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A traveller's guide to Goa's secluded monsoon beaches

A traveller's guide to Goa's secluded monsoon beaches

By Aquib Nawab

27 Jun, 2024

Goa, the smallest Indian state, is a place for beautiful beaches, great nightlife and a combination of Indian and Portuguese cultures. However, Goa has an underlying beauty that only comes out during the monsoon season. The monsoons make everything extremely green and lush unlike in winter when there is hardly any rain. These places are completely different from all others on the planet in wet seasons like this when there is still water everywhere since its mighty rivers fill up to the brim; it’s as if nature wants to share with us some secrets of life during this time of year.

The magic of monsoon in Goa

June through September marks the arrival of the Monsoon season ushering in a revitalizing shift. And so just after two months of drawing endless tourists it fills up anew with other men who come to have some rest away from home. Once again though not always hot weather goes away until next summer; instead, plants grow into thickets that seem too hard to overcome without a machete. The beaches however calm down immediately after being overwhelmed by people during peak tourist seasons.This time also offers an opportunity to experience local festivals as well as immerse oneself in Goan hospitality at its best.

Why visit Goa during monsoon?

  1. Peaceful beaches: The beaches are less crowded with tourists hence offer an intimate connection with nature.
  2. A state of greenery: The whole state is covered by green making it a paradise for those who love nature.
  3. Special sort of ceremonies: The rainy season in Goa is marked by unique festivals such as Sao Joao and Bonderam.
  4. Rates within one’s pocket: During this time, hotel costs and travel are significantly low compared to the peak season.

Secluded monsoon beaches in Goa

1. Kakolem beach (Tiger beach)

In South Goa, you will find Kakolem Beach, which is also known as Tiger beach; it is one of the most secluded and picturesque beaches of this region. The beach itself is not easy to access since it can only be reached via a small winding road and then through a steep decline making sure that there are no signs of any tourists.

Why visit?

  • Seclusion: There are times when no single person inhabits this beach hence giving you some good privacy.
  • Scenic beauty: It has a lot of vegetation covered hills around.
  • Thrill: The trek down to the beach can be really adventurous and exciting for all those looking for an adrenaline rush while on their holiday.


  • Swimming: Well cleaned waters that calls for swimming in them
  • Photography: Lovers of photography have the best chance here because of its beauty that is eye catching
  • Picnicking: It’s a perfect place where you can take lunch with your loved ones quietly.

Kakolem Beach | Credits: Canva

2. Galgibaga beach

Canacona in South Goa has its very own hidden gem, which is Galgibaga Beach. This beach is famous for its unspoiled condition and also the olive ridley turtle nesting sites hence a haven for those who love nature.

Why visit?

  • Turtle nesting: Witness the nesting of olive ridley turtles (seasonal).
  • Cleanliness: The beach is one of the cleanest in Goa.
  • Peacefulness: It provides a quiet space away from business activities.


  • Turtle watching: If you come during breeding season, you may observe baby turtles making their way to the sea.
  • Beach walks: The sand stretches out for miles so it’s great for casual walks.
  • Relaxation: Just relax and take in the peace all around you.

Galgibaga Beach | Credits: Canva

3. Butterfly beach

Between the two beaches Palolem and Agonda is Butterfly beach, which can only be reached by boat or after a tough walk through jungles. Several butterflies are seen on this beach hence it is named as Butterfly beach.

Why visit?

  • Seclusion: The beach is deserted enabling one to have peace at all times.
  • Butterflies: There are numerous different types of butterflies that can be found here.
  • Spectacular view: The half circle bay has beautiful picturesque sunset scenes.


  • Take a boat ride: Arrange for a trip from Palolem or Agonda beaches using a hired boat to get there.
  • Butterfly watching: Observe various colorful butterflies and other wildlife species.
  • Picnicking: One can enjoy a picnic quietly at this spot.
butterfly beach

Butterfly Beach | Credits: onmycanvas

4. Cola beach

There’s also Khola Beach, alternatively known as Cola Beach, a hidden paradise in South Goa. What makes it unique is that there is a freshwater lagoon which runs parallel to the beach with just a narrow strip of sand separating them.

Why visit?

  • Lagoon: The freshwater lagoon is perfect for swimming and kayaking.
  • Seclusion: This beach is not well known and therefore less crowded.
  • Scenic beauty: It has a stunning natural beauty being encompassed by palm trees and hills.


  • Kayaking: Discover the fresh water lagoon on kayak.
  • Swimming: You can enjoy swimming in either the calm waters of the lagoon or in the sea.
  • Camping: Camping facilities are available through some operators at this beach.
Cola Beach

Cola Beach | Credits: Goa Villa

5. Betul beach

Betul Beach, located in South Goa, is a quiet village of fishermen. It is an isolated beach, less visited by tourists. The beach is located close to the Sal River which flows into the Arabian Sea.

Why visit?

  • Authentic experience: Experience the traditional Goan fishing village lifestyle.
  • Secluded: It is very calm and noiseless so it’s an excellent place for chill out.
  • Scenic views: There is a beautiful landscape formed by the river meeting with the sea.


  • Fishing: Just observe what local fishermen do or try fishing yourself.
  • Beach walks: Spend a lot of time on peaceful shorelines.
  • Photography: Catch this amazing confluence of river and sea.
Betul Beach

Betul Beach | Credits: Canva

Tips for traveling during monsoon

Prepare accordingly

  • Rain kit: Carry a high quality raincoat or an umbrella.
  • Waterproof bags: Use waterproof bags to preserve your items from being wet.
  • Footwear: Go for waterproof and non-skid footwear.

Safety first

  • Weather updates: Keep checking weather conditions and plan what you want to do accordingly.
  • Avoid swimming: Stay away from swimming in unfamiliar places as the sea can be rough due to monsoon winds.
  • Mosquito repellent: Do not forget mosquito repellents against biting insects, try the natural ones if possible.

Study local culture

  • Festivals: Take part in Sao Joao and Bonderam festivals among others which are held locally.
  • Cuisine: Delight yourself with Goan monsoon food such as Patoleo, fried fish, crab xacuti etc.
  • Interaction: Associate with natives and learn about their lifestyle and traditions through conversation or observation.

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