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10 Scenic cafes in Jibhi: Where to enjoy the best view and food

10 Scenic cafes in Jibhi: Where to enjoy the best view and food

By Aquib Nawab

02 Jul, 2024

Jibhi , which is found in the lap of the Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh, epitomises beauty naturally. The charm of Jibhi Valley does not just come from activities like trekking and outdoor adventure but also from a vibrant café culture as well as a number of cosy cafes that adorn the hillsides, offering breathtaking views for sipping tea or food.

These are 10 cafes in Jibhi that are picturesque and beautiful places to dine.

1. The Shiva Valley cafe

Located in Main Market Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh, The Shiva Valley cafe is an exquisite blend of Indian and Chinese food, a place where lovers of Siddus and Momos could convene. With its expansive windows that overlook the mountains it becomes more vibrant from the streets below. The staff have extensive knowledge which makes them favorite to both the local community and tourists as well.


The Shiva Valley Cafe | Credits: Just Dial 

2. Jibhi Delight Café

Situated along Gadagusheni Road in Jibhi, Jibhi Delight Café provides a riverside dining experience accompanied by the calming sound of water rushing and great scenery. Its vibrant yellow walls, lampshades made from grater and other various kinds of decor generate a lively environment. Savor tasty meals cooked with fresh ingredients and feel at home with friendly staff.


Jibhi Delight Café | Credits: Google

3. Tenzin Cafe

Tenzin Cafe located in Feri Bhetaula, Jibhi, is a warm and hospitable Tibetan restaurant well known for its authentic dishes served in a cozy and colorful environment. The Tenzins own the café and it has a large choice of food including thukpa, momos, curries and fried rice. It also doubles as a cultural center where the attendants narrate tales on Tibetan customs making dining more enjoyable.


Tenzin Cafe | Credits: Google

4. Forest Bean Café

To get a truly breathtaking view of Jibhi Valley, visit Forest Bean Café . It is positioned on a cliffside café overlooking Jibhi that offers bird-eye visuals, surrounded by forests and mountains in all directions. Those momos that were so spicy with ginger tea that they could burn your throat also made my taste buds feel at home again when I was sitting at the edge of this hill looking down at everything around me. It feels like being on top of the world!


Forest Bean Café | Credits: Google

6. The Pink Panther

There is nothing more refreshing than having dinner beside a river amidst its movement and sound! Pink Panther Jibhi has an outside setting near the gushing Tirthan River, enclosed by natural trees. Their food is enhanced by the cold breeze and the lovely greenery around them too. From Himachali thali, having madra, siddu, etc., along with other local delicacies and tasting all regional flavours became possible for me; it filled me up properly too!


The Pink Panther | Credits: Himachal Stay

7. Café Old School

Cafe Old School Jibhi is a perfect place to sit and watch the yellow sun dip slowly into the horizon, painting thoughts of vermilion and amber in the valleys and hills, turning them into a painter’s canvas. They have rooftop seating with panoramic views that goes well with a cheese platter and a glass of wine. There are no words to describe those sunset scenes!


Café Old School | Credits: Google

8. Hope Cafe

Located along Jibhi Lake, which is known for its calmness, Hope Cafe Jibhi offers an environment of quiet seclusion among greenery. The tranquil blue shores of the lake, surrounded by woods and mountains, are comforting to both eyes and soul. As one reads, sips coffee, or takes a fresh fruit salad while sitting at outdoor tables or beside glass windows overlooking the lake, it feels like being on a retreat at this café. This makes every meal special due to its natural beauty.


Hope Cafe | Credits: Google

9. The Great Himalayan Café

The Great Himalayan cafe is designed to allow y ou to enjoy food and drinks while enjoying sweeping views over the Himalayas, this outdoor restaurant is situated on an adorable mountain terrace. The multi grain sandwich with homemade pesto was delectable enough, as revitalization from long mountain strolls would call for such a choice, but one could simply sip ginger tea while having onion pakodas right here as they relax while absorbing their surroundings.


The Great Himalayan Café | Credits: Insta Himachal

10. Enzo’s Coffee House

The best coffee in town is said to be found at Enzo’s Coffee House in Main Market Jibhi, which is a favorite place for hipsters. The place is cozy, rustic and well decorated with woodwork, warm lighting and plants. It serves fresh and tasty food items. While munching from mixed sauce pasta and chocolate brownies, friendly dogs also add to the atmosphere of this café. In addition, the hospitable employees plus breathtaking views make it an ultimate destination to visit.


Enzo’s Coffee House | Credits: Google

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