.

A panaromic view from Dolphin's nose

A panaromic view from Dolphin's nose (Picture Source: Tamilnadu Tourism)

Visit The Ooty Tea Museum

Tea Museum is an exciting weekend getaway destination. The Tea Museum, also known as the Ooty Tea Factory, is a popular scenic point for those interested in exploring the amazing tea garden on their Ooty tour and is a must-see destination for tea lovers. The Ooty Tea Museum is conveniently located next to the Doddabetta Tea Factory, surrounded by lush green tea plantations. It's a place where you can learn everything there is to know about the history of tea, from its beginnings to the present. It's a place where you can breathe in the aroma of fresh tea leaves and watch it being brewed. It's a place where you can see how your daily cup of tea is made. The entry fee here is around INR 250 per person and the museum is open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on all days.

Ooty Tea Museum

Ooty Tea Museum (Picture Scoure: Trip Advisor)

Hike Up To The Doddabetta Peak

Beautiful gardens, picturesque beauty, a romantic setting, and the Nilgiri mountains, combined with a peaceful environment, paint a picture of a much-needed getaway. A visit to Doddabetta Peak allows you to not only unwind in a magical setting but also offers a variety of recreational activities to bring out the best in you. Doddabetta Peak, located between the Eastern and Western Ghats and 10 kilometres from the heart of Ooty, is a popular tourist destination for both couples and families. 

Doddabetta Peak, perched at an altitude of 8606 feet, is the highest mountain in South India, providing visitors with a panoramic view of the verdant vistas as you reach the summit. When you reach the top of the mountain, you'll find a telescope from which you can see the beautiful Ooty skyline and the breathtaking views of Bandipur National Park. The viewpoint is easily accessible by vehicle or on foot, so you don't have to be concerned if you're travelling with someone who is unable to pass through a spectacular 3-kilometre trail on their own.

A panoramic view of Doddabetta Peak

A panoramic view of Doddabetta Peak (Picture Source: MakeMyTrip)

Experience A Spiritual Retreat At the St. Stephen's Church

If you want to spend some “me” time in a place surrounded by peace and spirituality, St. Stephen's Church in Ooty may be the place to go. St. Stephen's Church, located on the road to Mysore in the hill station, is the oldest church in the Nilgiri district that redefines its charm in its own unique way, attracting visitors and tourists from all over the country. The church is well-known for its elegant and intricate architecture, and it provides a tranquil atmosphere to calm your restless mind and positive vibes to allow you to experience a holy retreat.

You can take a walk in the garden, which is beautifully decorated with flowers to complement the beauty of the church, or simply choose to take some fun pictures of yourself - to make it memorable for you and your family members. Don't forget to pay this church a visit on special occasions, especially Christmas. Every year in December, the overall ambience appears colourful and vibrant.

A spiritual retreat at St. Stephen's Church

A spiritual retreat at St. Stephen's Church (Picture Source: Lonely Planet)

Mudumalai National Park Offers A Safari Experience

Mudumalai National Park or Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, located on the northwestern side of the Nilgiri mountains, is home to over 500 different species of endangered creatures, including animals, birds, reptiles, mammals, amphibians, and thousands of insects. In addition, you can see majestic Elephants, Deer, and Langurs roaming freely within the park. To explore the surrounding area of the wildlife reserve, visitors can take a bus safari, a Jeep safari, or an elephant safari. You can also add more adventure to your visit by taking the night safari tour. All of the possibilities are equally fascinating and rewarding. So you don't have to be concerned about anything.

The wildlife reserve is well-known for its tiger population and is a popular wildlife habitat in South India, providing breathtaking and captivating scenery for anyone who appreciates nature. It is a place where you can soak in the beautiful greenery while also discovering a variety of hidden forests along the way. The Mudumalai National Park is a must-see tourist destination for wildlife enthusiasts, promising to provide the best safari experience to all visitors and bring you one step closer to nature.

Experience the majestic sight of elephants roaming in the Mudumalai National Park

Experience the majestic sight of elephants roaming in the Mudumalai National Park (Picture Source: Tour Guru)

Recollect Iconic Bollywood Movies At The Pine Tree Forest

All Bollywood fans who want to experience the sensation of walking through dense pine forests as shown in the movies can visit the Pine Tree Forests in Ooty. The Pine Tree Forests, widely known as a popular shooting location in the Nilgiri district, are beautifully captivated by the vast landscapes of the Nilgiri hills and have soaring pines complemented by the jaw-dropping sights of the mountains and magical setting, making it the best place for filming various movies.

Several Hindi films have been shot here, including Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Dil Se, Sadma, Khuda Gawah, and others. Other than that, this location has also been featured in a Tamil Song "Dheena". That is to say, the surroundings of these forests are well-known in the Bollywood and Kollywood film industries, and the entire location serves as a cherry on top for many scenes. Because of its popularity, the Pine Tree Forests attracts visitors from all over the world and is frequently visited by locals and tourists looking to relive their favourite scenes from old Hindi films.

A beloved location for Bollywood and Kollywood films, Pine Tree forest

A beloved location for Bollywood and Kollywood films, Pine Tree forest (Picture Source: Make My Trip)

Take Blessings At the Elk Hill Murugan Temple

If the lakes, gardens, and waterfalls in Ooty are becoming old to you and you're looking for a place with a totally different vibe, make your way to the Elk Hill Temple. The Elk Hill Murugan Temple, a well-known Hindu temple in Ooty that provides holy and divine vibrations to Lord Murugan worshipers, is perched atop Elk Hill. The 40-foot tall statue of the presiding god that travellers can see at the entrance of the temple is the main attraction of this shrine, which is well known for its peaceful setting and magnificent backdrop. It is a magnificent site to behold and draws pilgrims from all around the world. On the premises of this location, you can also worship other idols like Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, Nava Kanika, Goddess Shakthi, etc.

The main festival, Thaipusam, is celebrated at the temple between late January and early February with considerable dedication and effort. Devotees from all over the nation offer Lord Murugan big containers filled with milk on this particular day. On their way to the temple, very few pilgrims also bring a carrier that has been decorated with flowers and peacock feathers. At this event, you may also take in the Kavadi Attam, a type of dance.

Experience the beauty of this religious site by visiting it

Experience the beauty of this religious site by visiting it (Picture Source: Trawell.in)

Camp By The Avalanche Lake

The Avalanche Lake in Tamil Nadu's Nilgiris District is a well-known tourist destination and is located 26 kilometres from Ooty. One of Ooty's top attractions is Avalanche Lake, which is particularly well-known among nature lovers and photographers. A fascinating environment dotted with pretty flowers surrounds the lake. The waterfalls that flow from the neighbouring mountains only enhance the area's splendour. While visiting Avalanche Lake, visitors can go rafting, mountain hiking, or trout fishing. Horseback riding, rappelling, and open-top jeep driving are other options available to visitors at the lake. Include this on your list of must-do activities in Ooty.

Avalanche Lake is one of the most scenic lakes in the Ooty region (Picture Source: Tripoto)

Avalanche Lake is one of the most scenic lakes in the Ooty region (Picture Source: Tripoto)

Visit The Honey & Bee Museum

The Sargan Villa Club Road in Ooty is home to the Honey & Bee Museum, which attempts to educate visitors in-depth about bee anatomy and the production of honey from its infancy. The trip is highly educational. The tour of this museum is one of the most distinctive things to do in Ooty, whilst the other activities are typical of most hill towns.

Honey and Bee Museum, Ooty

Honey and Bee Museum, Ooty (Picture Source: Make My Trip)

Explore The Annamalai Temple

The Annamalai temple, which is located 20 kilometres from Ooty on the outskirts of Coonoor, is a lesser-known tourist destination. The temple, currently referred to as the 7th Hill House of the Lord, was constructed as a tribute to Lord Murugan. It is a less well-known attraction for those who do not come from Coonoor. Here, the villagers perform poojas, and a small ashram is managed by an elderly guy next to it. Seven stars are added to its brilliance by the verdant meadows that are above the hills. As a result, the temple is situated in one of the most beautiful areas.

Visit the outskirts beauty of Ooty

Visit the outskirts beauty of Ooty (Picture Source: Holidify)

Visit The Wax World Museum

The Wax World Museum in Ooty allows visitors to spend some time with lifelike wax statues of notable individuals, political figures, and liberation fighters from Indian history. It is a genuinely unique and intriguing sight. These people include Mother Teresa, Gopal Krishna Gokhale, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Subhash Chandra Bose, Mahatma Gandhi, APJ Abdul Kalam, Shirdi Sai Baba, and a host of others. In addition to these, you can also see life-size statues of former American President Barack Obama and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The entry fee for this museum is only INR 20.

Have fun around the Wax World Museum, Ooty

Have fun around the Wax World Museum, Ooty (Picture Source: Trawell.in)

Enjoy The Emerald Lake's Magnificent Beauty

Emerald Lake is a popular tourist destination that is tucked away in Emerald Village between the Nilgiris' blue hills. It offers a tranquil setting where visitors may unwind in the presence of nature. Visit the lake in the morning to take in the colours of the dawn and start your day off well. And bid the sun farewell in the evening for the ideal way to end your day with a breathtaking view. You can also try your hand at a wide variety of adventure activities close to the lake if you're interested and have the time. Fishing, mountain biking, trekking, and bird watching are a few of these.

A breathtaking view of Emerald Lake

A breathtaking view of Emerald Lake (Picture Source: Thrillophilia)

 Travel To The Wenlock Downs

Large, lush grasslands known as Wenlock Downs can be found in Ooty on the route to Pykara. Due to its ethereal beauty, the grasslands, which cover a wide 20000 acres, are also known as Shooting Point. Sixth Mile and Ninth Mile are two locations where movies have been filmed there. Additionally, hiking and trekking are done there.

Wenlock Downs surrounded by the lush greenery

Wenlock Downs surrounded by the lush greenery (Picture Source: Trip Advisor)

The Hosteller Ooty

A panoramic view of the facade of The Hosteller in Ooty

A panoramic view of the facade of The Hosteller in Ooty

The Hosteller Ooty is a heritage hoste l that is over 100 years old and offers a tranquil retreat for travellers. The hostel has a rustic and earthy atmosphere and is surrounded by nature, making it the perfect place to unwind and de-stress. Visitors can enjoy the many outdoor amenities such as badminton or yoga and take in the refreshing pine-scented air. The hostel features vintage furniture, arched interiors, and a cozy common area where visitors can relax and share travel experiences with other backpackers. The hostel is close to many of Ooty's top attractions, providing visitors with a chance to explore the area or simply unwind with a book. If you're looking for a serene and peaceful getaway, The Hosteller Ooty is the perfect destination to #GetUpGo.

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