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6 Adventure sports in Solang Valley to enjoy this winter

6 Adventure sports in Solang Valley to enjoy this winter

By Akansha

23 Mar, 2023

Adventure sports is something that is always fascinating to watch on television. Expert athletes zooming around on their skates, skis, bikes or mobiles. It looks like such fun but also a little dangerous. Surely this experience is not just limited to them. If you are a lover of adventure sports and want to try out a few for yourself – the Solang Valley is the place to be! Solang Valley or Solang Nallah is located 14 kilometres from the stunning town of Manali. It falls on the route that goes toward Rohtang Pass. Solang Valley is your one-stop shop for all kinds of thrilling adventure sports. From quad biking to paragliding, Solang Valley has it all.
There are multiple operators in the valley that offer great deals on all kinds of adventure sports.

Winter is a particularly good time to try out these adventure sports in Solang Valley because the entire valley gets covered in innumerable sheets of snow and makes it look like a real-life photograph. The snow also allows for many adventure sports like snowmobiling to start operating as it cannot happen during the summers.

If You Are Up For A Thrilling Adventure Sports-Themed Vacation In Manali, Then These Are Some Of The Adventure Sports In Solang Valley You Must Take Advantage Of -

1. Paragliding


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This is one of those adventure sports in Solang valley that one must definitely try. It might feel a bit scary at first, but the thrilling experience is definitely worth all the pre-flight jitters. Seeing the majestic views of the surrounding valley and mountains is something that will make you forget all the worries of the world. And there is no better place to try this than Solang Valley. The flights range from a short 1-2 minute duration to a good 20-minute flight depending upon the cost. You can also use a GoPro to capture all the exciting footage from your thrilling flight.

  • Cost: 600 – 1800 per head
  • Best Time: April to December
  • Adventure Level: High

2. Skiing


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If you have always been a fan of winter adventure sports, then this is the one for you. During the winter months, Solang Valley is covered with snow and becomes the best spot for amateur skiing. There are guides and instructors to assist you, so there is nothing to be worried about. The amazing feeling of zipping down snow-laden slopes is the ultimate thrill of these kinds of adventure sports. Skiing gear is available with the operators so that should not be a concern. If you are a complete beginner, it might take you a few tries to balance perfectly but after that, it is all fun!

  • Cost: 300 onwards per head
  • Best Time: December to February
  • Adventure Level: Moderate to High (depending upon weather conditions)

3. Snowmobiling


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Solang Valley is the best spot to try snowmobiling. If you are an expert in this adventure sport and know how to operate a snowmobile then the entire Solang Valley can be your playground. But even if you are not, you can always choose to ride with an instructor into the snowy countryside and enjoy the great ground views of the entire valley as you whizz across the heavily-snowed paths. This is a sport that can be tried by the young and the old alike. Everyone can enjoy snowmobiling as an adventure sport as it gives a panoramic view of the entire Solang Valley without being too scary.

  • Cost: 500 – 800 per person
  • Best Time: December to February
  • Adventure Level: Moderate

4. Zorbing


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Zorbing is one of the most unique and incredible adventure sports in Solang Valley. You are secured safely inside the chamber of a huge PVC ball and pushed to roll freely forward from a slope. The tumbling and rolling around inside the ball as you rush down the mountain is the best thing about this adventure sport. But don’t worry, the instructor is always around to push and make you feel secure. There is nothing to be afraid of. One should definitely visit Solang Valley to take part in experiencing life from inside a zorb ball.

  • Cost: 600 – 1800 per head
  • Best TimeApril to December
  • Adventure Level: High 

5. Snow sledging 


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Considerably one of the easiest yet very enjoyable types of adventure sports that Solang Valley has to offer. Instructors will guide you on how to sit on a sledge and then push you down a slippery slope of snow, which is sometimes makeshift. It is easy on the pocket and really amusing as you zip past other people and the beautiful winter wonderland scenery on this sledge. If you are a first-timer of adventure sports in Solang Valley, then snow sledging is something that you must try.

  • Cost: 300 onwards
  • Best Time: December to February
  • Adventure Level: Low to Moderate

6. Cable car ride

cable car ride

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When one thinks of adventure sports in Solang, the mind does not immediately go to riding a cable car. But trust us! It might not be super thrilling or difficult, but it is certainly very enjoyable. The cable car has a vertical rise of 500 meters and covers a distance of 1.3 kilometres. For a minimal cost, you can enjoy and capture views of the entire snow-covered valley, the giant mountains and the beautiful winter sky that you cannot see from anywhere else. Plus if you have some friends who are scared to try the more difficult adventure sports in Solang Valley, then the cable car is something you can all enjoy together.

  • Cost:  450 per head
  • Best Time:  Year-round
  • Adventure Level: Low 

All this talk about adventure sports has surely gotten us in the mood for some exciting snowy escapades. And we think there is no better place than Solang Valley to take a trip this winter. Stay at our gorgeous hostel in Manali and save those precious bucks that you can use to try out all the adventure sports in Solang Valley that we have listed above. Happy travels to all you thrill seekers

Note: All prices are tentative and are decided only by the operators of the mentioned adventure sports in Solang Valley. 

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