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4 OffBeat places near Nainital to add to your bucket list

4 OffBeat places near Nainital to add to your bucket list

By Ruchi Joshi

17 Mar, 2023

Has it ever happened to you that you planned a trip weeks before but were not able to go through with it? Maybe because your boss didn’t approve your leaves or all your friends backed out at the last moment. On the contrary, the instant plans and impromptu trips somehow always work out and turn out to be the best experiences, don’t they? Nainital is one of the most popular hill stations in Uttarakhand and it is definitely worth all the hype. In case you’re looking to take a detour from there or extend your trip exploring the nearby wonders you’re in for a treat.. Come, let us take you on a virtual tour of some offbeat places near Nainital.


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4 Offbeat Places Near Nainital You Should Definitely Visit -

1. Mukteshwar – Breathe In Spirituality


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A small picturesque town, not known to many, Mukteshwar is located at a distance of some 50 km from Nainital. It is the perfect offbeat location near Nainital for all you explorers. Mukteshwar is situated at an altitude of 2,171 meters above sea level and guarantees you enchanting views of the Himalayan ranges. According to the local beliefs, Pandavas visited Mukteshwar during their agyatvas. The ultimate dose of spirituality can be felt at the 350-year-old ancient Shiva temple near Chauli ki Jali. Peaceful and calming, Mukteshwar has more to offer with some beautiful and breathtaking treks like Peora to Almora trail, Peora to Mukteshwar trail and Binsar to Artola trail etc along with paragliding, rappelling and rock climbing at Chauke ki Jali (a place that will have your heart).

2. Ramgarh - Bowl Of Freshness 


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The quaint little hamlet, located near Nainital, that is yet to be spotted by the masses is Ramgarh - the fruit bowl of Kumaon. Wondering how it got this unique name? With numerous fruit orchards of apricot, plum, peach, apples, etc Ramgarh is one of the highest producers of fruits throughout the year. It is a much-deserved title and you will surely agree once you visit this offbeat place near Nainital. Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, Ramgarh is the perfect destination to relax and intoxicate yourself with the fresh air as you indulge in some bird watching.

3. Kasar Devi - Jump On The Hippie Bandwagon

kasar devi

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This little town might not be a popular spot for fellow Indians but it used to be quite famous internationally in the 70s. You will not believe it but legends like Bob Dylan, Guru Dutt, Zohra Segal, DH Lawrence, George Harrison, etc visited Kasar Devi and loved it for its vibes and beautiful panoramic views. Kasar Devi has a thriving hippie culture and you can find tourists from across the world over here. It would be a shame if you miss Kasar Devi temple. It is one of the only 3 locations in the world with a geomagnetic pull. Apart from that you can try local food and explore the wild. The richness of flora and fauna is bound to treat you with a sense of calm. A hidden gem, it is one of the offbeat places near Nainital and is located approximately 70 km from the latter.

4. Naukuchiatal - Walk Into The Mystery  


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Naukuchiatal, which translates to 'lake of nine corners', comes with a goodie bag of mystical mythology connections. This offbeat place near Nainital has enchanting views of the Himalayan mountain range and the ever so beautiful Naukuchiatal Lake. According to Hindu mythology, Brahma created Naukuchiatal Lake after a deep and vigorous penance. It is believed that if someone is able to view all the nine corners of the lake at once with their feet on earth, they will reach the state of nirvana and dissolve into smoke at once. Experience the pleasure of bird watching, paragliding, boating, etc at Naukuchiatal. A perfect relaxing getaway to plan with your workaholic significant other or friends. If you love adventures, you can also enjoy a number of water sports here.

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