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10 Best Workation Destinations For 2023

10 Best Workation Destinations For 2023

By Akansha

27 Mar, 2023

After the pandemic, as the world gets back to normalcy there have been a few apparent changes that seem to be permanent. Post experimenting with remote working during the pandemic, today many companies have shifted to adopting this style on a more permanent basis. With flexible working hours for employees and reduced overheads for companies, it’s a win-win situation for all. Remote working has led to many exploring the latest travel trend - workations. When you can work from anywhere, why not work from the mountains or the beaches?


Traveller reading and baskin in the serene vibes of The Hosteller

As We See A Culture Shift In Workplaces, Here Are 10 Amazing Destinations That You Should Consider For Your Workations -

1. Bir - A Charming Himachali Dwelling

paragliding in bi

Mid-air paragliding at Bir 

A town with clear blue skies, calm vibes and a close-knit local community, Bir is a paradise for adventurers. Being Asia's highest paragliding site, it offers the most exquisite flight experience. Imagine working under the beautiful sky as you witness the paragliders soar above. Soak in the Tibetan culture, go cafe hopping or simply relax as you connect with fellow travellers. The peace you feel at this mesmerising destination is simply heavenly giving you a chance to live your dream workations in reality.

2. Coorg - The 'Scotland Of India'


Traveller after a fun visit to the Government Museum Madikeri - Instagram (little.miss_fun)

Can’t start work without a cup of coffee? Coorg is the perfect destination for all those caffeine seekers who are looking for a place with no distractions. As the landscape in Coorg remains misty throughout the year, the serenity of the coffee capital will get those creative juices flowing. Breathe in the fresh air as you sit in a comfy chair and see the lush green coffee estates all around you. No wonder it’s a tempting escape for the writers, artists, poets and musicians. The beauty of nature here certainly makes your creative juices flow.

3. Goa - India's Party Capital


Exciting coastline of the beach in Goa - Getty Images

Couldn’t execute your Goa plan due to work? Take your work to Goa instead! Though mixing work and fun can be tricky, finding the right balance will open new doors (to happening parties) for you. Known for its nightlife, enjoy the best of both worlds when you workation in Goa. Sip colourful drinks as you finish those tedious tasks and reward yourself with a stroll down the sunny beach, achieving the perfect delicate work-life balance during your workations.

4. Jaipur - The Pink City


Majestic corridors of the palace in Jaipur - Getty Images 

Do you love history? With stories of the past narrated at every corner, the capital city of Rajasthan offers a colourful twist to your work days. Start your work while watching the sunrise from a terrace, shift to the many gorgeous cafes in the city, gorge on the delicious street food that’s available every few feet and finish your work as you get stunned by the magical sunset. Isn’t that what life is all about? Cherish every moment without worries at Jaipur.

5. Jim Corbett - A Rugged Wilderness

jim corbett

Explorers embarking on a wilderness journey - Getty Images 

Does being in nature actually boost creativity? Find out when you spend your workation in Jim Corbett. One of the first national parks in India, Jim Corbett is a relaxing jungle experience that you must try at least once. An exotic destination in itself, it offers a number of fun activities for all. From jungle safaris to river rafting, every day has new surprises in store for you. What’s more? Enjoy longer stays at The Hosteller and watch your stress swim away as you dip in our amazing swimming pool.

6. Kareri - One Of Himachal's Most Offbeat Villages


Backpackers vibing, working and enjoying at The Hosteller Kareri

Want to truly move away from the city’s chaos without sacrificing all the amenities? Well, Kareri village has the best of both worlds as it offers a serene calmness but also some adventurous trekking opportunities. Quite ideal for a long workation right? Just glance up to take a break from the screen and get mesmerised by the mystical and charming village. Want to make the most of your stay? Trek to the Kareri lake that lies nearby to feel the magic or simply stroll through the village as you take in the beautiful nature.

7. Kasar Devi - Home Of The Hippie Movement

kasar devi

Enjoying delicious food from our in-house cafe at The Hosteller Kasar Devi 

Not heard of this location? That’s exactly what makes it worth visiting! Not known to many, Kasar Devi is the perfect escape from the noisy crowds. A heavenly hamlet, it was popular during the Hippie Movement and was visited by many thinkers, artists and many famous personalities like Swami Vivekanand, Cat Steven and Bob Dylan. Cradled among grassy knolls and offering a panoramic view of the mighty mountains, Kasar Devi is known fo r its positioning on the earth’s Van Allen Belt. It is believed that the location is endowed with a strong cosmic energy that leads to greater levels of focus, thus boosting your creativity and productivity. Perfect to fix your work productivity, right?

8. Ramgarh - A Quaint Nature Escape 


Mystical atmosphere of the cascading waterfalls at Ramgarh- Unsplash 

A small town near Nainital, Ramgarh is a green paradise where you can sit outdoors and complete your work while you’re surrounded by lush green fruit orchards. Known as the ‘fruit bowl of Uttarakhand’ this tiny hamlet is filled with orchards of exotic fruits like plums, peaches, apples and more. Gorge on these juicy fruits and enjoy. Spend your workdays attending meetings amidst the mountains and go explore the endless forest trails during your breaks. If you love trekking on your off days, you’ll love it here as Ramgarh is home to many nature trails and hidden waterfalls, just waiting to be discovered.

9. Rishikesh - Land Of Spirituality


Serene landscape of the Ganges- Unsplash 

An idyllic spot for travellers, Rishikesh brings out your spiritual side. Want to reconnect with yourself and understand the meaning of life? This enchanting town will help you find all the answers. A top destination for adventure junkies, Rishikesh has numer ous options for adventure sports like river rafting, ziplining and more. The location gained popularity due to the famous Beatles Ashram which has become a must-visit spot today. This holy town will provide you with unique experiences and the longer you live here, the more it’ll reveal its secrets.

10. Fort Kochi - Kerela's Charming Seaside Town

fort kochi

Enchanting facade of Santa Cruz Bascilica, Fort Kochi - Getty Images 

If you are a beach person, visiting Fort Kochi will definitely be on your bucket list. With lesser crowds, the beaches in Fort Kochi give you the chance to bring out your fun side. When life gives you lemons, take them to the beach. Right? This cute little seaside town has a rich history and a colourful culture that is worth exploring. Wander the many streets in Fort Kochi and find little souvenirs that will make your trip all the more memorable. But hey, no distractions during work! With dedicated workspaces at The Hosteller , finish your work on schedule so that you can spend the rest of your workation travelling till your heart is full.

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