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Top 10 things to do in Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh

Top 10 things to do in Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh

By Aquib Nawab

02 Jul, 2024

Jibhi, which is situated in Himachal Pradesh’s serene valley of the Himalayas, is a small village that provides an idyllic escape from urban noise for a weekend.

Jibhi, laid underneath the cedar trees and snow-peaked mountains, gives you an opportunity to be close to nature and enjoy the simple life of a hill station. While you’re here in Jibhi, there are numerous activities and places to visit that will fill your itinerary.

These are the top 10 must-do things while in this amazing place:

1. Hike up to Jibhi waterfall

One of Jibhi’s major points of interest is the Jibhi waterfall, located about 7 km away from the main city centre. This three-tiered waterfall falls down more than 100 feet into a pool of water surrounded by greenery.

On your way up there, as you climb on foot for only 1-2 hours, you will enjoy brilliant views across the valley. Thereafter, jump into cold water or sit on stones and watch how it comes out with much force, enjoying its beauty, before taking photos.

Life through the lens, Jibhi | Credits: Canva

2. Camping under the stars

Jibhi’s unspoiled environment makes it ideal for camping expeditions. Numerous hotels and homestays within reach offer facilities where one can stay overnight in an open-air arena (camping destinations).

Can you imagine waking up when the hills are covered with mist and fresh mountain air? If yes, go for shared camping grounds so that you can mingle with other travellers; otherwise, there are private ones too if you want your own space.

The day ends with bonfires, barbecue nights, or even taking time to look at the stars as part of the camping fun, making it memorable.

A still perspective, Jibhi | Credits: Canva

3. Pay a visit to Chehni Kothi

Chehni Kothi used to be a palace fort with traditional architecture portraying Himachali style and has now been converted into a heritage hotel dating back to the 19th century AD. Take a stroll around Chehni Kothi and enjoy its façade made out of stones, wooden beams, and tall watch towers.

Inside the kothi, there are murals on the walls that depict the lifestyle of people living in this place last time. You can even spend a night here, with all the modern amenities. There is an attached Apple Orchard Restaurant for pure local meals.

Captured serenity, Jibhi | Credits: Canva

4. Short walks

Jibhi is a perfect destination for individuals who love walking, as they have well-marked trails and pleasant strolls through pine trees and oak forests. Some of the favourite short treks are Chehni Village Walk or Rang Mahal Loop Trail, which normally take about two hours.

If you want to see the whole valley right up to the Ravi River below it, then go for the 3-hour-long Bun Pot Trail. Pack some light lunch, put on those walking shoes, and get away from it all for a few moments through these invigorating short walks.

Through the looking glass, Jibhi | Credits: Canva

5. Visit Tirthan Valley

A must-visit place during your trip to Jibhi is Tirthan Valley, which is just a thirty-minute drive from Jibhi itself. This green valley has rocky cliffs, swirling river waters, small villages, and apple orchards all over it.

It would be better if we had a picnic near the water's edge, caught trout fish in the Tirthan River, or climbed up to the Tirthan Waterfalls, where you could also spot various kinds of rare birds. Be sure not to miss this nearby gem!

A glimpse of beauty, Jibhi | Credits: Canva

6. Go fishing for trout

Rainbow and brown trout swim in the icy Tirthan River. Bring your fishing gear with you to the valley as you go angling. The local community manages the sport of trout fishing that is done sustainably; hence, they will offer permits as well as equipment.

Not a skilled fisherman? Professional day tours with certified guides are organised where you get taken to some of the best fishing spots and given a lesson on how to have a successful fishing experience amidst nature’s beauty.

Lens flair magic, Jibhi | Credits: Canva

7. Visit the Great Himalayan National Park

For an enthralling delve into biodiversity, visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is three hours away from Jibhi. Covering almost 800 sq km, it harbours animals like the Himalayan Brown Bear, Snow Leopard, and Musk Deer.

Some bird species found here include Western Tragopan and Cheer pheasant as well. Nature walks, mountain views, and recognition of conservation efforts by this National Park.

A perfect view, Jibhi | Credits: Canva 

8. Shop for handicrafts that are locally made

Jibhi has many small shops selling beautiful hand-knitted woollen items like embroidered shawls, etc. Wooden masks that are intricately designed, such as decorative items, can be seen from local craftsmen who are talented at wood carving.

Pashmina products, traditional Himachali caps, silver jewellery, and stone pottery can also be spotted. Don’t forget to take home some genuine souvenirs from Jibhi.

Photographic bliss, Jibhi | Credits: Canva 

9. Go on a village walk

Take a guided walk through traditional villages around Jibhi to get a glimpse into local life. Walk through hamlets like Shoja and Jalori Pass, admiring the unique Pahari architecture. Interact with villagers, visit local temples, stop at farms to see apple orchards, and sample authentic dishes. A village walk is a great way to support rural tourism and learn about the culture of Jibhi's community. Don't forget to carry your camera to capture memories.

Postcard from place, Jibhi | Credits: Canva

10. Try local cuisines

Do not miss out on tasting the delicious food of Himachal Pradesh while at Jibhi. Sample dishes like Siddu (steamed flour dumplings), Chha Gosht (lamb curry simmered in yoghurt gravy), Sepu Badi (lentil dumplings in gravy), and Patande (spinach with cottage cheese).

Taste every kind of chutney as well as the pickles that are found there. Finally, close your meals with a phini, a traditional sweet pancake sprinkled with sugar.

Snapshot in time, Jibhi | Credits: Canva


Nature’s bounty, quaint settlements, chances for adventure, and amiable reception make Jibhi an unforgettable experience for life. Plan an unforgettable trip using this list of top attractions and activities.

Let the beauty of the hills rejuvenate you from inside out during your whole stay in this small Himalayan settlement. Escape to serene Jibhi and get back to nature, far from the madding crowd.

Picture perfect scene, Jibhi | Credits: Canva

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