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Long Weekend: 5 chill-out spots for your Bakrid

Long Weekend: 5 chill-out spots for your Bakrid

By Aquib Nawab

13 Jun, 2024

One of the most important Muslim holidays, Bakrid, is just around the corner. Like all other major festivals, celebrations are always mired by it. This year’s Bakrid will fall on Thursday, thereby giving Indian professionals a four-day long weekend.

This coming long weekend presents a perfect time to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, characterized by busy schedules, city overcrowding, and daily stress. With proper planning, you can have a calm mini-vacation during your Bakrid leave that will be sure to make you come back home feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

To give you an idea about holiday destinations at this particular period of time, we present you with five amazing places for peacefulness and tranquility in the coming Bakrid long weekend.

1. Alleppey, Kerala

Alleppey, a serene getaway town with calm water bodies, is popularly known as “Little Venice." It offers houseboats for rental, ayurvedic centers, and beach resorts, among others.

Rent a traditional boat house floating along coconut palm-lined backwaters while feasting on delicious seafood and watching rural serenity unfold before your eyes. Visit Alleppey Beach and indulge yourself in sunbathing or thrilling water activities, as well as strolling besides its golden sands for one day. Enjoy revitalizing ayurvedic treatments or even chill out in one of the seafront hotels.

The calming atmosphere it receives, together with its proximity to Cochin International Airport, makes it an ideal destination for unwinding.

2. Alibaug, Maharashtra

Located a short distance from Mumbai, across a ferry ride, lies Alibaug, which is known for its beautiful beaches combined with historic sea forts as well as peace itself. In fact, Alibaug has become a favorite retreat center among Mumbai residents due to its scenic beauty and availability of beachfront villas.

Relax under palms that sway on the secluded Nagaon Beach, go for horse rides on Saswane Beach, or explore the 17th-century Murud-Janjira Fort with its fabulous Konkan cuisine. Only three hours’ drive from Mumbai would take you to Alibaug for a relaxed weekend.

3. Pondicherry

You can be in a small French colony without even stepping out of India by visiting Pondicherry. The place is characterized by cobblestone streets, colorful French buildings, quaint cafes, and peace.

Take long walks at Serenity Beach, pay homage to Aurobindo Ashram, shop at a vibrant local market, or just relax in your hostel room overlooking the sea. The cultural charm of Pondicherry, combined with its laid-back attitude, makes it an excellent Bakrid destination.

4. Coorg, Karnataka

Coorg, situated in the Western Ghats, is blessed with scenic valleys surrounded by lush rain forests interspersed by gushing waterfalls and spice plantations; it also has rich coffee estates making up part of this picturesque hill station, which offers tranquility amidst nature.

Spend days hiking scenic trails amidst fresh mountain air while spotting exotic bird species as well as wild animals. There are Abbey and Iruppu waterfalls to visit, coffee plantations to tour, and a Barapole River whitewater rafting experience. Coorg’s pristine natural settings provide an excellent getaway environment.

5. Daman

For a peaceful beach vacation studded with Portuguese history, head to the laidback coastal town of Daman. It has perfect beaches, beautiful churches, and resorts on its coast.

You can relax under thatched huts at Jampore Beach, go for a boat ride on the river, or try your luck in one of the many casinos in Daman. The 17th-century Dominican Monastery and imposing Moti Daman Fort will be enjoyed by those interested in history.

Daman is inexpensive for alcoholic beverages; good seafood dishes are also available here; besides, it is just a 3-hour drive from Mumbai, which makes it an ideal quick escape.

Getting the most out of your long weekend

For those who are able to plan well, this means taking advantage of a 4-day weekend coming up ahead for Bakrid. Here are some tips:

  • Camping is a better option for last minute trip planners. Popular getaways sell out fast on long weekends, therefore camping will be the best option.
  • Travel on Saturday morning. Leave on Saturday instead of Sunday to avoid traffic congestion.
  • Pick a place within driving distance. Opt for closer destinations to reduce travel time.
  • Have buffer days. Take Monday or Tuesday off to recover from your holiday.
  • Unplug from work, inform colleagues you'll be unavailable, and focus just on relaxing.
  • Try new activities. Do things you can't easily do on normal weekends, e.g., water sports activities.
  • Splurge on experiences, e.g., book spa treatments or special restaurant meals.
  • Pack light. Carry only the bare essentials so that you may move around without any difficulty.

Final thoughts

This Bakrid long weekend is the perfect time to escape the city buzz and enjoy quality time amid nature or quaint towns. Forgo crowded major tourist hubs such as Alleppey, Alibaug, Pondicherry, Coorg, or Daman for offbeat places like these ones.

Plan your holiday smartly, focusing just on relaxation and joyful experiences. Detox from work stress and return feeling mentally recharged. By picking the right destination and activities, your Bakrid mini-vacation can be a much-needed breather that uplifts your spirit.

Here's wishing you an amazing, peaceful holiday ahead! Why not choose unique, affordable hostels that will let you meet fellow travelers and add an extra spice of fun to your trip?

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