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8 Best places to travel in monsoon in India

8 Best places to travel in monsoon in India

By Suchira Ray

26 Jun, 2023

The season of chai-pakoda is on the threshold, ready to knock on your door. The time has come to savor that aromatic cup of coffee while gazing at the gentle cascade of raindrops through the windowpane. Whether you are an urban dweller, finding joy in rain-kissed skyscrapers, or seeking solace in the tranquility of forests and mystical mountains, the monsoon season invites you to embrace the romanticism it holds. Monsoon in India not only brings the scent of damp earth but also infuses the humid air with a nostalgic fervor. Embarking on a monsoon trip becomes a glorious celebration of this captivating season. Among many places in India that become wanderers’ paradises during monsoon, we have handpicked the eight best places to travel during the season that can be deemed the epitome of monsoon travel, worthy additions to your coveted bucket list.

Eight best places to travel in the monsoon in India:


A transcendent paradise in the Western Ghats, Lonavala is one of the best places to travel in Monsoon. Raindrops cascade down emerald hills, creating a symphony of nature's delight. Verdant landscapes come alive with a vibrant palette of greens.

During this season, you can also ignite your adventurer soul by doing the famous treks of Lohagad Fort and Duke's Nose. Also, if you want to wake up amidst greeneries and mountain and lake views in front of you, try camping by the side of Tungarli Lake and Aundholi village. These provide an unaltered panorama. And don't let all your fun incomplete without relishing the famous golden vada pao with moong daal bhajia and freshly roasted bhutta from roadside stalls.

Lonavala in monsoon

Breathtaking sight of the cascading waterfalls in Lonavala during monsoon


If you enjoy the massiveness of rain infused waterfalls and wavy lakes surrounded by mystical hills, Bhandardara in Sahyadri Hills is your place. Green hills shrouded in mist stand tall as guardians of nature's secrets. Azure lakes shimmer like liquid sapphires, mirroring the heavens above. As you traverse this poetic paradise, every step leads you deeper into a world where time slows down and magic lingers.

Experience the awe-inspiring grandeur of the majestic Umbrella and Randha waterfalls creating a mesmerizing spectacle. Indulge in blissful solitude on the tranquil shores of Arthur Lake, nestled beside our charming backpackers' hostel. Trek to the Kalsubai Peak, Maharashtra's highest summit, for an adventurous escapade. Traverse through verdant landscapes and be rewarded with a breathtaking panoramic vista of Bhandardara from the summit, an unforgettable sight that will leave you in awe.

Bhandardara in monsoon

Cozy cabanas by the serene Arthur lake at The Hosteller Bhandardara


Take a monsoon trip solo or with your folks to this beauty of Kerala to unveil the eternal charm of the monsoon. Raindrops spread through leafy tea gardens, breathing life into nature's canvas. Foggy hills rise like ancient sentinels guarding the secrets of a forgotten realm.

During the monsoon in India, waterfalls like Attukal, Lakkom, and Chinnakanal appear like pure milk gushing down from the rock. The stillness of Eravikulam National Park transports you to a different era, and boat rides on Kundala Lake help you witness the cherry blossoms that stamp the surrounding hills and greens with their floral color. When travelling to Munnar in the monsoon, don't forget to nurture your tastebuds with fluffy Appam and piping hot stews.

Munnar in monsoon

Blissful waterfall surrounded by the natural flora and fauna of Kerala


Rain soaked air with the fragrance of coffee and a charming cup of strong South Indian coffee is all you need in this misty season! Coorg, the sparkling jewel nestled in the Western Ghats, beckons with its allure during the monsoon's tender touch. Waterfalls dancing down rocky cliffs, rain kissed coffee plantations, and mist draped hills would give you a mesmerizing experience.

Take a dip in the pool of Chelavara Falls, or give your adrenaline a rush by rafting in the Barapole River during this season. Travelling to Abbey Falls to experience its magnificence during the rainy season and a walk through verdant plantations filled with the aroma of pepper, cardamom, and coffee should be on your bucket list. Enjoying nature with hints of adventures make Coorg one of the best places to travel in the Monsoon. 

Coorg in monsoon

A dreamy sight of a beautiful waterfall in Coorg


Witness the enormous view of windy rain washing down from the sky on the emerald lakes in the City of Lakes Udaipur. The Aravalli Hills, carpeted in green, stand as guardians of Udaipur's grandeur. Reflections dance upon the tranquil waters of Lake Pichola, mirroring the ethereal sky above.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting charm of Udaipur as you witness the city's panoramic splendor from the Monsoon Palace, a monument built by the King specifically to witness the rain clad clouds passing by in the times of yore. Delight in the vibrant atmosphere of Fatehsagar Lake, relishing mouth watering street food along its shores. Wander through the rain kissed ancient streets or bask in the ethereal view of Lake Pichola and regal palaces from a rooftop restaurants. Indulge in a piping hot cup of tea at Ambraii Ghat, savoring the mesmerizing golden hues created on the water. The Hosteller, just a stone's throw from Lake Pichola, eagerly awaits to embrace you. Unwind, connect, and forge lifelong memories with fellow backpackers.

Udaipur in monsoon

Majestic sight of the Aravalli ranges during the monsoons


The Queen of Nilgiris, Ooty is definitely one of the best places to take a monsoon trip in India. Like shimmering pearls, raindrops drench the emerald tea plantations, infusing the air with a fragrant symphony. Cascading waterfalls down the mossy cliffs harmonize with the whispered melodies of the rain.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting monsoon charm of Ooty. Catch mesmerizing glimpses of the cityscape from a toy train, glide along the scenic Ooty Lake, and trek to Doddabeta Peak for a surreal cloud-walking experience. Delight in panoramic vistas at the 6th and 9th mile on the way to Pykara Lake. Indulge in delicious vadas, idlis, and piping hot tea while embracing the rain. And don't forget to savor the renowned Semolina snack, Varki, for a truly unforgettable Ooty experience.

Ooty in Monsoon

Refreshing green fields of Ooty during the monsoons


The town of everyone’s favorite Ruskin Bond is not far behind when it comes to monsoon beauty. Mussoorie, the mist-draped sanctuary perched amidst majestic peaks of the Garhwal Himalayas, unveils its monsoon charm with poetic grace. Witness the slow unveiling of the mountains behind the thin sheet of damp clouds with a cup of tea from your balcony.

From the massiveness of the Kempty waterfall or hike to the George Everest peak to glimpse the 360-degree view of the lush green valley, Mussoorie offers a lot during monsoon. Breathe fresh mountain air mixed with the aroma of deodar and cedar while taking a tranquil walk through the Jabarkhet Wildlife Reserve. And even if you’re a laid back traveller, there is a lot to do. From relishing steaming Mall Road momos to a Lansdowne road trip, from foggy views on Lal Tibba to enjoying the dewy greeneries from our hostel’s balcony, Mussoorie won’t let you down! It turns into heaven during the monsoon, where dreams find solace in nature's embrace, making it one of the best places to travel in the monsoon in India.

Also, do you know we have two homes for you in Mussoorie? Choose any of them to enjoy your time in this monsoon paradise with your folks.

Mussoorie in monsoon

Splendid sight of the valleys of Mussoorie


Shangarh, the hidden gem embraced by the divine Himalayas, reveals its ethereal allure during the monsoon's arrival. Raindrops adorn the ancient stone houses and terraced fields with nature's blessings. Mist-draped mountains guard the valley, with their peaks touching the clouds in a celestial dance.

Stroll around the Shangarh meadow and visit Barshangarh Falls, which turns massive this season. Pundrik Lake and the surrounding of the Pundrik Rishi temple turn velvety green during this time! Trek to the lake from the quaint Deoria village of Sainj Valley for an enthralling experience amidst the forest. Take a day trip to Tirthan Valley to refresh your wanderer soul by the Tirthan river bank, and don’t forget to try trout fishing.

Shangarh in monsoon

Experience the incredible Himalayan skylines at Shangarh

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up your bag, wear that raincoat, and begin your voyage through a greener India during this rainy season. Enjoy local food, get drenched in the rain, try hiking through lush green valleys, and craft a lifetime of memories. And, as your travel partner, we get your back to take care of your stay at our vibrant backpackers' hub and to help you with your travel plans. Do you know you can even get your next getaway with us for free? Find more here.

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