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7 Things to experience in Coorg: The 'Scotland of India'

7 Things to experience in Coorg: The 'Scotland of India'

By Ruchi Joshi

09 Mar, 2023

Coorg, officially called Kodagu, is Karnataka's most sought-after and popular hill station. Lying serenely amidst high mountains, Coorg’s landscape stays misty throughout the year. Being one of the largest producers of coffee, Coorg is famous for the interesting coffee tours and the pleasant climate. As the temperatures are not extreme and it is nestled in the western ghats, the cool breeze refreshes the mood. When in Coorg, one can enjoy miles of greenery, thick forests, acres and acres of coffee estates and shimmering streams. Coorg is also famous for its homemade wine, spices and chocolates. Everyone who visits MUST try these three things in Coorg.

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Do You Need More Reasons To Check The Scotland of India? Here Are 7 Things To Do When You’re in Coorg -  

1. Breathe In Coffee 

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Want to catch up with friends? Want to ask your crush out on a date? Coffee sounds about right, doesn't it? Even business meetings happen over coffee these days. An elixir to cope with modern life, it is only fair that when you visit the highest producer of coffee in India you take a walk through the aromatic coffee plantations.

Find a wide expanse of coffee plantations and try one of the most popular things to do in Coorg - ta ke a guided tour of these plantations. You will get an elaborate understanding of how the coffee beans are cultivated and taken care of, and the processes that it undergoes before reaching your homes. It is indeed an enriching and soothing experience to walk through the greenery. You can even be a part of the coffee tasting sessions.

2. Be A Sport 

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Coorg is not just about long peaceful walks and relaxing stays. You can taste the thrill through numerous fun activities too. Whitewater river rafting on Barapole River is one of the most adventurous activities you can try on your trip to Coorg. You do not need prior experience or expertise to try this. Anyone between the ages of 13 to 60 years with adequate health can opt for it.

The landscape surrounding the river is breathtaking and mesmerizing with thick and dense forestry. The duration of rapids is approximately 3 hours, covering some 3-4 km. You might find calm patches in between to catch your breath. What’s more? Water rappelling, rock climbing, off road jeep driving etc. are some other thrilling quests you can participate in. There is a different kind of peace that one experiences while being in nature where you are constantly challenged at every turn.

3. Hog It All 

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When in Coorg you will obviously want to try the local cuisine as you simultaneously explore the landscape. Being the coffee capital of India, make sure you try out the many exotic varieties of coffee that are unique and can be found only here.

These are a few suggestions from our side that are absolutely a must-try among all the things to do in Coorg - Kadambuttu is a rice dish and a popular one among the local cuisines. Usually served with Pandi curry, it is super yummy. For all the noodle lovers, Noolputtu is a desi version of noodles that are made from steamed rice. Pair it with Kheema curry or Bellath neer. One of the most popular street food in Coorg is Kuleputtu. It is prepared from the sweet juicy pulp extracted from the banana leaves. Keep this list handy so that you can gorge on these mouth-watering delicacies when in Coorg.

4. Manoeuvre Through Culture And History 

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Coorg has the most unexpected mix of cultures that are enriching to its core. Not known to many, it homes the second biggest Tibetan Monastery with the largest Tibetan settlement in South India. Take a visit to Namdroling Monastery (also popularly known as the Golden Temple) and immerse yourself in the beauty and grandiosity of its architecture. When here, experience a deep sense of tranquility within. There are humongous structures of Lord Buddha, Lord Padmasambhava and Lord Amitayus present at the Namdroling Monastery. You can try some delicious Tibetan delicacies like Thukpa and Dim sums around the Monastery.

Similarly, experience the history through a quick visit to Madikeri Fort. There is also a palace within the fort along with Mahatma Gandhi Public Library, the Kote Ganapathi temple, a church and a museum. Witness some interesting and rare artefacts and weapons from history at this fort.

5. Brimming Shopping Cart 

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It is a given that you will take back a lot of coffee from Coorg when you return. Do you know what else you can and must buy from Coorg? Though famous for coffee, Coorg also produces a lot of natural products and spices. Take a trip to the popular Kushal Nagar Market to buy spices like cardamom, pepper, cumin, mint, oregano, bay leaves, sage, thyme, etc.

You can also buy a range of ayurvedic oils and dry fruits from here. Along with that, there is also a Tibetan Flea market that you can explore for some Tibetan artefacts, warm winter wear, aesthetic home décor, etc. You can easily shop here even if you are on a budget. Incidentally, the handmade chocolates of Coorg are worth a shot. A treasure for souvenirs, make sure you have extra bags to load all your shopping adventures into.  

6. Cascading Falls 

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Coorg is a destination surrounded by nature and its tremendously pleasant beauty. With an abundance of greenery, it also has stunning and picture-perfect waterfalls that you should not miss. Surrounded by the coffee plantations is the famous Abbey Falls of Coorg. Take a dip or click pictures for your Instagram, it is definitely going to steal your heart.

There is one more waterfall just as exquisite as Abbey Falls and that is the great Iruppu Falls. There is a Shiva temple in the vicinity which is believed to have a mythological significance. Visit it and you will come back with a great story for sure. With just a little bit of hiking, you can explore various spots with enthralling views. One of them is Raja’s Seat. Don’t miss this lesser-known spot as you will get a chance to enjoy the heavenly sunset from this location.  

7. Bathe With Elephants

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Oh no, we are not kidding! We're talking about one of the most unique things to do when in Coorg. You can actually give a bath or even feed the elephants at this unique location in Coorg. Situated on the banks of river Kaveri, Dubare Elephant Camp is a treat for animal lovers. The best part of this place is that the elephants here are not caged but instead roam about freely within the open spaces dedicated to them.

Run by the forest department, it is one of the main attractions in Coorg. The elephants here don't just wander aimlessly but are trained by the naturalists or the Mahouts. A visit to this camp is not only interesting but also educational. Understand the different species of elephants, their habits and their lives. Apart from this, one can also enjoy activities like camping, trekking and jungle safaris where animals like tigers, deer, and different species of birds can be spotted.

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