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The best time to visit Khajjiar: A seasonal guide

The best time to visit Khajjiar: A seasonal guide

By Aquib Nawab

07 Jun, 2024

Khajjiar, a hill station in Himachal Pradesh, surrounded by green meadows, dense pine trees and beautiful landscapes is popularly referred to as the ‘Switzerland of India’. The destination positioned in Chamba district entices tourists from all over the world around the year.

However, Khajjiar is best visited at a time that suits your preferences, the kind of activities you want to indulge in while visiting and how you wish to experience it.

In this inclusive seasonal guide we'll be discussing the times most suitable for visiting Khajjiar exploring the differences each season brings along with helping you plan the perfect trip for yourself to this enchanting hill town.

Spring in Khajjiar (March to May)

In Khajjiar spring ushers in the tourist season characterised by warm days but cool nights. At this period temperatures range between 12°C to 25°C which are ideal for outdoor activities.

Why visit in spring?

Long nature walks: Spring breathes new life into the landscapes of Khajjiar painting them with vibrant colours and fresh greenery. It is during this time when blossoming flowers and rich vegetation make it attractive.You can immerse in the beauty of the same by taking leisurely nature walks through lush green fields and pine forests surrounding Khajjiar. 

Adventure sports: The pleasant weather during spring makes it an excellent time for outdoor adventures and adrenaline-pumping activities. When one visits this place they get numerous opportunities to trek through thick verdant tracks or indulge in thrilling adventure activities. Popular adventure sports in this season include zorbing, paragliding, and horse riding. 

Picnic Paradise: During springtime, the skies are clear and temperatures are balmy making it an excellent opportunity for visiting attractions situated near Khajjiar including; KhajjiNag Temple, Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary & Khajjiar Lake. You can also enjoy picnics under sunny skies amidst pleasant weather in Khajjiar. 

The spring offers an excellent balance between good weather and outdoor activities hence providing perfect timing for nature lovers as well as those who like adventures when visiting Khajjiar. 

Horse riding through trails of Khajjiar (Credit: Canva)

Summer in Khajjiar (June to August)

In summer, Khajjiar has moderately warmer days and cool nights that provide relief from the baking heat of plains. This period has temperature varying between 15°C to 30°C with occasional rainfall.

Why visit in summer?

Hiking in fresh climate: Summer's moderate climate creates the ideal escape from the plains' timidity, making it a perfect time for hiking. You can enjoy nearby trails and trekking paths, such as the Khajjiar to Dainkund walk, amidst the foggy landscapes. Summers are also a perfect time to explore the scenic beauty of Khajjiar while enjoying the cool mountain breeze and comfortable temperatures.

Cultural immersion: During summer you have much room for outdoor pursuits and cultural exploration. Greenery filled meadows, thick forest coverings and colourful villages of Khajjiar are accessible amidst sunny weather conditions and clear skies. You can visit the local villages around Khajjair to get closer to traditions in different places of this area. 

Wildlife beauty: Summers are the perfect time to spot wildlife in Khajjiar. Nature lovers should visit Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary in summers which provide natural habitat to various varieties of flora & fauna. One can spot animals like the Himalayan black bear, barking deer and several bird species. The sanctuary reverberates with the sound of birds chirping around, leaves rustling against each other due to wind movement and exotic species being recognized by onlookers at a distance.

This season offers a refreshing break from the scorching heat of plains where tourists can explore outdoors while enjoying cool mountain breeze through adventure activities. 

A herd of deer spotted in Khajjiar's wildlife sanctuary. Credit: Canva

Monsoon in Khajjiar (September to November)

In monsoon season, showers fall all over Khajjiar making it even greener than before. The temperature ranges from 10°C to 25°C; sometimes rain falls and there is mist in the morning hours.

Why visit in monsoon?

Enchanting atmosphere: In monsoon Khajjiar transforms itself into a magical world with misty landscapes, plush green meadows and waterfalls. As Hill station comes alive with bright colours all around and a calm atmosphere that makes feeling peace come so natural to anyone who comes here. You can go on nature walks and short hikes that take you through the lush surroundings decorated with fresh foliage and blooming flowers. 

Photographer's paradise: Monsoon turns Khajjiar into gorgeous land which gets vibrant colours everywhere you look from the point that these hills get life again after long summer. You can capture beautiful scenes at Khajjiar during monsoons with lush greenery springing out from every corner and colourful mountains appearing in front of your eyes.

Tranquil monsoon escape: Monsoon turns Khajjiar into a magical paradise, with misty landscapes, lush green meadows, and cascading waterfalls. . Exploring such beauty during the rainy season is something special due to the peaceful atmosphere around such places with lush green vegetation everywhere. Explore local attractions like Khajji Nag Temple or Khajjiar Lake surrounded by foggy weather 

In monsoons, there is nothing more amazing than this place for any nature lover who likes to experience the surreal beauty of this mystical hill station from its best angle.

Pro Tip: Travelling to Khajjiar during monsoon can be a bit challenging because of frequent landslides. Make sure to do thorough research regarding the weather and road conditions before travelling to Khajjiar.

Winter in Khajjiar (December to February)

Winter in Khajjiar is characterised by chilly weather and occasional snowfall making it look like a winter wonderland. The temperature ranges between -10°C to 10°C; heavy snowfalls are expected at higher altitudes.

Why visit in winter?

A white paradise: During winters, one can see how this small town vanishes under a pristine thick layer of snow. Snow covered hills and mountains in the morning as well as blue sky create an image of a perfect winter wonderland which would appeal to those who love playing in the snow.

Winter sports: Try skiing, snowboarding and sledding on local ski resorts – Dalhousie & Khajjiar. Due to icy slopes sportsmen can have an unforgettable time doing different activities thus giving them a chance to explore new destinations ideal for thrill-seekers.

Cozy bonfire nights: Prepare some bonfires during night where you all sit around and share meals together with friends or family members while getting warm together. Winter here has a serene atmosphere because we are surrounded by calmness so that you feel like spending your vacation amidst snowy mountains only on your own. 

The lush green meadows covered with snow in December (Credit: Canva)


Khajjiar is a place worth visiting throughout the year because of its stunning scenery and pleasant climate. Each season offers something different for everyone’s tastes and desires. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or just love nature or would rather have a peaceful holiday retreat, Khajjiar will never disappoint in any season.

So depending on what you cherish and what you want to experience, plan your trip to Khajjar accordingly. Let it be spring blossoms, misty monsoon or winter wonderland at its best; Khajjar will always make sure that you witness nature’s beauty while on your journey there.

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Bonfire nights at The Hosteller Khajjiar

Bonfire nights at The Hosteller Khajjiar (Credits: The Hosteller, Khajjiar)

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