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7 Reasons Why Backpackers Should Visit Delhi

7 Reasons Why Backpackers Should Visit Delhi

By Akansha

23 Mar, 2023

It is not because of the incredible city that Delhi is that a backpacker should visit it, but rather what else it has to offer. Quite simply, Delhi is the capital city of India and a stop for every international traveller who comes to explore India. Even the food in Delhi pleases every traveller it welcomes. Wondering why backpackers should visit Delhi? Read on to know.


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Here Are Some Reasons Why Backpackers Should Visit Delhi - 

1. Delhi Is An Adventure In Itself


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Being the Capital city of India is not an easy task but Delhi is always up for the challenge and meets the expectations of every traveller it welcomes. Yes, it is a huge and busy city with mind-blowing history and culture. Delhi has a history that only a handful of cities in the world can be proud of. Spread across Delhi are numerous monuments and old lanes which take you back in time. The best way to know about this is to go on walks like those of Old Delhi and Mehrauli which give you a comprehensive experience of what life looked like in the past and how it has evolved to what it is today. Now there is no need to look for cheap hotels in Delhi because we at The Hosteller also have curated various city walks to help travellers experience it all.

2. Food, Food And Food!


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Delhi is a food giant and everyone who visits will surely agree. Not just in North India, but the whole of India. The food in Delhi never disappoints you. You get a wide range of variety of food in Delhi. There is no city like Delhi which offers so much food. Look anywhere. Have you ever been to a place and said “Damn, I can't find food anywhere here”? No!. Delhi doesn’t allow you to say that. From delicious chole bhature to paranthas and kebabs, Delhi leads like no other. Believe it or not, the food in Delhi speaks for itself. If you ever go on a crazy food walk and you are a true foodie, you’d find the purest reason to come back to this city over and over again. Or maybe enjoy at our in-house Cafe, which is our standardized cafe across our properties.

3. Pubs And Nightlife


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Delhi is the most important city in Northern India. Over time, with the emergence of Delhi as a land of opportunities, its cosmopolitan face started witnessing more and more glamour. So the standard of life went from good to better and also led to an improved entertainment and nightlife. A pub crawl across Delhi would make you forget time and probably keep you hungover for the whole next day. Love connecting with people? This is why packpackers should visit Delhi.

4. Hostels & Cafes


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Delhi, the capital city of India, is one of the first cities in India to adopt the hostel culture. It is inspired by the traditional Dharamshala culture that still prevails since ancient India. Hostels like The Hosteller were among the firsts to help travellers’ lives get easy in this city. And it worked like never before. The number of travellers increased and so did the quality of hospitality. Moreover, it led to more places to chill and theme-based dormitories to make travellers’ stay more interesting. Looking frantically for cheap hotels in Delhi is now a thing of the past.

5. Nearby Destinations

nearby delhi

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Delhi is the door to the Himalayas, be it through railways or buses. You just cannot avoid Delhi. You do know about Kasol, don’t you? A 12-hour bus journey from Delhi will take you directly there. Or if you are thinking of an adventurous as well as a spiritual journey, choose nowhere other than Rishikesh and yes, the best budget backpacker’s hostel is there even here, making it all the more happening for everyone as you can choose from two amazing hostels. This is why backpackers should visit Delhi.

6. Trekking And Camping


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Pack your stuff and tighten your rucksack straps in Delhi. Right from local city tours to longer expeditions, the options of treks and camping are endless here. Depending on the length of your trip to the locations you want to explore, you can choose your next adventure which begins in Delhi. A convenient meeting point, Delhi serves as the start for many treks. Some of the best ones are Nag Tibba, Triund, Kheerganga and Parvati Valley.

7. Travellers' Meet And Talks


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Delhi is the home of a lot of travellers that come from around the world. They prefer to stay in classy backpacker hostels. So when it comes to stopping by somewhere to listen to some travel tales to get motivated and hit the road, Delhi offers you ample travel talks and meets where you can just check in and listen to stories of great travellers, photographers, adventurers and storytellers, while sipping your tea on a cold winter evening.


To conclude, we do not think a backpacker should have a reason to hate Delhi. A backpacker does not seek places but seeks journeys, cultures and experiences. Delhi gives you everything. And like every place, it has its cons. But what differentiates a traveller from a tourist is that the traveller keeps the cons away and embraces what a destination truly has to offer. As far as Delhi is concerned, what it offers is totally worth a visit is uncountable.

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