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10 Lesser-known adventure activities for couples in Goa

10 Lesser-known adventure activities for couples in Goa

By Aquib Nawab

10 Jun, 2024

When you think of Goa, what usually comes to mind first are its beautiful beaches, tasty seafood, exciting nightlife and Portuguese culture. Nevertheless, this Western Indian beach paradise has much more than adrenaline infested people and couples who love adventure!

Goa might be renowned for its chilled-out atmosphere but it is a great place to have adventurous moments with your partner. With landscapes varying from the coastline to the thickly forested hinterlands of the Western Ghats, Goa provides an array of thrilling activities that will get your hearts racing. So let go of the usual romantic dinners and embark on a wild Goa together.

Let us now discuss some of these adventurous activities in Goa for couples that will surely make your heart race:

Here are 10 adventure activities for couples in Goa:

Goa’s sun-drenched beaches are the perfect spot for couples to engage in some wet and wild fun. Many thrilling water sports activities can be done on its shores.

1. Banana boat rides

If you want fun combined with excitement, then take a banana boat ride with your partner. Being pulled behind by a speedboat across rough sea waves gripping onto the raft which resembles a banana is not something you will easily forget. Grasp tightly because part of the joy is when you get splashed!

Banana boat rides(Credits: Canva)

2. Parasailing

Are you interested in hanging in the sky like bird? Go for parasailing where both of you’ll be flying high up above, supported by different-coloured parachutes towing boats underneath them. As you fly hand in hand through the air, get a spectacular overview of Goa’s coastline from above.

Parasailing in Goa(Credits: The Hosteller)

3. Kayaking

Couples can also go kayaking in tandem kayaks, exploring Goa’s charming rivers and creeks that are fringed with swaying palms for a more relaxed yet active experience. You can do this at your own pace and spend quality time together amidst nature. Don’t be surprised if you see some odd crabs or tropical birds!

Kayaking(Credits: Canva)

4. Paramotoring and microlight flights 

Experience Goa’s tropical beauty from another perspective – high above in the open skies! Couples can take off together aboard a motorised paraglider or microlight plane for an unforgettable flight. And while soaring under colourful wings hand-in-hand, enjoy eye-popping vistas of beaches, fields and luxuriant forests. Talk about flying high! 

A view of two people enjoying paramotoring

A view of people enjoying paramotoring

5. Hiking

Put on those hiking boots because Goa offers an array of picturesque trails that you can explore as a couple seeking adventure. From short morning hikes to challenging multi-day treks, there is something for everyone.

One of these memorable walks takes you along Chorla Ghats through dense forests with towering waterfalls and hidden caves. Together with your partner take on the terrain and reach those stunning viewpoint vistas.

Hiking and trekking(Credits: Canva)

6. Rock Climbing

Test your grips and grit by visiting places such as Ladaz Rock Vertical Drive or Crocodile Rock for rock climbing with your partner.

No worries if you’re just starting as Goa has top-notch instructors who will make sure that both you and your loved one get up safely while mastering techniques in no time at all. So spot each other, and cheer one another on every time they conquer those craggy monoliths! This speaks volumes about relationship goals.

Rock climbing(Credits: Canva) 

7. Waterfall rappelling

Prepare for a nerve-racking excitement where one can descend the thunder-roaring falls attached to safe ropes! The heart-pounding act of waterfall rappelling in places like Dudhsagar and Arvalem will overlook gushing cascades and rainbows formed by spray. It is simply an out-of-this-world experience to share with your significant other.

Credits: Canva

8. White water rafting

Ready for some splashy, adrenaline-filled fun? Sign up for white water rafting! As you navigate rocky bends in the river you will paddle frantically through turbulent rapids under the guidance of a seasoned rafter. This is a thrilling experience that can be done on the Mhadei River which is famous for its breathtaking white waters and beautiful landscapes.

You have to work as a team when things become difficult to synchronise your moves and keep afloat; this is what love does to people!

White water rafting(Credits: Canva)

9. Night safari

When the sun sets, wild activity begins again in Goa’s forests - although nobody would believe it at night time! For an adventure beneath dark clouds, join guided night safaris into Goa's national parks and sanctuaries.

As your car lights pierce through absolute darkness, watch out for slithering snakes, prowling leopards or any other shy nocturnal creatures that may come across your sight! It is incredible how much couples can discover jungle secrets during such experiences.

Night safari(Credits: Canva)

10. Bungee Jumping

The last one on the list includes the thrilling Bungee Jumping, which can be experienced at the Mayem Lake in the charming town of Bicholim. This spot is recognised by the Goa Tourism Development corporation (GTDC). The duration of each bungee jumping session is about an hour, which includes a proper briefing by the certified instructors.

You will be provided with all the safety measures and essential equipment for a smooth and memorable experience. Additionally, you can opt for a video recording to captiure this thrilling experience.

A man doing bungee jumping in Goa

Bungee jumping activity in Goa (Credits: Goa watersports)

Weather & best time to visit:

Goa’s tropical climate determines what activities one can engage in throughout the year:

  • November- February: Peak season with pleasant weather suitable for any type of adventure activity including water sports/tracks.
  • March-May: It gets hotter but watersports will still work while tracking will be difficult because of heat.
  • June- September: This is when the monsoon takes place. Water sports are dangerous due to heavy rains but waterfall rappelling/river rafting becomes amazing here. Moreover, there are no better places for trekking than these rain-soaked forests full of lush greenery around them.
  • October: At this time, everything has already started cooling down temperature-wise after monsoons’ abundant lushness but before winter so that any activity may be done without being afraid of hot sun rays coming onto one's body or face thus resulting in sweating too much or anything like that again.

Pro tips for adventurous couples:

  • Ensure the operators are licensed/certified and follow directions.
  • In case of anything, ensure you have travel insurance that covers adventure activities.
  • Carry lots of sunscreen, hats, moisture-wicking clothes and proper footwear.
  • Have some energy give snacks and drink water frequently to keep yourself going all day long.
  • Never fail to carry any cameras/GoPros to capture all those heart-stopping moments!
  • More than ever – cheer each other up, rejoice together and above all else make sure that everything is 100% fun!

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Forget couple massages and candle-lit cruises. Get ready to create thrilling shared memories in Goa. Whether you're tearing through waves on jet skis, abseiling down waterfalls, zooming through rapids or swooping over jungles, these adventures will leave you bonded as a couple for life. What are you waiting for? Call your adventurer partner, and start planning that adrenaline-charged Goa getaway today! 

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