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6 Best things to do in Chikmagalur

6 Best things to do in Chikmagalur

By Ruchi Joshi

15 Mar, 2023

Ever since the pandemic, work life is more chaotic, don’t you think? Even after you reach home, you need to take care of some or the other thing. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if the relationship you share with your work is compared with a toxic ex. It is time you take a much-needed detoxification from work, social media and the usual monotony of life. What is better than a trip amidst nature and pleasant weather with yourself or with friends? So give yourself a gift of nature therapy and visit Chikmagalur – a beautiful and peaceful hill station located near Bangalore in the state of Karnataka. If you translate its name into English, it means ‘Young Daughter’s Town’ and today we will tell you about all the things you must try at Chikmagalur.

Here's A List Of 6 Things To Do In Chikmagalur

1. Tighten Your Laces


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Chikmagalur is blessed with a wealth of wildlife and nature. The bountiful lush greenery works as a charm to refresh your mind and soul. Mullayanagiri Peak, located at a height of 1,950 meters above sea level, offers one of the best trails for hiking and trekking. Since it is the highest peak you are guaranteed to have limitless fun with a pristine and flawless view. However, get some time off social media because there will be no network at the peak. But hey, you can still capture the beauty through the camera and enjoy it without any disruption from your phone. You must check out Baba Budangiri (located at the height of 1,865 meters above sea level), Kemmangundi Peak (located at the height of 1,434 meters above sea level), Kudremukh Trek (located at the height of 1,894 meters above sea level), etc.

2. Are You A Coffee Person Or A Tea Person?


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You can be both because Chikmagalur has the best of both worlds. Being the first place in India to get introduced to coffee, Chikmagalur is not only famous for its coffee plantations but also its tea plantations. Moreover, you can opt for a guided tour of the tea and coffee estates where you can get first-hand information about how these two most favourite beverages of India are produced and cultivated. It is quite an interesting experience as you learn how the beans are cultivated, processed and packaged before they reach our mugs. Incidentally, the filter coffee served in this region is considered to be one of the best in South India. Additionally, the unique manner in which it is made makes it special and an absolute delight. After a trip here, you can proudly boast of being a tea and coffee connoisseur to your friends and family.

3. Gorge As Much As You Can

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Even though we love tea and coffee, we also need food to sustain ourselves, don’t we? One of the most popular delicacies is Pathrode. Filled with spices mixed in chickpea flour or rice flour and placed in colocasia leaves, relish it alongside coconut chutney. Interestingly, there are many dishes you can try like Halasina Hannina Kadubu (jackfruit idli served with coconut chutney), Akki Rotti (popular across Karnataka, it is made with rice flour, green chilli, onion and curry leaves), Hesarubele carrot Kosambari (it is a type of salad made of grated carrot and mung daal), Huli Avalakki (it is a savoury breakfast dish made with urad dal and gram dal mixed in various spices and jaggery), and many more.

4. Worship By The Bejewelled Edifices 


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Nestled in the land of spirituality and tranquillity, Chikmagalur has some 'out of the world' beautiful temples and places of worship. The most popular amongst them all is the temple of Goddess Saraswati - Sharadamba Temple. One can witness the artistic skill and craftsmanship through the intricately designed carvings and architecture in this temple believed to be built in the 8th century. Furthermore, the Horanadu Temple in Chikmagalur is a temple dedicated to the Goddess Annapoorneshwari. It is believed that whoever gets the blessings of Goddess Annapoorneshwari will never face scarcity of food in their life. As a form of respect, the male visitors remove their shirts and t-shirts, and only cover their shoulders with a towel or shawl while entering the temple.

5. Fill Your Backpacks


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We don't mean fill your backpacks just with memories but also some unique specialities from Chikmagalur to carry back home. Famous for sandalwood and its fragrant perfumes, the wide variety offered here is simply astounding. Moreover, don't miss out on the traditional local spices. They have their own distinct taste and flavour. Take back local art and artefacts as souvenirs for your friends and family. You can visit this shop called Nature Craft for it. Obviously, how can we forget to buy the speciality of Chikmagalur? Don't forget to get yourself a packet of coffee beans and tea.

6. Get Soaked In The Wild Beauty

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Emanating from a height of 551 feet, Dodda Hebbe (big falls) and Chikka Hebbe (small falls) are like two stages of this waterfall. You must definitely NOT miss visiting this waterfall which has a little pool forming at its base. It is surrounded by rocks and greenery on its sides, giving the photographer in you the urge to capture its beauty. Although, for a bit of an offbeat experience, you can visit Jhari Waterfall (also known as Buttermilk Waterfall). It offers you an exquisite view and a fun time with friends. The hike to the waterfall is easy and accessible. Another lesser-known but enchanting through and through is the Kalhatti Waterfall. Kadambi Waterfall, in the vicinity of Kudremukh National Park, is a cascading waterfall with a height of 30 feet.

What to do now?

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