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10 Unique Animals In Jim Corbett You'll Spot On Your Safari

10 Unique Animals In Jim Corbett You'll Spot On Your Safari

By Akansha

15 Mar, 2023

The first National Park of India, exploring it is one of the most thrilling experiences that you should have at least once in your life. A paradise for wildlife enthusiasts, Jim Corbett gives you a chance to truly witness the diverse wilderness of India.

Here's A List Of Different Animals In Jim Corbett That You Can Spot During Your Visit -

1. Tigers


Picture - Unsplash 

Jim Corbett National park, situated on the foothills of the Himalayas near the mesmerising hill station of Nainital, is home to the largest population of tigers in India. The Royal Bengal Tiger with the scenic hilly terrain in the background is a sight to behold. Out of all the animals in Jim Corbett, tigers are the most popular.

2. Leopards


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The other big cat that shares this National Park with the tigers is the more graceful, versatile and agile - Leopards. These tree-climbing cats have rosettes instead of stripes and are sure to grace your safari.

3. Elephants


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The Jim Corbett National park is home to a sizeable population of elephants that are migratory. They are most easily sighted in the Dhikala and Phulai Chaur and the Bijrani and Jhirna zones of the National Park.

4. Sambhar


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The beauty of a Sambhar is something that has to be experienced in person. Poised yet cautious, magnificent yet calm the Sambhars are truly a jewel of the whole Indian Sub-continent's ecosystem.

5. Hog Deer

hog deer

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The Hog deers are smaller as compared to their cousins the Sambhar but are equally alluring. They are known for making a whistling sound or warning bark when they are alarmed.

6. Chitals


Picture - Unsplash 

The Leopards are not the only ones with spotted skins in Jim Corbett. One more member of the deer family, the Chitals, also known as the Spotted deers can be spotted here too. The handsome animal is found in abundance in the park.

7. Barking Deer 

barking deer

Picture - Unsplash 

The less flattering member of the deer community at Jim Corbett is the Barking deer and as the name suggests it is known to make a barking sound when in danger.

8. Langur 


Picture - Unsplash 

The appearance of the national heritage animal of India the Langurs is undeniable in the park. They have long tails and distinct black faces with light bodies.

9. Rhesus Monkey

rhesus monkey

Picture - Unsplash 

The Rhesus monkeys are the most common monkeys found in the sub-continent. They have earthy skins with reddish bottoms and move in huge troupes. They are vocal and are quite adaptable to humans.

10. Asiatic Black Bear

black beer

Picture - Unsplash

The Asiatic Black Bear or the white-chested ones have a recognizable white mark on their chests that might resemble a 'V' shape. The Asiatic bears are lightly built, making it easier for them to live in areas of higher altitudes and climb trees.

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