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10 Things to do in Lonavala to have the perfect getaway

10 Things to do in Lonavala to have the perfect getaway

By Ruchi Joshi

17 Mar, 2023

Want to go on an adventure trip or a leisurely one? Are you are planning a friend's trip or a couple’s getaway? Do you splurge lavishly on the trip or enjoy some cheap thrills? Well, Lonavala has something for everyone. There is a reason why most Mumbaikars and Punekars simply can not get enough of this hill station. To give you an insight into what you are missing on, we have made a little list of things to do in Lonavala.


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Top 10 Things To Do In Lonavala

1. Traipse To Heavenly Sunrise And Sunset


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The bold curves of Sahyadri are home to some exquisite sunrises and sunsets. There are certain spots in Lonavala which serve as the best vantage point for chasing the sun. Wake up well before the sun (or spend the night with friends) and head to Lion point or Tiger’s Leap or Duke’s nose for the best sunrises in Lonavala. The cascading layers of mountains and the clouds hanging low look right outside a fairytale. Witness the same thrill and awe-inspiring view with a different colour palette when it is time for sunset. Hiking trails to these places are easy and without any hurdles making it one of the most fun things to do in Lonavala.

2. Fortifying Memories


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What comes to fruition if we bring history, architecture and nature together? Definitely the strong-as-thunder forts located in Lonavala. Maratha rulers had reigned over the stronghold of Rajmachi Fort, Lohagad Fort and Tikona Fort, etc. Built with strategic advantages, these forts are a part of the rich history of India. You can trek through the lush green, bumpy and rough terrains to reach the top. Explore the forts and witness the majestic view of the valley. Make memories hiking and trekking, and keep them safely locked in your heart and mind. This is Lonavala’s gift for you.

3. Night Of Fireflies

ngiht of fireflies

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Have you seen a sky full of little shimmery lights hanging and covering everything around you? In movies maybe but imagine witnessing this surreal sight in real life. Yes, it is possible with a night trek to Rajmachi. One of the best things to do in Lonavala is to experience the magic of fireflies, the beautiful nature in the dim lights of the flies and camp at night. It is one of those experiences that need to be ticked off of your bucket list. To witness this plan your trip in the pre-monsoon months (May and June).

4. Glide Down The Skyline


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Some thrill and a tinge of adventure is never a no-no, right? You partake in the activity of paragliding at Lonavala and experience the bird’s eye view of the Sahyadri mountain range, Lonavala and the valleys bustling with rich flora and fauna. Soar through the sky on a beginner-friendly ride with an instructor along with you. Make sure you are wearing a comfortable outfit (ideally full pants, a t-shirt and shoes). Avoid flying right after a heavy meal (a minimum gap of 2 hours is suggested). If you want to record your experience you can pay extra for the action camera.

5. Cave Into An Incredible Experience


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Lonavala is popularly regarded as the ‘Jewel of Sahyadri’ and rightly so with all the amazing views that it has to offer. Considered to be one of the oldest caves, Bhaja Caves was built back in the 2nd century. One can explore the wit and intelligence of people from ancient times through the inscriptions and carving in these caves. You will find the ornately carved pillars & walls, and arches at the Karla Caves. Explore the monastery, stupas, and rock-cut excavations. These archaeological sites make up for some beautiful pictures. Among all the things to do in Lonavala, this is a must.

6. No Grappling For Rappelling


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Do you like waterfalls? If you do then you are in for some good news. Lonavala is home to many fun and thrilling waterfalls. Hike through the lush green and beautiful trails to uncover these waterfalls. Do try your hands at Water Rappelling. You will be gliding down the waterfall with the help of ropes and the rocks. The gushing stream of water will make it a tinge bit challenging so get your shoes and comfortable outfits. Proper safety measures and guidance will be given to you by your instructors so you do not have to worry even if you are a beginner.

7. Old-School Picnic


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Who is in for an old-school cute picnic? Take a basket of fruits and sandwiches along with a nice sheet to lie on and cutlery for snacking at the beautiful view of Pawna Lake. This picturesque site has a backdrop of mountains and a wide expanse of the azure sky to hold your attention. Incidentally, you can also indulge in some refreshing activities like Kayaking, Motor Boat Ride, and Pedal Boating at Pawna Lake. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect touch to a fun picnic? Add this to your things to do in Lonavala list right away!

8. My Name Is ‘Chikki’


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Chikki is a kind of sweet candy made from peanuts and sugar/ jaggery. It is a crunchy food item and Lonavala’s speciality. When the railway tracks were laid during colonial rule, Maganlal Aggarwal took the challenge of supplying high calorific 'Chikki' for the workers under the instructions of British officers. Soon it began to gain popularity and railway authorities partnered with Aggarwal to sell the snack on the train ride. Get your hands on the famous Maganlal chikki during your trip.

9. Ride Of Joy


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How can we forget Imagica? This world-class amusement park is here to entice your inner child. You can spend your whole day here on different rides and experiences from a water park to a snow park. From stays to restaurants to shopping and so much more. A perfect getaway for family and friends right here in Lonavala. Sometimes a revisit to childhood is all we need to function better as adults.

10. Llafretaw Esrever


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Looks like gibberish, right? Try putting the letters backwards. Does it make sense now? Oh yes, we mean reverse waterfall. Due to the extremely strong winds, the water is blown upwards which gives an illusion that water is flowing in reverse. This phenomenon is unique in itself and you will be left speechless looking at the beautiful waterfall. It will leave you wondering about the marvels of mother nature.

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