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The crazy story behind coffee in Chikmagalur

The crazy story behind coffee in Chikmagalur

By Sohini Chaudhary

13 Mar, 2023

For many people, coffee is a go-to beverage for years. Coffee drinkers enjoy having a caffeine boost in the morning. Similarly, a few sips here and there during the day never hurt. Wouldn't you want to know where your favourite cup of coffee comes from, especially if you enjoy a nice brew?


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The Birthplace Of Coffee 

Chikmagalur, in Karnataka, is famed for its beautiful coffee plantations. Today, there are more coffee estates than ever. It is situated amidst the undulating hills of the Western Ghats. But Chikmagalur's history and celebration of coffee go back a very long way! 

The Chikmagalur district, which is tucked away in the Baba Budangiri mountain range's foothills, is a heavily forested area where coffee bushes thrive. On his way back to India in 1670, the venerable Sufi ascetic Baba Budan allegedly sneaked seven unroasted coffee seeds from Mocha in Yemen. Up until that point, only the Middle East was capable of producing coffee. Exporting anything other than roasted or ground beans was absolutely prohibited.

Top Producers Of Coffee 


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The lifestyle and culture of Chikmagalur have developed around this agrarian component. Similarly, the town is now one of the nation's top producers of coffee. The hill town is teeming with cafes, upscale coffee shops, homestays in the middle of coffee plantations, and opulent resorts that guarantee an unforgettable experience of Chikmagalur's coffee culture. You can go on plantation walks, select your own coffee, do village excursions, and participate in local cooking classes at sites like The Serai, where you can gain a deeper understanding of the local culture. Chikmagalur also boasts a coffee museum where enthusiasts can learn a lot.

A few of India's coffee estates still belong to families who are trying to uphold their heritage. Though despite this fact, the majority are now controlled by giant multinationals.

Witness The Process Of Coffee Making 

Ripe coffee cherries are dried here throughout the coffee flowering season and then processed to create coffee beans. You can either watch it live or examine our specially-created murals, which imaginatively illustrate the entire process.  

The Hosteller Chikmagalur  

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