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Best monsoon getaway near Mumbai: Your ultimate guide to Panshet (2024)

Best monsoon getaway near Mumbai: Your ultimate guide to Panshet (2024)

By Apurva Zore

01 Mar, 2024

It’s been a month since the monsoon has started and all of you Mumbaikars and Punekars are dying to seek a lovely weekend retreat in the lap of Sahyadri Ranges. Well, have you ever heard about Panshet?  

This small town, situated in the heart of the Sahyadri ranges, is an ideal spot for a perfect weekend getaway near Mumbai. Located just four hours from ‘Aamchi Mumbai’ and one hour from Pune, this place is a perfect countryside getaway offering majestic views of Western Ghats and thrilling adventure activities.

Let’s dive deep into the details of this offbeat places near Pune. Here is an ultimate guide to help you plan your perfect trip to this nature retreat.

How to Reach Panshet?

Panshet enjoys good road and rail connectivity with metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Pune. If you wish to travel by train, you can directly book your tickets for Pune railway station from IRCTC website. Pune is the central hub and the closest city to Panshet. You can easily choose to drive through or take a train, depending on time and budget. Both routes take you through the scenic vistas of the beautiful Sahyadri ranges. 

By train: The nearest railway station is Pune which is around 40 km from Panshet. From there you can take a bus from Swargate bus stop or directly hire a cab to Panshet.  

A train departing from Pune to Panshet

A train departing from Pune to Panshet

By flight: Pune airport is the closest airport to this lovely town. You have two options from the airport: take a local bus from Swargate or get a taxi. The bus journey will take you through the stunning roads of Western Ghats, surrounded by hills and valleys.

Aerial view of Panshet

Aerial view of Panshet

By road: Road is by far the best and most convenient option to reach Panshet. The nearest bus station to Panshet is the Varasgaon Phata. Buses run regularly from Mumbai and Pune taking you to the serene beauty of Western Ghats.

Reach Panshet by Road

A sunny day drive to Panshet

Panshet weather

Panshet enjoys mild weather throughout the year. The warmer months from March to April are best if you want to enjoy water sports activities. While the months from December to February are relatively cooler and ideal to witness the serene beauty of backwaters.

Best time to visit Panshet

Much like any other places in Maharashtra, the best time to visit Panshet is during monsoon. With the greenery thriving out the oasis and the waterfalls tumbling down the landscapes, Panshet stands out as an excellent monsoon getaway near Mumbai.

Best time to visit Panshet

Beautiful Sahyadri mountains

Top things to do in Panshet

Panshet boasts a variety of water sport activities and trekking places around Sahyadris. To know more about fun things to do in Panshet you can click here.

What is Panshet famous for?

Well, this offbeat places near Pune is famous for its Panshet Dam, a popular tourist spot. The sky changes its hues throughout the day, highlighting mesmerising views of waterfalls tumbling down in the background.

Panshet also has little to no pollution, making it an ideal spot for camping and stargazing at night. On clear nights, you can expect to find a myriad of stars and constellations. The sky transforms into a canvas with the lights of stars scattered throughout. Don’t forget to carry a telescope and a tent to camp around the dam and witness this beauty.

Panshet Dam

A panoramic view of Panshet Dam

Places to visit near Panshet 

When it comes to places to visit near Panshet, there are quite a few options you can explore, especially if you plan a road trip.


Situated at just an hour’s drive from Panshet, Khadakwasla is yet another best places near Mumbai to visit during monsoon. This place is an excellent addition to your Panshet itinerary and is renowned for the famous Sinhagad fort trek. Additionally, you can also savor the taste of authentic Maharashtrian food like the Misal Pav and kanda Poha.  

Hilltop view of Khadakwasla

Hill-top view of Khadakwasla


One of the best and the most popular places near Mumbai to visit during monsoon is Lonavala. This hill station is just a two hour drive away from Panshet and is the most popular places near Mumbai to visit during monsoon. Famous for its lush green valleys and misty mountains. This place is definitely a go to choice for a monsoon getaway near Mumbai. The place is known for its specialities like the famous Chikki (an Indian sweet) and chocolate fudge. You can also enjoy the thrill of Pawna Lake camping and for your stay The Hosteller Lonavala, with spacious dorm rooms, an electric vibe, a comfortable outdoor lounge and a swimming pool, will be happily host you.

Tranquil lake in Lonavala with crystal clear water reflecting the sky

Lake in Lonavala with crystal clear water reflecting the sky.


The road trip from Panshet to Matheran is definitely a must do. During your road journey of 3 hours you’ll see a picturesque change of landscape from tranquil lakes to dense forests with mystical backdrops offering an amazing glimpse of the countryside. The view points like the Echo point, Alexander Point and One tree hill point in Matheran offer mesmerising vistas of streams gushing crystal clear water and valleys draped with greenery.  

Toy train in Matheran

Toy train in Matheran


If you are a beach person then Harihareshwar is the perfect destination near Panshet for you to go to. This place is located just at a distance of 5 hours from Panshet and is known for its serene beaches along the Konkan coast. The beaches here offer a breathtaking view of the sun setting in the Arabian sea.

Rocky beach at Harihareshwar

Rocky Beach at Harihareshwar


Located just at a distance of 5 hours from Panshet, Bhandardara is yet another offbeat places near Pune that surprises travellers with its different activities. It holds some best places for trekking in Maharashtra like the Ratangad fort and Kalsubai Peak (the highest peak of Maharashtra). If you plan to visit around May then make sure to camp here to enjoy its famous firefly festival. And for your comfortable stay The Hosteller Bhandardara is your ultimate destination.  

Lake surrounded by Shayadri mountains at Bhandardara

Lake surrounded by Shayadri mountains at Bhandardara

The Hosteller Panshet

And well, to make your experience even better, here's our brand new hostel opening next month in Panshet. Situated beside the Mutha River, The Hosteller Panshet is just a 20-minute drive away from Panshet Dam, which boasts a number of water sports activities and a one-hour drive away from trekking base camp of Torna Fort.

Aerial view of  Sahyadri Mountains surrounding Panshet

Aerial view of Sahyadri Mountains surrounding Panshet

Frequently asked questions:

1. How far is The Hosteller Panshet from Varasgaon phata bus stop? The Hosteller Panshet is just a 4 min drive away from Varasgaon phata bus stop. You can easily take a bus till Varasgaon phata and from there a local auto or taxi is available from there to reach The Hosteller.

2. How much is the taxi fare from Panshet to Pune?Panshet being one of the offbeat places near Pune, the taxi fare here can range from 900-1300 INR. But if you are looking for a more convenient and cheaper option, a bus is the best choice.

3. Why is Panshet dam so famous? Panshet dam is located at a distance of 41 kilometres from Pune and is widely famous for its water sport activities, camping and stargazing.

4. What is the distance from Pune to Panshet dam by bus?The distance from Pune to Panshet dam by bus is around 40 km . However, the nearest bus stop to Panshet is the Varasgaon Phata and from there the Panshet dam is approximately a 5-kilometre drive away.


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