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Our best hostel picks for water lovers

Our best hostel picks for water lovers

By Ruchi Joshi

09 Mar, 2023

Your bare feet are immersed in the warm and soft sand. The wind blowing past your hair is intoxicating. The sun looks delicious as it takes a dive into the vast expanse of water. You walk closer, hoping that the next wave washes away the tiredness and dullness of your life. Whoosh! Now you are standing at a spot where a small stream of water is flowing below you and the greenery has cornered you from all sides. A few steps away you can see the water gushing down from the heights. As you walk closer the rocks under your feet get slippery. Whoosh! You are holding a book and lying on the bed of grass. The music of the river flowing right beside you is refreshing and deafening.

Here Are Our 5 Best Hostels For Water Lovers -

1. The Hosteller Jim Corbett

JIm Corbett

Established in 1936, Jim Corbett is the first national park in India. Did you know that The Hosteller Jim Corbett happens to be our first property with a swimming pool? Oh yes. Feel at home when you dive into our pool after a long day wandering into the wild or just dangle your legs in the water as you settle in for a workation. Among all the hostels for water lovers, this one has one more surprise. Right on the edge of our property is a private riverside of the Kosi River. Looking for inspiration? A soothing walk by the riverside will not only relax your soul but will help your mind think clearly. You can choose from our spacious dorms and lavish private rooms while hanging out at our in-house cafe, large garden areas, or our cute library.

2. The Hosteller Lonavala


For a quick getaway, how about we drive to the jewel of Sahyadri – Lonavala? Blessed with the most charming view of nature at its best, you can also manage a peek into history through the iconic Lohagad Fort and Bhaja Caves. While you roam around Lonavala, experiencing one adventure after another you are bound to feel tired by the end of the day. And what is better than a late evening or night dive into the swimming pool? Our hostel in Lonavala has a pool (YAAY!) which is a perfect spot for watching sunsets as you sip your favourite beverage from our in-house café. The sky, sitting in the lounge by the pool, is so wide, all painted in hues of orange and purple that you need to experience yourself. Whether it is a pool party or a barbeque night, the fun element never leaves The Hosteller Lonavala.

3. The Hosteller Mussoorie By The Streamside

Mussorie by the streamside

Queen of the hills - Mussoorie is a popular hill station in Uttarakhand overlooking the grand view of the Himalayas, lush greenery and untouched natural beauty. The Hosteller Mussoorie by the streamside is surrounded by nature, giving you a taste of life with nature. Clean and cosy mixed dorms as well as female-only dorms are there to make your stay more comfortable. The private rooms are wide and spacious with a view just perfect to wake up to. The best part is that Kempty Falls is just a short walk away from the hostel and to add to it, there is a stream flowing right beside. Grab a nice and warm coffee or tea from our in-house cafe and sit by the bonfire recounting your crazy experiences with other fellow travellers at our hostel. We bet The Hosteller Mussoorie by the stream is going to make your trip even more memorable.

4. The Hosteller Kasol Riverside

Kasol by riverside

Known as the Amsterdam of India, Kasol is situated in the Parvati valley with a view of the Himalayas. With cosy dorms to luxurious cottages and spacious Swiss tents, The Hosteller Kasol Riverside also has the most enthralling experience of the private riverside of River Parvati flowing wildly right next to us. You can hang out or chill by the swing looking over the river and the forest. Working here will feel more like fun and games. Our in-house cafe has a sitting by the riverside so the late-night coffee and the early-morning breakfast feel nothing less than heavenly. Are any of you 'Game of Thrones' fans here? Well, you will find your Iron Throne ready for you at our property. The movie night at The Hosteller Kasol Riverside gives you a chance to make friends through a common love for cinema and travel.

5. The Hosteller Goa

goa hostel

Goa is a must for all the beach lovers and water babies out there so how can we not bring the best experience of backpackers' hostel for you in Goa? With Anjuna beach just a few steps away from The Hosteller Goa, you will get to experience different hours of the day and all its moods. Choose from mixed dorms, female-only dorms, private rooms and huts for your stay with us. Party never stops at our property in Goa. The common areas are where you can get yourself acquainted with backpackers from across the world through karaoke nights and many such fun events.

All these hostels for water lovers are definitely worth a visit!

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