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Landour in the rains— A quaint hill station’s monsoon charm

Landour in the rains— A quaint hill station’s monsoon charm

By Aquib Nawab

25 Jun, 2024

Landour is a small village cradled in the luxuriant hills of Uttarakhand that is even more beautiful when it rains. Despite existing in the shadow of its better-known neighbour, Mussoorie, Landour presents a more serene and peaceful retreat.

In monsoon, the town becomes an evergreen paradise with foggy mornings, lively plants, and sweet raindrop sounds that seem to create some form of magic.

Here are four things you need to do during the rainy season if you plan to visit this lovely hill station!

1. Take a scenic walk through the Landour Loop

The Landour Loop is an absolute must for anyone visiting Landour, it’s a circular road that goes through this town. The loop covers approximately 5 km and offers spellbinding views of the surrounding hills and valleys, especially during monsoon season.

Highlights of the Walk

  • Lal Tibba: Start your walk at Lal Tibba, which is the highest point in Landour. On a clear day, you can catch glimpses of the majestic Himalayan peaks, including Nanda Devi and Kedarnath, while during the rainy season, clouds roll over hills, creating a mystic ambiance.
  • St. Pauls Church: This small old church makes for a quiet moment amidst hustle and bustle. The Gothic-style building, in conjunction with all the green gardens around, provides great opportunities for photography lovers.
  • Sister's Bazaar: Named after sisters who worked as nurses during the British era at the military sanitarium nearby, Sister's Bazaar serves as a good stop-over for shopping purposes where you could find handmade candles, local jams, and organic products among other things available here, not forgetting to mention visiting the iconic Landour Bakehouse for fresh baked eats.
  • Ivy Cottage: A historical spot where Ruskin Bond, the famous author stays nowadays; you might not meet him but the walk past his house gives you a feel of literary heritage associated with the place.

Why is it special in the rain?

The forested lanes get drenched in monsoon showers, making the green leaves appear even more alive. The earthy smell, the noise of drops hitting against foliage, and occasionally some birds calling make it all real. The mist that often wraps around the lane adds a sense of mystery and romance to the journey.

Landour loop(Credits: Joinpaperplanes)

2. Indulge in local cuisine

Landour’s food scene is a nice blend of traditional Garhwali flavours and colonial influences. Monsoons give you the perfect background for enjoying these gastronomic treats.

Must-try places

  • Char Dukan: This quartet of shops is an iconic landmark in Landour. Char Dukan serves hot aloo parathas, pancakes, and bun omelettes, which taste even better with the sound of falling rain.
  • Doma's Inn: A Tibetan eatery with a cosy ambience that serves delicious food such as momos, thukpa and other Tibetan cuisines. In contrast to the coolness of the outside world under rainy conditions, the warmth from this food feels quite amazing. Doma's Inn is a must visit place if you want to enjoy good food.
  • Rockeby Manor: It is one of those lovely hotels that offers a mixture of continental and Indian dishes in their restaurants. The view through Rockeby Manor's rustic inner parts over a water-laden landscape, together with rainy dining, will never be easily forgotten.

Why is it special in the rain?

The wet, cold weather gets us yearning for comforting hot meals once again. The local dishes are very richly flavoured, with hefty portions that match up perfectly with this environment.

These eateries’ comfort-based interiors often feature colonial-era décor that adds to their overall dining experience, making it a truly wonderful way to spend one’s day during the rainy season.

Domas Inn(Credits: Zomato)

3. Visit Kellogg’s Church

Kellogg's church, officially known as St. Paul’s Church of Landour, is one of the oldest churches in Landour. The church was built in 1832, and it is an amazing piece of architecture with immense historical importance.

Exploring the Church

  • Architectural beauty: This church has Gothic architecture with pointed arches, ribbed vaults, and flying buttresses that look so impressive. When seen against the background of a dark, cloudy sky filled with rain, this stained glass window, which shows many different stories from the Bible, looks sublime.
  • Historical significance: This church took its name after a missionary, Rev. Dr. Samuel H. Kellogg, who made great contributions to the translation of the Bible into Hindi. Inside this church, you can observe its old wooden pews as well as the calm altar, where one can learn more about history.

Why is it special in the rain?

During monsoons, the church seems magical like no other time throughout the year! Water-logged walls, drizzling sound on tiles, or blurred mist all make it very quiet and almost spiritual.

Therefore, silence and beauty are what make this place perfect for pondering or just feeling peaceful around oneself.

Kellogg Church(Credits: Wikimedia)

4. Explore the Jabarkhet Nature Reserve

Jabarkhet Nature Reserve is an abode for nature enthusiasts with plenty of trails, especially captivating during monsoons. The place has a wide range of flora and fauna, so one can see the real beauty of Landour.

Activities in the reserve

  • Nature trails: There are many paths that you can walk on in this reserve. They vary from easy ones to more challenging hikes. Each trail boasts a unique view and different plants and animals. For instance, the Leopard Trail provides excellent scenic views as well as a glimpse of some wildlife.
  • Bird watching: Numerous migratory birds fly into the reserve during monsoon season. Get yourself a pair of binoculars and enjoy observing these lovely creatures while they are still at their natural home.
  • Flora and fauna: The area is very rich in biodiversity. You can see various species of plants, insects, and animals here. During monsoons, with excessive rainfall taking place, one can catch sight of lush greenness accompanied by brightly coloured wild flowers, making it look like it's from a fairy tale.

Why is it special in the rain?

Forests come alive due to rains, which add lushness and vibrancy to the foliage cover. There is usually mist on most trails, which makes them intriguing or mysterious places to go for some adventure hike-outs. The voice of rain makes your exploration even more exciting and sensual.

Jabarkhet Nature Reserve(Credits: Jaberkhetnature)

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An exceptional place for charm and peace is Landour in the rainy season. This cute little hill station blossoms into green during the monsoons, giving one an opportunity to get away from the hassles of city life.

Be it walking through misty paths, sampling local delicacies, discovering historical landmarks, getting lost in nature, or just sitting in a snug café, Landour is a peaceful healing experience. Pack your bags, folks, put on your raincoats, and let us go unravelling the enchantment of Landour in the monsoon.

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