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Enhance your travel experience with our new concierge app: Glu

Enhance your travel experience with our new concierge app: Glu

By Shwetha Vasan

31 Aug, 2023

What is Glu?

In this era of effortless travel, we're transforming how people experience journeys by unveiling Glu, an inventive and unparalleled concierge service app. Designed to bridge the gap between travellers and The Hosteller, Glu is set to redefine how travellers experience their stay. This web-based application offers various features, ensuring guests enjoy a hassle-free and memorable stay at The Hosteller.

Comprehensive features for a seamless stay

Glu presents an impressive range of features, establishing itself as a comprehensive travel companion that elevates every facet of a backpacker’s experience. Continue reading to discover how Glu is on the verge of simplifying the life of every traveller:

1. Contactless check-in

Bid farewell to traditional check-in processes. With Glu, guests can enjoy fully contactless check-in and check-out services, allowing them to dive into their vacation without unnecessary delays. A smooth and effortless start to your getaway is now just a click away.

2. In-stay feedback

Guests will now have the opportunity to provide valuable feedback during and after their stay. With the option to offer instant feedback, The Hosteller is committed to continually improving its services. Guests receive updates on the resolution of their feedback via WhatsApp, ensuring transparent communication and swift issue resolution.

3. Requests

Discover the ‘Request’ functionality within Glu– the ultimate problem-solving tool meticulously crafted to promptly attend to lingering issues. This feature is divided into four convenient sub-categories, namely Housekeeping, Repair & Maintenance, Booking and Other Requests.

A. Housekeeping: Effortlessly address cleanliness-related concerns with Glu's Housekeeping feature, benefiting from the expertise of our skilled staff. Whether it's your room, washroom, garbage disposal, or amenities replenishment, Glu guarantees a pristine environment throughout your stay.

B. Repair & maintenance: With Glu's Repair & Maintenance option, bid farewell to inconvenience. Report issues like malfunctioning appliances (e.g., AC, geyser, WiFi) or other snags such as charging sockets not functioning properly. We'll promptly address these concerns, sparing you the effort of searching for housekeeping staff.

C. Booking: Navigate booking-related hitches with ease through Glu's Booking feature. Whether it's an early check-in, late check-out, or a preference for a lower or upper bunk bed, Glu ensures your booking aligns perfectly with your needs.

D. Other requests: For miscellaneous needs, turn to Glu's "Other Requests" feature. From first aid assistance to borrowing an umbrella, Glu is your go-to solution for those unexpected requirements during your stay.

4. Services

Uncover the ‘Services’ section within Glu, a section platform providing immediate services for a diverse range of paid amenities. This division comprises three user-friendly subdivisions: Add-ons, Rentals and Transfers.

A. Add-ons: Elevate your comfort with Glu's Add-ons. From extra mattresses and locks to towels and skincare products, we provide everything necessary to enhance your stay's quality and convenience.

B. Rentals: In the Rentals section, simplify your transportation needs without the hassle of seeking out local options. Easily rent a taxi, bike, or bicycle through Glu, ensuring you have a reliable mode of transport at your fingertips.

C. Transfers: Streamline your travel logistics with Glu's Transfer service. Enjoy seamless pick-up and drop-off options, whether it's from the airport to the hostel or between hostels as you journey to your next destination.

5. Events & Activities

At The Hosteller, we deeply enjoy curating an extensive range of events and activities to ensure an enjoyable stay for our guests and foster a sense of community. These engaging experiences span from intimate indoor gatherings like karaoke nights and shared games to thrilling outdoor adventures like lakeside camping and yoga retreats. Through this feature, you can click to explore an assortment of paid and complimentary events and activities available within and around the hostel you are staying in. Join in and seize the chance to forge enduring memories while establishing connections with fellow explorers.

6. Food orders

Upon clicking this option, you'll be directed to Thrive, where you can explore our extensive café menu and conveniently place an order even when you are away from the hostel. You can also conveniently track your orders and make sure you receive a hot meal or a chilled refreshing beverage right as you step inside the hostel.

7. Stay Informed

Whether you're curious about your hostel's amenities or eager to explore the local destination, Glu provides in-depth information. No need to sift through brochures or scour the internet – all the information you need is conveniently accessible through the app.

8. Earn your living

Glu doesn't just streamline your stay – it also rewards you. You can avail a 10% discount on services by liking, following, sharing & writing a review. Moreover, this app is for every guest staying at The Hosteller, promoting a sense of community among travellers.

How to access?

Available exclusively to guests with a booking at The Hosteller, Glu offers a personalised experience. To access the app, travellers need their unique booking ID, ensuring a secure and tailored interaction.

Step 1 - Click the Glu link received on your WhatsApp along with the booking confirmation message.

Step 2 - Enter your reservation ID and your contact details in the next few screens.

Step 3 - Access your personalised dashboard where you can see your hostel details, learn more about the destination and explore services.

Step 4 - Click on the ‘contactless check-in’ option and complete your web check-in before you reach the hostel.

Step 5 - Now that you are checked in, you can explore the rest of the app to order food, check out our add-on services, see events happening at the hostel and more.

Enhancing your experience, one click at a time

Glu, The Hosteller's new concierge app, is set to transform how travellers experience their stay. With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features, and exclusive benefits, Glu is more than a web app – it's a travel companion that ensures you make the most of every moment during your stay. As the travel industry evolves, we are at the forefront, embracing technology to provide an unparalleled experience for our guests. So why wait? Dive into your next adventure armed with Glu and unlock a world of convenience, customization, and community.

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