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Top 10 places to visit in Udaipur during monsoon

Top 10 places to visit in Udaipur during monsoon

By Aquib Nawab

05 Jul, 2024

The monsoon is here, and it’s looking good in Rajasthan. As the clouds break open and the peacock calls out for his mate, Udaipur turns into a rain-kissed haven. While much of Rajasthan remains hot and arid, Udaipur stands out with its refreshing climate, becoming a cool oasis amidst the heat. The lakes turn into waterfalls, the hills become green, and the whole city echoes with laughter. It's time to see some monsoon marvels of nature and history in Udaipur.

Here are the top 10 places to visit during monsoons in Udaipur:

1. Sajjangarh monsoon palace

The palace was built by Maharana Sajjan Singh in 1884 as a weather observatory to track monsoon clouds after his death. Just as intended, it presents an incomparable view point for watching incoming monsoon clouds. The palace looks majestic, bathed in rain, and surrounded by lush green foliage. Don't miss the enchanting sunset views from this terrace during the rainy season.

The drive up to this palace is something else in itself. Make sure you stop on this curvy road to see the entire town below you. Give yourself at least 2–3 hours to explore the palace and walk around its surrounding hills. Remember your umbrella since there can be slippery paths when it rains.

Sajjangarh monsoon palace | Credits: Canva

2. Nandeshwar lake

Nandeshwar Lake stands like a shining gem amidst verdant hills during monsoons too. In fact, it is a man-made lake created by Maharana Shambhu Singh in the 17th century. This lake derives its name from the Nandeshwar Mahadev Temple, where Lord Shiva resides. Take a tranquil walk around this lake, enjoying its untouched beauty during the wet seasons.

The surrounding hills come alive with greenery, while numerous waterfalls gush down all over, contributing more to its dreamy setting. You can also indulge yourself with boating activities there as well. The backdrop of the Aravali Hills is embellished with an intricate marble carving of Lord Shiva, and a beautiful sunset at this lake is not to be missed.

Nandeshwar Lake | Credits: Canva

3. Ubeshwar Mahadev temple

Ubeshwar Mahadev Temple is located at the topmost point of a small hill in Udaipur. It is surrounded by natural beauty, and it’s one of the best places to experience monsoon showers for real. Within the temple premises lies a natural pond that has never run dry, even during peak summers, and this is its main attraction.

The temple comes alive during the monsoons, with devotees thronging to take a holy dip in the pond. The lush green hillsides, waterfalls, and small streams around the temple add to the divine experience. Pay your respects to God Shivlinga at this place with beautiful carvings of various Hindu deities. Don't forget to take back the holy water from the temple pond.

Ubeshwar Mahadev Temple | Credits: Canva

4. Kaileshwar waterfall

These falls are about 16 km away from Udaipur city centre, in its outskirts. In the rainy season, it develops into an ideal picnic spot where you can get drenched under its approximately 100-foot-high cascade. Take a short hike to the bottom of the waterfall and feel the spray of rushing water. Additionally, there is a Shiva temple near the falls that provides peace and tranquillity.

Enjoy lush green vegetation all around you and take in fresh air. You can bring along some food for picnicking and spend hours gazing at the scenery. Early mornings are the best time to see falls when it is quiet and peaceful.

Kaileshwar Waterfall | Creddits: Canva

5. Neemach Mata temple

Located on one of the hills bordering Fateh Sagar Lake, Neemach Mata Temple gives an all-round view of Udaipur lakes and surrounding hills. During monsoons, it is quite an experience to go up through the forest path that has thick foliage with light rain falling through. As you ascend higher, the views become more panoramic. Take frequent stops to admire the misty land below your legs!

The goddess’s idol here has very delicate carving work on it, and there is always a calmness that prevails in this place. Before coming down, spend a few moments with God himself as it were. Beware while descending, because sometimes it can become slippery.

Neemach Mata Temple | Credits: udaipurvisit, Instagram

6. Parashurama Mahadev temple

Known as Rajasthan’s Amarnath, Parashurama Mahadev Temple is situated on a hill about 55 km away from Udaipur city. The ancient cave temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and becomes an ideal destination for spiritual vows during the monsoon months. It was formed by Lord Vishnu’s 6th incarnation, called Parashuram, as per mythology.

There are stone Ganeshas, Nandhis, and Shivlings made naturally over here, giving it a divine look. These nine kunds(ponds) serve as attraction points since they are filled with clean rainwater. A dip in these crystal-clear waters will make you feel refreshed. During this time last year, there were lots of waterfalls and streams inside this cave area, which means that it was heaven for anyone who loves raw monsoon beauty.

Parashurama Mahadev Temple | Credits: Canva

7. Chandni village

For a peaceful escape from the city, visit Chandni Village, about 25 km away from Udaipur. The small village is transformed into a green paradise during this rainy season, with several streams and waterfalls as well as lush green forests everywhere. Walk by shimmering fields of cereal crops, meet warm people, and get an insight into peasant life. Over homemade food at a hut in the village, you can enjoy watching the rain come down in torrents. You can also take pictures of monsoons to capture the village’s rustic feel. Now get ready to watch peacocks dancing in the rain!

Chandni Village | Credits: Canva

8. Karni Mata ropeway

Observe monsoon showers over Udaipur from above through the Karni Mata Ropeway. This ropeway is one of the best vantage points in town and takes you up to Machhla Magra Hill Temple. The 4-minute journey through the ropeway affords breath-taking views of Pichola Lake, City Palace, Lake Palace, and surrounding hills.

Look at these clouds moving towards Udaipur and drenching it as you hang suspended midair. Lush greens, waterlogged lakes, and misty landscapes of Udaipur make perfect frames that stay forever in your memory. Once there, go inside this temple made up of marble, which has silver doors too. Don’t move without looking at sunsets while riding ropes; here they look like gold reflected on lake waters when seen during the evening hours.

Karni Mata Ropeway | Credits: Canva

9. Goram ghat

For a unique experience in the rainy season, take a trip to the Goram Ghat Forest Reserve, which is almost 45 km away from Udaipur. It is surrounded by Aravali hills, and once it pours, it turns into lush green heaven, with waterfalls dotting the landscape like mushrooms that come alive after the summer.

Go for elephant rides through jungle paths to see antelopes, golden jackals, striped hyenas, blue bulls, wild boars, and various types of birds. The music of roaring falls, accompanied by a misty environment and a mouldy odour, produces a magical atmosphere around this place. One can enjoy camping under starry skies near the babbling waterfalls.

Goram Ghat | Credits: Canva

10. Kumbhalgarh fort

A drive through rain-swept Aravalis will be a great introduction to visiting Kumbhalgarh Fort, situated in the northwest of Udaipur, some 85 km away. This hillside fort was built here on top of elevated ground by Rana Kumbha during the 15th century AD.

Wolf packs, leopards, bears, and hyenas are common sights in the lush forests around the fortress, while many species of birds also live there. Moody skies, drifting clouds, and wet earth add more charm to its magic throughout the rain. Visit this monumental structure that has been so well protected by nature’s natural barriers and designed with such amazing skill as you explore it! Also, look out for stunning vistas across the countryside while standing on the Fort's viewing platforms. As you drive back home through the twilight woods, where mists rise all over you, it feels like stepping into another world.

Kumbhalgarh Fort | Credits: Canva


So forget about crowds and head to Udaipur this monsoon! Discover forts, temples, jungles, villages, or lakes there that remain untouched by popular tourist routes, making your stay unforgettable. Illuminate your senses along with the rain and explore the genuine monsoon aura of this place!

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