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Discover hidden romantic retreats in Himachal Pradesh this monsoon

Discover hidden romantic retreats in Himachal Pradesh this monsoon

By Aquib Nawab

27 Jun, 2024

A state in the arms of the Himalayas, Himachal Pradesh is known for its splendid landscapes, rich green valleys and peaceful atmosphere. It is visited by a lot of people during all seasons but it becomes even more beautiful with monsoons. Himachal Pradesh is such a beautiful state for honeymooners, rain-washed mountains, mist-covered valleys and flowering vegetation make it ideal for romantic couples.

The present blog will guide you through some undisclosed romantic getaways within Himachal Pradesh that come alive in monsoon season making it an ideal place for couples to make their memories unforgettable.

Tirthan valley: A tranquil paradise

Tirthan Valley is one of the lesser known gems of Kullu district, which turns into a monsoon paradise. The valley gets its name from the Tirthan River that flows through it, producing a symphony of gentle flowing water. As such the lush greenery, apple orchards and quaint villages here make it a favorite spot for lovers seeking privacy and serenity in their love lives.

Things to do

Nature Walks: Take leisurely walks along the riverbanks and explore the surrounding forests. The monsoon season enhances the beauty of the landscape with vibrant flowers and lush vegetation.

Fishing: Tirthan River is famous for trout fishing. Thus couples can spend a peaceful afternoon catching fish while enjoying the serene atmosphere around them.

Great Himalayan National Park: This park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its varied flora and fauna. Trek through guided trails in this park during monsoons to see what happens when rain meets dense foliage.

Tirthan Valley | Credits: Canva

Chail: The quaint hill station

Chail is located near Shimla and it is a small hill station in India known for its peaceful setting and magnificent sights. It becomes a misty place full of fog during the rainy season that creates an eerie atmosphere. During the rainy season, the fragrance of rain falling on deodar and pine trees can bring out intimacy.

Things to do

  • Chail Palace: Discover the ancient Chail Palace which has an air of royal grandeur about it. Its architectural features along with well-manicured gardens make it a perfect place for romantic strolls.
  • Kali Ka Tibba: This temple offers panoramic views to its visitors over beautiful hills covered by trees. Hiking up to this temple especially during monsoon seasons when flower blossoms line the route is quite pleasurable.
  • Lovers’ Point: This spot which takes its name after lovers is popular among couples who wish to hang out together. The stunning landscape and peaceful environment adds more charm to it making it a perfect spot for couples wishing to spend quality time together.

Chail | Credits: Himalayan Traveling

Shoja: The hidden gem

Shoja is a small village positioned in the Seraj Valley, celebrated for its pristine natural splendor. The village still remains largely undiscovered, and therefore an ideal location for couples in need of some privacy and solitude. The romantic settings that include misty mountains and green meadows are brought to life by the arrival of monsoon season.

Things to do

  • Waterfall Point: A short hike from Shoja takes you to a lovely waterfall. It is the perfect place for couples who want to unwind and commune with nature as they listen to falling water.
  • Jalori Pass: Jalori Pass drive opens up breathtaking glimpses of mountains and valleys. This road sometimes disappears into clouds during monsoons thus painting a mystical picture around it.
  • Serolsar Lake: From Jalori pass, the trail leads you to this calm lake. More fun is added to this trek by monsoons; flowers blooming all around and fresh greenery.

Shoja | Credits: Nomads of India

Barog: The serene hamlet

Barog, a small hill station near Solan has a reputation for its calmness and picturesque scenery. In the monsoon season Barog gets converted into a green oasis which is perfect for couples who want to have some quality time by themselves away from teeming crowds.

Things to do

  • Barog Railway Station: Visit this lovely railway station on the UNESCO World Heritage Kalka-Shimla Railway line. The surroundings of this station are full of beautiful landscapes and walking along the railway track is an experience in romance.
  • Grave of Barog: This historical site gives wide views of the surrounding hills. In fact, one can have an enjoyable walk up to the grave, especially in the rains when there are lush vegetation plants all over.
  • Dolanji Bon Monastery: Enter this tranquil monastery and feel peace descend upon you. Located amidst pleasant surroundings, it offers ideal conditions for meditation and restfulness.

Barog | Credits: FootLoose Dev

Mashobra: The scenic retreat

Located near Shimla, Mashobra is a quiet hill station with green surroundings and enjoyable weather. During the rainy season, the lush forests washed by heavy rains and flowers in full bloom give a romantic atmosphere to Mashobra.

Things to do

  • Craignano Nature Park: Take a walk through this lovely park housing different types of flora and fauna. The brightness of colors of flowers, vivid during monsoons, adds beauty to the park with its thick foliage.
  • Tattapani: This hot water spring is also located near Mashobra. Taking a bath in a hot spring is a soothing experience particularly during monsoons when it’s cool outside.
  • Forest Walks: Leisurely stroll across the thickly wooded areas are some activities that can be done at Mashobra . In monsoon season walking gets better because there will always be fresh vegetation and sounds of raindrops.

Mashobra | Credits: Memorable India

Palampur: The tea garden paradise

Palampur, in Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful hill station, known for its tea gardens and pleasant climate. In the monsoon season, with lush green tea gardens and mist-covered mountains it becomes a romantic place.

Things to do

  • Tea Garden Tours: Walk through these green tea colonnades and find out how the beverage is produced. The monsoon season embellishes the gardens with more colors and brings picture-perfect landscapes.
  • Neugal Khad: This attractive site gives you amazing views of Dhauladhar range. During monsoons it gets an appearance makeover as fresh greenery sprouts all over the place accentuated by gushing streams.
  • Saurabh Van Vihar: Couples can relax here since this garden has been maintained well. It is full of flowers during rains and everything grows green.

Palampur | Credits: Canva

Kasauli: The colonial charm

Kasauli, near Chandigarh, is a small hill station that is often described as charming because of its colonial influence and tranquil atmosphere. In Kasauli magic is added in every monsoon with covered mist hills and greenery which are new in a lovey-dovey way.

Things to do

  • Sunset Point: Get there in the late evening to admire the breathtaking view upon sunset. Monsoons have contributed to this landscape’s beauty by covering it with thin fog including cloudiness that creates a paradise-like picture.
  • Gilbert Trail: Just take your time while walking along this path which offers magnificent views of nearby hillsides. In the rainy season it becomes more interesting due to new leaves on trees and the sound of raindrops.
  • Christ Church: that was built in the colonial era can be an ideal place for such activities like meditation or just complete relaxation for several reasons; firstly due to the silence reigning there as well as its natural surroundings are really very beautiful.

Kasauli | Credits: Canva

Nahan: A peaceful town

Located in the Sirmaur district, Nahan is a small town famous for its tranquil atmosphere and scenic attractions. When it rains, Nahan turns into lush greenery with flowers blooming all over making it a perfect place for couples who want to have quality private moments.

Things to do

  • Renuka Lake: A serene lake surrounded by hills covered in green vegetation. During the monsoon season, blossoms appear on the water and tender leaves grow again everywhere.
  • Simbalwada Wildlife Sanctuary: There are many different types of plants and animals in this sanctuary. The streams become more vibrant during the monsoons and there is also an abundance of fresh greenery.
  • Rani Tal: It provides captivating views of surrounding hillocks. With mist-clouded mountains and new leaves on trees; the rainy season beautifies this site.

Nahan | Credits: thesirmourretreat

Rajgarh: The peach valley

Rajgarh, popularly known as “The Peach Valley,” is a beautiful hill station located in Sirmaur district. In Rajgarh, everything turns green during monsoons thus making this secluded destination suitable for couples wanting privacy and silence.

Things to do

  • Peach Orchards: Wander through the peach orchards that are lush with green leaves full of fruits. These gardens look livelier during monsoon because they change their foliage colours as well as scenery.
  • Hiking: Go out for gentle walks within these hills which surround you. During the wet seasons, various types of flowering plants sprout up and cover the land with their scents.
  • Habban Valley: This valley is called Habban Valley which is considered one of the most attractive places due to its natural beauty. Misty hills and flowing streams make it more beautiful especially at nights when there’s no rainfall over it since they get wet during this period only.

Rajgarh | Credits: Issuu

Pragpur: The heritage village

Pragpur is a village in the Kangra district of India, known for its traditional architecture and calmness. Monsoon transforms Pragpur to be a lovely and romantic place with its droplets of rain on the streets and gardens blossoming.

Things to do

  • Heritage Walks: Take your time and get involved in heritage walks that are well guided within the village which would help you learn about its history as well as rich culture. During monsoon, fresh greenery makes it even more enchanting.
  • Judge’s Court: A stroll through this ancient mansion can be so much fun considering that it has since been converted into a hotel for those who love old buildings. This place is very good for walking around due to beautiful architectural designs and properly maintained gardens.
  • Dada Siba Temple: During monsoons, blooming flowers enhance the beauty of the temple while lush vegetation covers the surrounding hills hence making it appealing, serene & attractive.

Pragpur | Credits: Rural Tourism)

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